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  1. Adding to what Trialus said, if you want to keep up with your habit of only using cards released in the campaign (or in this game's case cycle) check out "A path less travelled": https://darklingdoor.wordpress.com/2017/05/30/new-series-path-less-traveled/ Seastan and maybe others also have some youtube videos playing quests in minimal purchase mode, where they beat quest only using cards from the products needed to play the quest (aka core set, and (if needed) a box expansion and/or AP).
  2. Supporting a highlander deck is a neat idea. But what do you mean with discarding cards from play? 8 playercards in the discard pile? Or do encounter cards count? General Grievous ideas are neat, but partially overpowered. The Dunedain contract buffes a Dunedain trap deck by insane amounts. Also 5 threat reduction PER ROUND for the hobbit contract? Insanity! Forces of Good seems interresting as usually at least one hero or ally you would like to have doesn't fit the requirement. Reward seems fair (might even be underpowered) 2-hero support is awesome. Also having the contract as more of a backup in case of a hero death is fitting, but don't scale the buff of the ones digit of the threat. Just by going from 29 to 30 you loose so much power. Or you get power by going down in threat. Just seems to swingy. I'd reduce (or remove) the healing on the first side and add i to the second one (ofc only at the start/end of the round, not every phase). Also keep the buff scaling of the tens digit. If you want to give the remaing hero more power have all or a part of the slain heroes added to him (as in add e.g. the slain heroes willpower to the remaing heroes willpower). I'd like a contract to support high starting threat (something i feel isn't really there aside from some valor effects as starting high reall is more of a burden, even with the higher stats heroes): Side A: Your starting threat must be 33 or higher (I went with 33 so you are at least at 30 when going with tactics Eowyn) If your threat is below 33 treat this textbox as empty (I would have made it that you can't reduce is below but stuff like trouble in tharbad would be a problem). At the beginning of the engagement phase choose an non-unique enemy, then choose one: This enemy engages you or this enemy doesn't make engagement checks this phase. Flip this card over, if your threat is ever 40 or higher. Side B: Your threat can only be increased or lowered by one at a time (interaction with favor of the valar up to discussion ). You may, additionally, optionally engage one non unique enemy engaged with another player per teammate during the engagement phase (so up to 3 optional enemies, each from another palyer, + the one from the staging area). Without playing it, I am not sure the idea is balanced or even fun. You have impact in a multiplaer game by stopping one enemy noone can deal with right now or get more enemies to you and protecting your allies this way as you probably would have to fight a lot anyway. Side B doubles down on this idea. The side doesn't offer great benefits to solo play aside from being able to skip questing without to much punishment.
  3. Just checked the site, at the bottom is a link to "shipping and costs": They do ship to the UK, but for at least 12,99€ (18,99 if the package is above 2kg), so essentially the cost of 1 AP. Also another german store (located in cologne) ships to any country of the european union (Sadly shipping is 15€ outside of germany): https://www.hiveworld.de/living-card-games/the-lord-of-the-rings-the-card-game/ Their online store isn't that great to be honest as they usually have more products in store than they list online, but you might find something you need/want. At the moment they mainly offer stuff from the last three cycles...
  4. My go to deck is Treebeard/Denethor(L)/Galadriel. It's the best deck I ever build completely by myself. It carried me through the Haradim cycle and even held it's ground in a 2-player-NM-campaign (at least for the first to quests, we never managed to try the third one as my friend moved away). If i'm really annoyed I just bring out a Vilya deck. These things are insane. If we are just talking heroes: Leadership: Denethor Tactics: Beregond/Legolas (depending if I need attack or defense) Spirit: Arwen Lore: Elrond Colourless: Gandalf
  5. The quest shouldn't be that much more difficult. It can be a little tricky/annoying to get the treasure (which are by no means nessessary, but are a nice boost). If killing the trolls seems to hard, try just full on questing through. I think it's even harder to get the treasure with this method though. As Wandalf said: Prepare a way to one or twoshot the troll preventing multiple attackers. E.g. a wounded Gimli, further buffed with some events (Durin's Song, Heavy Stroke etc.) or an Erebor battlemaster (I'd ignore the errata, when playing progression style). Just be careful with amassing allies, when you have no way to avoid treacheries as roast em or boil em can really weaken the power of batlemasters.
