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  1. I justo found that. Enjoy it! Star Wars Games Official
  2. Armada as Chess - Who is Who?!

    Pawn: gozanti. Activation padding. Expendables. Used to block threats like BTAvenger. Queen: ISD. Nothing it cannot do. Speed, damage output, maneuverability. If you loose it quickly you are almost done. Knights: glads and raiders. Short range but good maneuverability. Demo and DCs make them unpredictable. Pawn hunters. Hard to defeat a fleet by themselves. Bishops: arquitens. Long range, poor maneuverability. Towers: dictor and quasar. Board control. Good range. King: victory obviously, with ERs of course. Move closer and it will crash you. But he is nothing to worry about if you move properly. It always die cause he step in on a trap like overlapping Ackbar shoots or a bomber cloud. We love it, we need it, we blame it. depending on some setups some pieces could change.
  3. Armada as Chess - Who is Who?!

    Maybe they are the central pawns and maybe the side ones. I see arquitens more like bishops given the range and its navigational limitations. Raiders has not enough range. They are more like Knight due to her threat range and awesome maneuverability.
  4. FFG poll! Vote Armada up!

    Today thought: x-wing players like to read and interact with the world with no more than 280 characters. Interesting.
  5. Boosting the 'Dictor

    7 hull points for free? I know some guys that would say **** yes!
  6. RULES!!!!

    I am looking for a bit of rules that clearly say that each mini can only contribute with one weapon. Rules say that you choose one weapon per mini while gathering the attack pool but they also say that if there are weapons (not minis) not assigned to a pool yet you may go from steps 1 and 2 again creating new attack pools. There is the arsenal x rule that obviously means a mini need that rule to contribute with more than one weapon but I didn't find where is said that minis only contribute with one weapon. Not sure if I explained myself.
  7. Boosting the 'Dictor

    YV-666 15 points cheaper hmmm
  8. Boosting the 'Dictor

    Dictor is OP
  9. So what's next: Wave 8

    I will be happy with a cheap commander that all he does is allow your ships to equip up to 2 titles but only 1 may be unique.
  10. Should we worry about strategic adviser?

    Awesome Regional at Seville. 20+ players. BTAvenger every where. I think there were just 3 rebel fleets. No wave 7 allowed sadly for obvious reasons though. I did second. We didn't play a final for schedule reasons. But I had a lot of fun due to my objective setup nightmare XD it is really fun when your opponent needs 10' to choose after giving you second without considering it twice. It is even funnier when you were the guy of 20 points bid and show up with 398 points.
  11. Should we worry about strategic adviser?

    May I share this to my community?
  12. Mirror match games

    You troll
  13. Should we worry about strategic adviser?

    And I suppose some people don't think the introduction of the VAR in soccer hurt the game, by you know, it's a different game. As it is not guaranteed you will die due to Avenger,s roll.
  14. Bail, Pryce, Han and Raddus.

    Vidi, veni, vici, or whatever. - Raddus.
  15. Bail, Pryce, Han and Raddus.

    To ram or not to ram.