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  1. I really like the dice as they are. If any I'd like the red flak dice. I like how it play with the double damage potential but given almost every squadron played is an ace it usually means nothing (when all the chances considered). However it's mostly a meta "problem" than the die itself. As I said I think the thought behind the die system is great.
  2. It's mine, thanks! Please deliver it to me ASAP
  3. Fleet 1560 (0/60/400) ======================= Nebulon-B Support Refit (51 + 9: 60) · Spinal Armament (9)
  4. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/7/1/ffg-live-in-july-1/ https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/6/30/ffg-and-gen-con-online/
  5. I think he meant 29th. Source FFG itself.
  6. To be honest Toyota Yavaris sounds cooler... By far.
  7. We don't care about its feeling.😉
  8. Lol, I just saw a building with a big sign saying Corvus 10 min ago and thought the same.
  9. Sure but the thing is that with a 3-6 point you get an officer that does the basically the same without the downside.
  10. Also there is no need for selecting the dials if each one must be different. Just choose commands and get dials. Which by the way works in practice just as a liason or those command related officer. You place the command on the top but still only reveal one. So you just "changed" your top dial. But it's actually worse at long term cause during the command phase you won't assign a new dial as the ship already has up to its command value, so yes, you got a desired command when you needed but got stuck with the rest which means you had to set the following dials one round earlier than you were supposed to. I like this but I hardly see him played as this. You get two raid tokens that are the less harmful to you on the ship where they impact is minimal to get your opponent the rest that he may also put on ship he cares less. So unless the situation is really good for you it's gonna be a meh card at best. What if you may choose your opponent raid token and ships? That's more useful as you get to choose the right raid for the right ship at the right time. But it may come with the same cost for you.
  11. That has nothing to do with the lack of freedom. To spend 100$ on a card isn't rational, but it's still a free choice.
  12. It is voluntary though. Unless you want to excuse yourself behind an addiction in which case your problem isn't the speculation. The thing is that you want something and have the money to pay it for. Do you buy it? Then you think the price is ok. Whatever factors you have in mind (the ship is cool, it's the only I don't have yet, I want to make that list, I cannot wait until reprint, I want to keep playing competitively) you put them all together against the price and if it's fine for you you pay it. But in any way you HAVE to buy the ship or even HAVE to play the game.
  13. I like the Legion system but I'm not sure if it would make Armada better. Just different. The first-second thing in Armada is not a mistake made designing the game. It is a choice that provides strategic decisions from the fleet building to the initiative choice. "Unbalance" comes from specific situations and/or the objective pool but not from the mechanic and Legion isn't immune to that either. However it's a fun system the Legion one as I said. You can use it for Armada with all the changes you said and still be fun. I see some inherent differences, even with those changes. For example, the deployment choice. Armada's ships may not move as freely as Legion units so while increasing the strategic interest (and I'd love more deployment options) it may also reduce the player play a lot, which wouldn't be good.
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