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  1. Hi all! Here are a couple of the more recent Imperial Assault minis I've painted, as always using Sorastro's guides. Jabba and the HK droids. That sounds like a pretty amazing band.
  2. You could prime over the top again, a lot of people do that. Bear in mind though, that if you go over and over a model with layers of paint and primer, you might end up obscuring the detail. Alternately you could strip the miniature and start again. There are a load of different ways of doing this. Read up on it in advance to avoid the pitfalls. I've been using a product called Biostrip 20 which you can get on Amazon. Get the tub rather than the spray, if you do decide to use this. The other alternative is to try to salvage it using some thinned Celestra gray over the areas where the wash pooled and created those darker marks. You want the AT-ST to look grubby and weathered, so most of the mini is not too bad to my eyes. It's not disasterous. I finished Kayn Somos and the Heavy Stormtroopers (sounds like a band name) plus some extra stormie backing singers.
  3. Hi guys! I haven't posted in this topic for ages, but I'm still painting my Imperial Assault minis, and still following Sorastro's tutorials while I do it. I'm working on Kayn Somos, some Heavy Stormtroopers, and some extra Stormtroopers at the moment. Here's what I've painted in the meantime. Rebel Troopers Royal Guard Champion Lando The Bantha and Tuskans The lights I have to use to light the photos have annoyingly dulled the highlights and changed how the colour looks in the pictures. I'm pleased with the bantha though. Thanks go to Sorastro for that, I reckon that and the Lando one (the method of painting the cloak lining! Genius!) are the best painting tutorials I've seen anywhere.
  4. I scream all my posts at the top of my voice like a warcry as I type them.
  5. Thanks! If anyone wants to do some muddy bases similar to the ones on my R2 and 3P0, they're really easy to do. I used a Citadel Technical paint called Agrellan Earth. You splodge it on really thick (REALLY thick) and leave it overnight. The paint cracks into that cracked earth look. Then what I did was liberally dob on some washes. I think I used Agrax Earthshade, Athonian Camoshade, and Seraphim Sepia. Don't cover the whole base in each of these washes, dab them into different areas to create some interesting different coloured areas. Don't worry if the washes overlap and mix together - that's half the fun! This colour mix also matches fairly well with Typhus Corrosion, which is why I chose the washes I did. I'm looking forward to the Sabs, they should be fun to paint. I've only this week finally managed to finish off the zombies from Zombicide. That was a bit of an odyssey. Wouldn't you just know it, as I was putting them all onto a shelf, proud of myself for finishing them, I noticed on the floor one unpainted one that I had missed, as it had fallen off my painting table. So technically I still haven't finished the bloody zombies off! I would paint that last zombie, but I'm currently not talking to him.
  6. I finished these a few weeks ago, but I forgot to post them. R2D2 and C3P0.
  7. Try painting him twice! I had my first R2D2 finished, and gave him a spray of dullcoat, and for some reason the dullcoat reacted with the paint and completely destroyed the paintjob. The metallic paint cracked like Agrellon Earth. Refusing to be beaten, I bought a second mini and started again.
  8. I've been getting behind in my following of this thread, partly because I broke my wrist playing football six weeks ago, so painting has been a bit slower and more painful, especially when I had a cast on. I mean, I didn't stop painting at all, I just found it a bit trickier. Sometimes you have to suffer for your art. Anyway, here's Fenn. Go easy, I painted him with one working arm. There are some scruffy areas, and as usual all I can see are the mistakes, but I do like how his face turned out. Sorastro gets credit for the skin tone choices, of course.
  9. I'm a pretty slow painter. For example, I've recently been working on a group of GW Sisters of the Thorn, basically five mounted wood elves, and I reckon I've easily spent thirty hours on the **** things! I'm not even all that close to finishing - there's probably another ten hours work still to do on them. That's not including drying time, or even prepping and gluing. (An obvious tip that eluded me - don't glue the riders to the mounts before you start painting. Doh.) However, if I'm painting an IA miniature and following a Sorastro guide, I find the process a bit quicker. None of the IA minis are particularly fiddly, and Sorastro's guides are nice and clear, so you can get great results in two to three hours, easily. To be honest, you don't need to spend that much time, even. Any painting looks better than bare plastic, and neat basecoats combined with a wash of the right sort of colour will look pretty good on the table.
  10. I'm all up to date now, having finished Gideon, Han, and Luke. Gideon Han Luke
  11. Thanks, I might prepare and prime him today then. I finished Gideon, Han, and Luke last week, so I'm all caught up at the moment. I'll see if I can take some photos of them and post them up.
  12. Can you reveal what colour you prime Fenn, so we can be ready to go as soon as the episode drops, Sorastro?
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