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  1. Are necrons only available via the new deluxe? And if I were to get into the game would just that and I suppose 3 cores be sufficient if I only wanted to play that faction?
  2. I would totally offer an opinion if I wasn't a complete noob but from my understanding of the game and interest in Blue Sun that seems like an interesting idea. As long as you have the capability to get here so to speak. Plus gives me a reason to try out government takeover.
  3. I hope this is the right section. I am very new to the game and I'm trying to deck build. But I don't know the game enough to get the finer details. Such as: what's the "appropriate" number of ICE for Corps and the same for ICE Breakers for Runners? How many draw cards and which ones are best? And for income cards what number should I shoot for? Obviously I have plenty more but for brevity sake I'll keep at this as the rest I'm sure will come with time. I just don't want to have completely horrible noob decks when I go to play. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, About a week ago Netrunner piqued my interest and I quickly broke down and bought a core set. The game seems interesting and it is something I would like to try to get into competitively. However the game has been out for 2 years now and I am in that difficult position of not knowing where to start buying. I dig how it is much easier to collect than say magic and game I know fairly well, but from my neophyte perspective it is a bit daunting. Besides "buying everything" can anyone offer any advice of where I should start?? I've read a few articles but I would like to have a genuine conversation with any veterans of the game willing to offer up some advice. Thanks!
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