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  1. However even if JJ is restricted to once per Determined Curse Step, it doesn't solve anything. Entrapment Formation could be use to allows him with ETs.
  2. I got that. I don't understand why ardaedhel talk about using JJ twice during the same step. It seems unnecessary. Edit: I finally undertood what ardaedhel was arguing. Okay. I got it now.
  3. I am a bit lost. Why not just speed up to 2, JJ, ET+JJ? ET make you perform a speed 1 maneuver. Performing a maneuver has its own Determine Course Step. Use him then. The ship didn't ended its activation. What I am missing?
  4. Well, Pod not being suspicious is... suspicious.
  5. You are close to get my vote...
  6. What you said is the scummiest thing ever!
  7. Mama always say stupid is as stupid does.
  8. Also are you role fishing again? You almost died last time. Hopefully I was town then...like now.
  9. Neither. I mean. We all are smugglers right? Is not the theme?
  10. I think you cannot. But maybe I miss the rules. Actually I don't care about rules. I am a smuggler.
  11. If people just did what I ask for... The best, balanced, well elaborated analysis thus far. I agree 100%
  12. Have USA players to pay to post here?
  13. They changed nothing to me. I played glads raiders and sometimes vics during wave 2. I got one fleet with a naked ISD with 2 raiders and 1 glad as much. Actually looking back each wave since then made me use ISDs more than ever.
  14. Not sure if they are. I mean, I take 3 cause I am focused on making my BTAvenger works.