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  1. Makes more sense now. Other wise you could just dump cards everytime. Thank you for the replies. Even the short ones... : )
  2. I just started getting into Star Wars LCG and don't have anyone in the area to play. I have seen online that Lackey and OCTGN both have plug ins. Which one is better, more popular, user friendly. Is there anyone willing to teach someone new? What is the protcol for gaming as a new player? Are either more accepting of new players? My son and I both one to get online and play but are pretty intimidated being new. Thank you.
  3. My son and I just started playing our first game and love it so far.... one issue has snagged us up however, we both went all in on an edge battle and it all played out and he started his turn. When he got to his conflict phase, he had a whole new hand and I had nothing left to do an edge battle and my characters and resources were tapped out. Is this just part of the game, if you go all in you pretty much loose on the opponents next turn? Was I supposed to refresh and draw also? Please advise. This seems like a great community Thank you.
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