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  1. Executor: banking as many nav tokens as you can. Yularen: technically will work just once as he must exhaust (so you will lack of nav token for the next round) but it is easy as banking the free nav token from a nav dial or a comms net flotilla. Spending a nav token and discarding the other card: this will work just once. Hondo Onaka: this also will work just once. Just be sure to choose the correct order of resolution. Fleet Commnd(1)-Hondo-Fleet command (2) Those are the different ways to be able to resolve both fleet commands.
  2. And works only under CF commands. People around me are all in on Krennic and Ravager but, acknowledging their power, it is only for one attack of three.
  3. You needs two nav tokens. First you hit the timing of both "at the start of the ship phase" then choose the order of each effect. Resolve one spending the token. Then resolve the other. The token is gone. Unless you're Executor. Or spend token and discard. Those both ways allow you to resolve both cards Or Yularen actually... Maybe something else out there.
  4. He pointed out upgrade cards with command icons. Those command icons are explained on the RRG so if they're not card effects they can't overwrite other card effects. My claim on it is that they (the icons) may not be card effects. They're actually just timings. And timings don't produce that kind of interaction problems. The rest of the card it is definitely a card effect. I acknowledge that it is not the clearest explanation and that it may aoi weak. But I also think it doesn't break anything. To me is as "easy" as thinking this way: You provide ships with upgrades. Upgrades provide effects. You provide ships with tokens. Tokens provide effects. You provide squadrons with keywords. Keywords provide effects. Those effects may or not be on the RRG. If they're not, where are they? If on the card, then card effects. But definitely it is something that needs clarification.
  5. Until it cannot, when it DO have to break its reference rule in order to complete the setup rule (following the same logic) and the setup may be completed without needing any kind of fix.
  6. Is it not as simple as "objective card" overwrite "setup rules"? If the SSD still must be place "touching it's player edge" why any other ship doesn't have to do the same with "ships must be place within their player's deployment zones"? I'm not sure I'm getting the problem you talk about...
  7. Do we need another thread for sword combat performance with those things?
  8. Not sure but I guess the ability to save a double hit from a scattered attack to paint your face later on the game worth more than 1 point
  9. When objective tokens are assigned due to choosing an objective ship they are place next to the ship card so no strategic. However, there is no further clarification about assigning objective tokens as far as I can recall.
  10. https://www.bgextras.co.uk/sleeve-kings-super-large-sleeves-102x127mm-110-pack-sks-8820-i3690.htm
  11. Hahaha that happens all the time like my Tarkin-Piett combos #classicben
  12. Konstantin wins Motti here. To be honest I think you can get more from Motti than from Konstantin in a SSD list given the points available for stuff that actually the command do things on. But both are playable at least.
  13. I hope the ballista came with an extra salvo one to supply Palpa.
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