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  1. ovinomanc3r

    First game with the SSD

    Is f****! HUUUUUGE,😍
  2. ovinomanc3r

    Multiple attacks

    First of all: I KNOW a mini cannot contribute to several pools during the same attack unless it has arsenal x keyword. Actually I think it was pretty clear in previous versions of the RRG. However that's what is bothering me right now. I was reading the attack rules to be very sure when explaining it to others and I noticed a piece of rules that is missing (or at least I thought it was there before). Now, following the attack are by step, the only requirement for a mini to be eligible is to have line of sight. And the requirement to form a new attack pool is only that there are weapons left. Also, while adding weapons to a pool each eligible mini (it is as long it has line of sight) may add one weapon to the pool. So after you form an attack pool, you check for any weapon left. If there is any you may choose a new target and form a new pool. To form it you check which minis have line of sight and the choose one weapon to add. No matters if that mini already added one to another pool. That's the piece missing. It doesn't say one weapon per mini and attack, or to be eligible a mini cannot had added a weapon to another pool already neither. I am pretty sure I read it there or at least somewhere else in the rules but I don't anymore. Nothing else in Attack Pool or Weapons. I already deleted my previous versions of the rules so I can't check them. I remember something in the lines of: Eligible mini: to be eligible a mini must have line of sight and cannot have contributed to an attack pool already during this attack. Or maybe it was something like: If there are any mini that didn't contribute to an attack pool the player may repeat steps 1-2... Could someone point me where is that missing rule in the RRG? Or where I could read something like that. Thanks in advance!
  3. Oh, I didn't want to argue about TFA. I actually like it. But calling the movie a version of, well, itself was fun. Made me think my stupid threads could be a true version, not only at the same level of others adaptations, even at the level of the adapted movie itself, lol
  4. ovinomanc3r

    Politics can be Deadly (Mafia)

    Dewback Party member. No power role so... Lynch at your own discretion.
  5. ovinomanc3r

    Politics can be Deadly (Mafia)

    The thing is mine was pure joke-vote, but now I am really wondering if I should hunt a dove... Let me check possible alignment. Who knows? Maybe you're my team too.
  6. ovinomanc3r

    Politics can be Deadly (Mafia)

    Which are them? I didn't miss the Matt-Ghost one but I'm puzzled with the other one. I am also thinking on how to approach a couple of teammates. If they're my team I would like to let them alive but not knowing the thing is 2 against me vs one with me... I dunno, Matt, that really looks pragmatic.
  7. ovinomanc3r

    Politics can be Deadly (Mafia)

    Ok ghost I reread again and I am not sure why the interaction should make me change... I don't know what. Gink opened his heart to Matt and now is dead.That doesn't mean Matt killed him, nor they are the same team either.
  8. ovinomanc3r

    Politics can be Deadly (Mafia)

    Lol, I didn't read that as a night action by Gink.
  9. ovinomanc3r

    Politics can be Deadly (Mafia)

    Why? Should it? Or are you just fishing my team hoping me to align with one of them? Gink was right about the needs to vote. Ebon role or alignment was not going to change that, neither Gink's. If I regret the choice or not is something I will gladly share with you only after you reveal your own alignment. When I ever threw shade on you? Poor excuse to vote me I think.
  10. ovinomanc3r

    Politics can be Deadly (Mafia)

    ##vote ghost
  11. ovinomanc3r

    Politics can be Deadly (Mafia)

    Well, he is the moderator. His goal is not mine so he definitely has his own reasons. It is just obviously they have nothing in common with mine as moderator is neither my role nor my alignment. Just to see fancy roles working is something that doesn't help me or my party.
  12. ovinomanc3r

    Politics can be Deadly (Mafia)

    To me is easy. This is normal mafia. I am town. Those who are not town are mafia. I won't stop lynching mafia just because they are all traitors. Dude, the chances of hitting scum are even better. to vote no vote is as scummy as always
  13. ovinomanc3r

    Politics can be Deadly (Mafia)

    There are no cowards in my party either. Problem: too many cowards to vote on ##vote Ebon The worst coward is the one who point the way to cowardy to others. Coward enough to need support on its miserable life.
  14. ovinomanc3r

    Politics can be Deadly (Mafia)

    ##role confirmed.