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  1. 1) Yes Obi wins because his trigger must be fully resolved, so he triggers MAITF resolves a die kills the last character and wins before he dies, because wining condition is triggered after all of one players characters are dead. The same will apply with new character Magnaguard 2) By the wording and rules so far yes you can exhaust her to resolve that die for free.
  2. It gives time but it ruins lots of plans for people and LGS. Lots of LGS in Europe saw release date on September 14'th and month or more before made events. People planed for those events free weekends or days if they work or have busy schedule in life. And now less than two weeks before release LGS get this notification from distributors "Sorry release date is 21'st its when we get the shipment". Lots of plans just got busted and now no one is assure when it will happen. LGS have to refund events and have a free day with no clients.
  3. Yea my LGS also said that their distributor is only getting product on 21'st of September, and usually shipping takes about 5 days so it will be a week (28'th of September at best, depends on when the distributor will pack and ship everything) before we will anything when the rest of the world will have two week early start on goodies. I find it disturbing that FFG couldn't make any post about different release dates for different regions. And what we all thought was 14'th of September because of there upcoming product page. It's worst of communication possible form Such a well known and respected company. It would be understandable if it was knew or a smaller company with less experience in this field.
  4. Hi all, Heard rumors that FFG ignored Europe. Europe will get "Empire at War" set only in late September. If not on October. Good luck Europe and all for those who hoped and believed in the company. Have a nice day and have a free 15-17 weekend. Organize something else.
  5. With what i see they make heroes decks and cards more orientated towards mill decks I guess there maybe third turn total bust on enemies deck. And villain decks are all going for mass damage.
  6. Yes i know that rule and it bugs me because how I used to know logic works and the situation dictates. Lets say the card text is distribute 4 damage as you wish, by logic resolution you get 4 one damage tokens witch you can distribute as you wish. You place one on character then place the other and do this till you place all of them. All they look like pings. The rule says you can't overkill character witch means it is not combined damage This is how i see it. Sorry for long discussion.
  7. If it's one source of damage as you say so i could overkill by all the rules where it is mentioning one source of damage.
  8. Ok will need to have a book of notes "Destiny IFs" if you see A go to F, if F is greater than c look at Z if z is negative that apply this.
  9. Ok, then the other thing that comes in mind if you have two planetary uprisings so opponent can distribute all 4 damage on one character and has attached force illusion so he just discards 4 cards from his deck and mitigates all damage. that how it should work in this ruling of ruling in ruling.
  10. Why can't you deal 2 damage to a character who is one health left if its a bulk from one source then? That's like a ruling inside a ruling of ruling.
  11. For me it's still convoluted if you have couple of characters its a ping damage it's ping damage as one and one as it would be two dice as ones an d if you have single character it's bulk damage as one dice with 2 damage. Would like it more simplified you do two damage or you do only pings as one and one.
  12. Two-three boxes per player each month should be enough.
  13. Or "Make Destiny Dead Again" That will totally be new sets name
  14. That rule on page nine is written for situation when you yourself make such a play when you have to discard one of your double upgrades during redeployment or placing new upgrades when your character has 3 upgrades already or wants to reduce cost because during that time you can remove any of your upgrades. Otherwise when its opponents turn and during all game each die goes with a specific card. Opponent may ask which die goes with which card and then name the targeted upgrade card to be removed.
  15. For trade purposes i guess it would be great if some online card market platform would incorporate this game it would be easier to trade the stuff you need or want to get rid of the excess. Many of my friends for different games they play use magiccardmarket.eu sadly they don't have Destiny in their range of database yet.
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