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  1. I find it intimidating at first glance. It's such a powerful squadron wing. But then as I get to the ships I play with some beef on my side so I don't mind some dings from Fast ships. My priority is tying up and melting the squads. I would probably position in a way that your CR90's can shoot me a time or two. But probably allow that thinking you wouldn't fly "perfectly" and I could vaporize them. I do worry about Neb front arcs.
  2. I may get lynched for this but my Luke has been an ACE for me. I mean I haven't kept accurate stats. But I feel like he does good work and then the occasional double hit is so sexy. But I rarely get the blank face. My favorite armada moment was a hyperspace assault with Luke and Keyan and Yavaris. 6 black dice and the shots of my neb b. Very fun. Very very very fun.
  3. By this I mean. He is hoping to fly in pattern A to get to ship X, B wings cut off that route and if he tries it they will kersplode him, if he switches to flight pattern B maybe you have some other ships set up to blow him up. or it really twists his plans. Kinda like how packs of dogs circle and cage a more powerful prey. Back him into where he can't instagib something and then maybe have a shot?
  4. I am no expert but I wonder if independence could have some sway to help. I mean 4-6 B wings positioned in a decent manner could get some serious work done. I love independence and have seen a lot of very surprised very worried looks across the table from me when they see their attack lanes cut off by B wings.
  5. The trick is, Demolisher, on its own, isn't horrid... Its the combination of Demolisher, with the fact that, for the first time ever, the Imperials have a small ship to pour on activations with it, to ensure that last-first double tap. Previously, you only had the Victory or other Gladiators to pair it with, and it was more difficult for that. That's a great point. You can leverage activations like never before as imperials
  6. There's a reason none of the 3-4 Firespray + Rhymer lists made it into that final. Sure they might (might) get the alpha strike on Demo, but they'll get torn up against anything with a decent fighter screen. I agree. I think this build highlights a lot of the weaknesses of the fireball. Well said.
  7. I thought since the beginning of the game we've been worrying about pesky demolishers. Throw squads at it's face. Didn't someone win worlds or something with A wings or something...something...dark side? Granted it's a truly powerful and scary build that requires very high skill and some brilliant admiralling. But I dunno if it's the Armada-pocalypse.
  8. Wave 2 was in my mind a great addition. No real "duds" in my book. Added depth and fun to an already amazing game. I didn't really get too many multiples of wave 2 in the beginning ('cept 2 R and V) But now that I have a handful of games under my belt with the wave 2 schtuff I plan on getting some more of the expansions now for some more builds and more upgrade cards I was hoping to get. All in all. Highly recommended.
  9. I enjoy a style I call Chumming the Waters. I play mainly rebels and I enjoy a mix of heavy hitters and bait (Read: Small fish) my deployment is a little wonky compared to what I've seen but it creates this vortex of carnage, the whirlpool of space destruction as they either focus on my big fish and my little guys chomp away or my little fish take the focus and sure they get 50 points but then there is a round or two of them sitting and getting blasted. Granted I play in a very imperial heavy meta, and the ISD is super popular. I also take a very healthy squadron fleet cause they're my favorite. They usually are anti squads. But sometimes I run some bomber action.
  10. I am a missionary of the gospel of Dodonna. I love Crits and I love fishing for them and being able to smugly hand them a little card of doom. But. What do you all love giving your opponents? What makes your eyes twinkle with glee? I personally love the crit effects that make it so they cannot recover shields. (Cause by that point they have redirected and braced down many hull zones) I love if they perform a maneuver over speed 1 they take a damage. Lets hear the thoughts!
  11. Awesome thanks! The question came up in a game yesterday when we were trying to decide if he could swarm with some ties. He wanted to move them all into position and then attack but it seems that's not okay.
  12. Question about squad commands and squad phase. Are you able to move and attack one by one? Say for example I have a crippled Raider in my sights and I know sending my 5 bombers from my Raymus MC80 is a BIT overkill. May I activate one by one and thus kill the Raider with the first or second bomber and then do as I please with the other three? Or are all 5 required to move and activate.
  13. I love the idea of giving love to older ships with new title cards or even new specific upgrades. I would love to see a unique turbolaser, or ion, or torpedo that only X ship can take. (Like a title, but not a title) Unique crew or this that and the other. But I do like the format of having ships and squads with each wave.
  14. I have what I consider moderate amounts. I have 1 ISD 1 VSD 2 Glad 1 Raider 2 Squads 1 CR90 1 Neb 2 AFMK2 1 MC30 1 MC80 2 Squads 2 R and V
  15. My two cents I love write ups. Videos are great but sometimes a write up is all I can access (work, school, etc) a good write up with pictures is my preferred "study method" for the games I play
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