  6. Long-overdue? You surely are no wizard Anyway great to hear you're back having fun with the game
  7. You get Lord Alcaron and Faramir in "The Blood of Gondor", too. Desperate Alliance could be really useful if you don't find the last one or two allies to reach the cap and and the other players "borrow" you a hero to fulfil the contract. And you don't even have to flip it back as the heroes don't leave the game The Hobbits easily steal the shop in this article. Pippin is a two willpower TACTICS ally with two hitpoints that is always ready to attack when he has an attack value great than zero. For the low cost of two ressources. Insane! Really an Arwen level of an ally. I dig the artwork too. About the same goes for Merry. Two willpower isn't so unheard of in leadership, but two willpower with two hitpoints for onl two ressources will always be awesome. And he makes this big quests pushes to advance or win much easier. ust combine him with Faramir (no not the new lore verison, as Faramir seems to be doomed to never outclass his core-set form) Frodos artwork is a little bit generic for me as this could be about any Hobbit on a pony. But he has a great effect. For one ressources (most leadership decks will have one to spare eventually) you get threat reduction (if it weren't for doomed you couldn't even loose the game this way) AND action advantage. Deck-building wise this expansion seems to be nuts
  8. You misspelled Théoden by quite a bit ;) I like my mono leadership Gondor deck (Denethor, Boromir, Faramir). It's a bit like a weak dwarf deck, but fun non the less. Ofc it gets destroyed by AoE damage and shadow cards that punish chumping. Sadly I think it is better to swap Faramir for Balin or Sam, but that makes it less thematic. In multiplayer it was very fun to bring a full blown murder-tactics deck. It ran Beregond, Legolas and Bard. Had a ton of Weapons and ranged allies and a few defenders. Sure it didn't help with questing, threat or location-management at all, but enemies didn't stand a chance. A variation swapping Bard for Brand (yes this hero you got in hills of emyn muil) was also fun, getting another use out of a pumped up treebeard.
  9. Cool list! I think more achievements for actually playing the game or achieving (hehe) some special "objectives" would be cool. Some stuff that came to my mind on the train home: 1) Don't feed te troll: Win Jourey along the Anduin without taking damage from a hill troll 2) Restarting would have been faster...: Win The dead marhes after shuffling Gollum into the encounter deck. 3) No you take him (MP only): Have no player guard Gollum 2 turns in a row 4) Digging is for dwarfs: Escape from Moria without using the old tools in flight from Moria 5) Body and mind: Win the watcher in the water both ways 6) I don't need no heroes...: Win Foundations of stone after/while controlling zero heroes 7) I'll make my own nightmare-mode!: Win Shadow and flame after triggering Lore Aragorns ability during the first turn! 😎 Quizmaster: Fail no riddle in dungeons deep and caverns dim 9) The colourful wizard: Win the Siege of Cair Andros with a three coloured deck! 10) Our long forgotten Gold: Acquire every tressure during the hobbit quests 11) It's easier this way: Kill the Lich-King in massing at osgiliath 12) Not even sweating: Win battle of lake town with zero damage on lake town 13) I like cheese: Win Assault on Osgiliath in one turn. 14) Death by a thousand cuts: Defeat the Nazgul in the Morgul Vale in one turn. 15) Brave, but madness: Commit no characters to a hide test i shadow from the past 16) What could go wrong? Shuffle every ring-wraith into the encounterdeck during a knife in the dark 17) Durin's... what? Win journey in the dark without facing the balrog 18) It's treason then: Kill your own mad hero in breaking of the fellowship 19) Free from the burden: Cleanse yourself from a burden in breaking of the fellowship 20) Is that all, Saruman? Win Helm's deep without a stage with the defense keyword being defeated 21) You shall not pass: Let no enemy escape during journey to the crossroads 22) No man can kill him: Defeat the lich-king during the pelennor fields using only Eowyn (and Merry) 23) I can do this all day: Collect 15 tokens during the black gate opens 24) Never gonna give you up: Collect all boons possible during you campagne (depending on player count) 25) Never gonna let you down: Avoid all burdens possible during your campagne (depending on player count) 26) Save them for the way home: Don't use any "one-time-only" boon during your campagne 27) Ain't nobody got time for that: Draw your whole deck during the fors of the Isen 28) Attack is the best defense: Win Siege of Cair Andros after loosing all three Cair Andros locations 29) Save the forest! Defeat no huorns during into fangorn 30) Worst week of my life: Win the wastes of Eriador in 7 days and 7 nights 31) No secret is save: Defeat all 3 side quests in treachery of rhudaur 32) Your strength becomes your weakness: Have the complete encounterdeck in the staging area! 33) King of the sea: Defeat the Stormcaller during the first round in the city of corsairs 34) Working as intended: Equip Beorn with a restricted attachments 35) Thematic Win!: Win a game by discarding Boromir for his action I'm not sure if all of these are actually possible or how luck dependant they are as it's quite long since I played some of the quests.
