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  1. My players had a Space Turtle, and one of them had a YWing. I let them convert a part of the ship in the back into an airlock so the Ace could enter/exit his docked Ywing without going EV. While docked, the YWing would stick out like a tail for the Turtle.
  2. You could probably get some 'affected planets' from the Clone Wars Cartoon. I hear its pretty good, though I have not watched much of it. The RCs seemed to be used for all kinds of missions. They could be deployed just prior to an invasion, tasked with sabotaging key targets (planetary shields/weapons, communications, power stations) before the Troops landed. They could be deployed to either Sabotage or Locate droid factories/ship manufacturers for the CIS. Maybe all they have to do is plant a beacon and call in an airstrike. Assassinating local leaders of the CIS/rebel forces. Arming/training local troops for battle against CIS forces. Stealing critical intel/invasion plans. Several movies listed above have some great missions in them. 'Where Eagles Dare' in particular could be pretty awesome in the Star Wars universe. A lot of movies can be mined for mission ideas: I just ran my group through a butchered conversion of the last Riddick movie. Just remember to have nothing go according to plan. Every mission should have a wrinkle in it at some point. Faulty intel, tougher opponents, a cameo appearance by Jedi that completely screw up the mission. Maybe a Jedi shows up and calls them off their mission to help him complete his different mission. You can just as easily have a Seperatist 'general' show up and throw a wrench in things (Greivous, Dooku, Ventress).
  3. Does he know Nothing? ... wait, I'm thinking of Shultz. I assume this guy wears a monocle then.
  4. Pretty sure if you soak it, the Ion does not affect your cybernetics.
  5. As GM, I use them whenever I have something I feel appropriate for a 'Despair' and upgrade the check. I rarely plan them out ahead of time for Narrative stuff, but I do use them less frequently for on the fly things (sure you loot the safe, but now you hear a self-destruct countdown beginning).
  6. Wow. I didn't realize so many played such serious games. A lot of my table is usually taken up with humor, we're just a bunch of friends hanging out and having fun. Two of my players were so excited to play 'Star Wars' because they've been listening to the Campaign podcast over on OneShot (one of them convinced me to listen). The galaxy may be a dangerous place, but its a funny one as well. No matter how much I try to keep thing serious, everyone usually has a good time turning things into jokes. I've embraced this a bit also, as their BBEG is calling himself Chett Awesomelaser, Supreme Overlord of the Legion of Doom.
  7. Well, we know the Empire is incredibly Xenophobic/racist, hence made up almost entirely of Humans. So a virus that spreads quickly and makes Humans allergic to Tibana Gas (or whatever powers Blasters). Or just makes them all really sick for like a week so the rebels can move in and take over. My campaign's Superweapon is currently the Star Forge that repaired itself from KotoR (though I may be using a virus now as well). My plan is that a single surviving Rakatan is awoken from his cryosleep (or whatever), has gone mad from being in suspended animation for so long, and finds the star forge. He builds an army of droids and sets out to conquer the galaxy and restore the Infinite Empire.
  8. maybe it would help if you listened to like an actual play podcast/video or something? Seen how another GM handles these situations?
  9. I went through and used some big Index cards to make stat blocks for most ships. I already bought the adversary cards, so this was something I figured I would use a lot (I totally do). I have like 30 or so made, split into 'Silhouette 5 and up' and smaller starships. I find that I mostly use the starfighters and some of the light freighters, anything else is rare enough that I can just look it up when necessary from the books. My original plan was to make a card for each ship in the books, but that's way too much work. I would buy ship cards in a hearbeat if they sold them.
  10. I have the adversary cards, and I generally end up just using a Tie Fighter Pilot (minion) or something similar. I never give the enemy abilities, with the exception of 'Adversary'. At least in space combat anyway. There's also some rebel starfighter pilot I use the stats for all the time.
  11. I don't have a page number for you, but Vehicle-scale weapons do 10 times the damage of personal scale weapons. Armor also soaks 10 times the damage. So a turret mounted medium laser cannon would actually deal 60 damage to a person. And your Heavy Blaster would need to deal 10+ damage to make it through 1 point of armor on a vehicle.
  12. Maybe a Medical Droid that stays on the ship when not needed (When the number of players doesn't require him). Or another kind of droid, as others have said: Balance is not something the Party needs to worry about. A droid could also be damaged, so he only works part of the time (Which would explain him not being in some sessions) so it seems like the best choice for what you want. You could make any other character you want, and just flavor him into situations. If they're in combat and no one is playing that character, just mention that he is also shooting and maybe taking out one or two minions. Have him be their silent tagalong when not being played. A Doctor/medic seems like a nice thing to have, but any class works.
  13. Before I get to your problem, the whole 'No Droids Allowed' thing might stem from the fairly recent clone wars. Y'know, where armies of droids laid waste to several parts of the galaxy. 20 years isn't that long. As far as your situation: droids are often seen as property. Use this to your advantage and stand completely still in a corner of the bar, eavesdropping on everything that looks interesting. Or, instead of standing and eavesdropping, pose as a server droid. For that matter, interrogate the serving droids if there are any. Servants (and presumably droids) hear all kinds of juicy gossip.
  14. Also, maybe add the Knockdown effect to the claw attack?
  15. They might be Silhouette 2 instead of the normal 1. I remember them being as big as a Tauntaun at least.
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