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  1. I will pass this time.
  2. Is the first Google gave me. Lol It could be even worse. I could post a photo of one of this at my home. Hopefully for you (and sadly for me) I have not right now.
  3. Lol I am wondering now if playing Fire Lanes was ever possible. Objective Tokens are not ships or squadron. The objective card clarifies that you measure range and LoS as performing attacks with the battery armament but we don't have specification about how to treat the tokens or what reference we use to measure attacks on objective tokens.
  4. We also have this: When measuring non-attack range or distance between two components, measure from the closest point of the first component to the closest point of the second component. But we are not measuring anything between those tokens so not sure how much it is applicable.
  5. Don't missunderstand me. I don't know how it will be ruled at the end. I just see that right now from closest to closest ignores other lines between those tokens. Taking the area you are sure to to be crossing at least 1 line (I acknowledge the "the" on th card) between those tokens. Of course the best way is to find an agreement previously. It happens that you chose the objective before the agreement. Not a big deal I must say.
  6. Most? That's hard. Mon Calamari Gamorrean Hutts
  7. Grit requires engagement. Squall and FCT require unengagement. While a squadron is at distance 1 of one or more enemy squadrons, it is engaged with all of those enemy squadrons. And If line of sight between two squadrons is obstructed, those squadrons are not engaged even if at distance 1 of each other, though they can still attack each other. Squall and FCT allows you "something new" as long as those squadrons don't fulfill the engagement requirement. Grit remove an effect from the engagement state as long as its requirements all fulfilled. The interesting dilemma would be with Tycho: You are not prevented from moving or attacking ships while you are engaged. In some way I could see someone arguing that as long as engagement also prevent FCT movement (after a logical process) it wouldn't prevent Tycho from moving though FCT. But about that I would say that per RAW is FCT the effect that prevents Tycho from moving if engaged, not the engagement state so, no, Tycho doesn't move either.
  8. 1 ISD 2 GSD-Demo 3 Raider 4 Interdictor aesthetically 5 GSD 1 Bossk 2 Ciena 3 Morna 4 Maarek 5 Vader
  9. That was my national tournament. I went with my Demonger fleet to wreck everything. My first two player brought heavy squadron force so I spent most of the timing shooting down them. The first game I could manage to partially ignore those Sloane Aces and destroy Demo and the flag victory. During the second I got just a tiny window to shoot down Mothma Foresigh with Demo. I failed. But I enjoyed those game. High skilled players for highly intense games. Those game could only be better if were casual.
  10. Lol When I read LotFR I read Lord or the F****** Rings @Onidsen what have you done to me?
  11. I would like to get some promo. I also played a Demo with RR and Yularen to ConFire every round. 6 black dice with reroll hurts. Not my favourite and it could also be better if DCOs would see more table. To me: DCO at 3/4 points or RR at 6/7
  12. I found Armada cheaper than I thought. The Core is its main problem.