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  1. Out of curiosity: would a rear bullseye arc be doable?
  2. Put Hound’s Tooth on Moralo and bring along a Z-95 and you could possibly flank your opponent round 2
  3. I feel like, given the opportunity of reworking features, that command dials may be a good idea. These are still light-ish ships so I don't think they need as many as the heavier armada ships; but most actions should at-least have some delay I think. Maybe split actions into ones that can be done swiftly and ones that need to be initiated some time before they resolve.
  4. Will the app let you know if you are attaching upgrades that are not useful/being used? Will it out right prevent you from doing so, or just let you know and give you the option to do it anyway? (Great example of this is that I almost always equipped Slave 1 to the firespray regardless of if I’m using the torps).
  5. Something that may also be helpful (once we have more info about the conversation kits) a guide oriented around “should I buy this since I have the conversation pieces even though I don’t already own it.” I.E. I’m getting a scum kit but don’t own a second Aggressor or even one shadowcaster, so do I just trade those or should I try and get the ships?
  6. I currently only own one core set, and I'm looking forward to purchasing the new Intro Decks for casual melee play with my family. There's no rush, but I'm trying to figure out if I would need more than one core set should we manage to get into a melee with most/all of the factions. Also curious if there's a recommended way to partition out the title cards if we go above six players in a melee. Thank you!
  7. Shouldn't the resistance also gain at least a couple of E-Wing Pilots? (unless I'm misremembering, I think the only new canon appearance has been in the Poe Dameron comics.)
  8. Bonus to the rebel conversion suggestion: unless Sabine's TIE is getting a different dial from the Imperial TIE, there should be cardboard enough for all of the TIEs.
  9. It may be too fiddly to model, but shouldn't the IG-2000 have several points of articulation?
  10. Currently X-wing has some representation of accurate but low damage attacks and damaging but inaccurate attacks, but more often in the game the more powerful an attack the more accurate it becomes. Additionally, none of these apply to primary weapons. Since there will be no new dice like the red, blue, black of Armada, are there plans/thoughts on having more variance in accuracy vs. damage 2.0? Will the medium base ship packs contain conversion pegs, or will the pegs only be in the conversion kits?
  11. From what I can make out of the new Boba Fett crew, it allows you to deploy a ship from "hiding" near an obstacle. It seems weird for Boba Fett the pilot to not have this ability, Is there any way for Boba the pilot to gain the Boba Crew ability? Any (future) plans in regards the Shuttle Tyderium? Anyone who has purchased 1 of each non-epic expansion should be covered by one conversion kit, but anyone who has also collected epic will not have all of their fighters covered. Will the eventual epic conversion kit(s) include some extra bits for the TIE Advance, TIE/ln, X-wing and Scyk?
  12. Rule question: if the striker bumps with the aileron move, what happens to its normal move, actions?
  13. I'd had several -not specifically related to each other- thoughts on this, though I'm not sure how well any of this will balance. Comments appreciated. Dual Faction symbol: Clone war era ships and pilots have their clone war faction, and then peeking from behind it their Civil war faction ( )) so, for instance, droid fighters would have (CIS)Scum) and the Sith infiltrator would be (CIS)Empire) Droid Fighter swarm as a large base: It would have to have some special rules but I think this could differentiate them from just being another TIE/ln equivalent.
  14. Great trade with kazenokai515! Updated trade post on page 68
  15. Update: Have: Core Set (minus the CR90, VSD is missing the top antenna), Assault Frigate MK2, two each of the wave 1 fighter expansions, and a dice-pack. Want: Rebel: Tantive IV, Y-Wing, Z-95 Headhunter, T70 X-Wing (expansion, not core) Scum: Any other than Most Wanted Empire: Imperial Raider, TIE/fo (expansion, not core), TIE Bomber, TIE Punisher, VT-49 Decimator
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