  10. I guess the sixth AP of this new cycle will make a great christmas gift next year Many surprising things in this announcement. Didn't expect Smeagol hero, but man did they put effort into him. Even though I see myself flip the table once he betrays me in the first staging... Having the one ring become a playable attachment is a thing you would't have done. As all other "legendary" objects (Sting etc.) it is in the possession of one person (if I get the timeline right it should be Bilbo). But ofc the game would only be have as fun if you couldn't make Boromir the Steward of Gondor or equip Legolas with Anduril, so in general I am fine with giving unique things to "wrong" characters. But this is the ONE ring. And it is so often defined as the pure evil that shouldn't be used, it feels wrong to have it as a player card and not as the thing a poor guy has to endure just long enough to destroy it. I am curious if there will be a penalty for "overloading" the ring carrier? As mentioned you loose if he dies/looses the ring. And the best way to keep someone alive in this game is to buff him up with attachments. Sure you can "protect" Spirit Pippin, who only carries the ring, but can die to one unlucky EC during during questing. Put it on Boromir with blood of numenor and fire of Gondor and you are unlikely to have him killed of and loose you the game, effectively doing what the "canon" tells not to do: Give the ring to the mighty and powerful. And use with the best intentions. Also, why call it Master? Don't we all know there is only one Master of the ring? Mechanics wise (without looking at lore aspects) this expansion seems to be on fire with the Smeagol hero, ring attachment and contracts. Looks like to biggest gameplay addition since side-quests. Anyone else excited to see an Indiana Jones reference in the temple of Doom quest?
  11. Seeing it‘s still called limited Edition, maybe it just isn‘t sold out? FFG said they produced a limited amount, but nobody knows exactly how many or how many were sold, I guess. It isn‘t on the cheaper side either (exspecially for non american-buyers) and includes many goodies many people might not care about (digital game, paintings...) might explaining why copies are left.
  12. I tend to agree. We had the exact same matchup (Pelennor vs Helm's) in the 2016 competition, where Helm's Deep pulled ahead by a small margin. So I guess Pelennor will take it this time, as past time winners tend to fall short in repeat entries (even when making it to the semi final again; quite showing for how good/beloved the quest is).
  13. It is like treebeard: To cancel the shadow effect, Erkenbrand must take the damage.
  14. Also suprised by Mount Doom, as I remeber quite some people mention the high difficulty shortly after it's release. Took forever to take it out for the first time. Since then I have come to like it (somewhat). It caputures the atmosphere nicely and I always find myself debating if it is worth to play the ally or how to get as many actions out of my heroes *** possible. Also a little surprised by the huge lead of Anduin over it's "remake". It is a classic for sure, but it didn't age all that well. Sure the remake can be "cheesed" by going for side quests, but I like a quest that gives good opportunities to play them.
  15. I seem to have forgotten to post my comment for the last round (it sat finished in the comment box :S ), whoops. Anyway some great match-ups: Helm's Deep vs. Breaking of the Fellowship are two of my favourites (and I am sure many others) so that was a close one. City of Corsairs vs. Cobas Haven must be the ultimate dreamchaser showdown But Haven takes it. The great ship battle is awesome and I was disappointed by the showdown with Sahir. I am really surprised to see Deadman's dike loose to the watcher, as I think that with the modern cardpool dike is much more fun. Also I hate the tentacles
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