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  1. Helps when you look at the top 16 (the cut) more than the top10. Then look at the other rebels that were just outside the cut by a few points of MOV. You literally just had two good players take something different and Rebel to the biggest Nationals in Australia and make it to the top 4 level. They weren't saying the sky is falling, they looked past the Trench Run and found things that work for Rebels (that suited their style).
  2. Want to hear the impossible? Dash/Roark made it into the top cut (4/2) then got to top 4 match, losing to the overall winner. Other top 4 match was Essege and 2 X-wings (Luke/Wedge I think). So while the final was a Sloan ace swarm vs a meta staple of Redline/Whisper/Soontir, great players trying something different with rebels made it to the top cut.
  3. I think you forgot 4-LOMs full 2.0 pilot ability. Advance Sensors an action, having dialed up a red move and get a calculate token, have a stress to pass off.
  4. It's not a suggestion, it's a statement. Nowhere in that sentence is stop manoeuvres mentioned. And it can, on rare occasions, happen without the use of a stop manoeuvre. I know that, because we did it in a game. Is it very unlikely, sure. Will it even happen to me again, no idea. Is stop manoeuvres going to be the most common time this occurs, most likely. But to within the margin of error of our templates, bases and feel, it landed cleanly, but had zero 'wiggle' room to move further away so that it wasn't touching. That is, by the definition quoted earlier, range 0.
  5. If your measurement tools (eyes mainly, maybe some paper) isn't good enough to tell they're not touching, then they're touching. Arguing that there is an atoms space between them therefore they're not touching is not only foolish, the rules specifically state that it is physically possible to be touching without having overlapped it!
  6. And range 0 is defined (I don't know what else the different descriptions in the diamond points is supposed to mean if it's not defining the two separate situations) as one thing for ships and something else for obstacles and devices. Reading the section as a whole, your example is not correct, as it contradicts the second bullet point. Something overlapping an obstacle is also physically touching it, so the opening sentence is not contradicted by the second bullet point. If FFG meant it to be played as per your example, there is no need for the distinction given by the second and third diamond points.
  7. I did, in the previous post. I'll quote the entire section for clarity. Range, page 15 • Range 0 does not appear on the range ruler, but is used for describing the range of objects that are physically touching. ◊ After a ship partially executes a maneuver, it is at range 0 of the last ship it overlapped. ◊ An object is at range 0 of an obstacle or device if it is physically on top of it. ◊ A ship is at range 0 of another ship if it is physically touching another ship. ◊ If two ships are at range 0 of each other, they remain at range 0 until one of the ships moves in a way that results in their bases no longer being in physical contact. ◊ Although rare, it is possible for a ship to move in such a way that it is at range 0 of another ship (in physical contact with it) without having overlapped it. That is the rulebook definition for Range 0. The situation was that a bank meant that a corner of the base was touching, but the base was flush with the template and flat on the mat, landing cleanly (without disturbing the other ship). So there was no overlap, but the ships were touching, so, as per the third diamond point, they are at range 0.
  8. If your bases are touching but you didn't overlap, you are at range 0. Yes, it can happen through a normal manoeuvre (happened to my the other day when a 1 bank scraped in, but was fully completed). Yes, it's defined differently to 1.0.
  9. Being at Range 0 is defined differently for ships and obstacles. An object is at range 0 of an obstacle or device if it is physically on top of it. A ship is at range 0 of another ship if it is physically touching another ship.
  10. Looks like the same design principle as Uglies, back in the days of legends.
  11. No inspiration here, I'm sure... PS: Anyone still got some of the CS click figures kicking around? They'd probably be the right scale to adapt to X-wing bases, and convert Epic ship bases to be zeppelins...
  12. Fresh from the BtD facetwit group... Crack Dealers AP-5: Operations Specialist 2x Cavern Angels Zealot: Crack Shot, Flight-Assist Astromech, Renegade Refit, Integrated Astromech, Servomotor S-Foils 2x Green Squadron Pilot: Snap Shot, Crack Shot, Chardaan Refit, A-Wing Test Pilot 100/100 It's high on my list of things to fly before 1.0 goes away.
  13. And don't forget that with Genius, Scum are the only ones that can replicate action bombing in 2.0. Sol Sixxa will certainly be able to have Genius on board, although that does mean no Skilled Bombardier.
  14. I thought it was a great troll from FFG! I foresee Greedo will be besties with Torqil Mux...
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