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  1. Generic Crew

    Weapons Engineer is the only crew for Shara, Operations Specialist is a great fit for Rebel Fenn, Gunner allows a stress Ezra to double stress a target, Courier Droid allows you to deploy the usually PS4 Captain Rex alonside your high PS aces without giving away their location and makes a triple Scurrg list deploy at PS8, and Inspiring Recruit really helps AP-5's ability go off or pairs nicely with the Rage EPT in an Auzituck.
  2. Advanced Sensors or FCS for Silencer? Neither.

    I always thought it could only be those two things, but there's another option: Accuracy Corrector. You don't need target locks, you can still guarantee two hits per turn even if you spend all your actions on repositioning, and if you focus you can save it for defence.
  3. Reload without Flipping?

    Thanks everyone. I wasn't sure, based on the wording, whether turning the card itself was the action. If not, that's all good.
  4. Reload without Flipping?

    Today during a game I used reload to get an extra green dice for Vynder even though all my ordnance was face up. Looking back at the reference card, I'm starting to think I shouldn't have been allowed to do that. What's the verdict?
  5. How would you build your Auzituck Gunship?

    Wullffwarro + targeting computer + PTL + Kanan + Kyle = get stressed early game and easily clear it progressively for focus, target lock and reinforce every turn. Wookiee Liberator + intimidation + Zeb + Bistan = bump into an enemy then still be able to shoot them while changing a hit to a crit and reducing their agility. Whoever + rage + Kanan + Inspiring Recruit = get rerolls that this ship normally can't get plus a focus and the crew combo to fix the double stress.
  6. Stressbug Explanation

    It's as Giledhil says. I thought Gunner was like TLT, but it isn't. Two shots from gunner is two stress on target.
  7. That ship you never fly...

    I think the generics will always be too expensive to be worth it but I once got slapped around by an E'tahn list that had an Auzituck with Bistan and Tactician. It was a lot of crits and stress.
  8. That ship you never fly...

    I think I've used the E-wing about twice. I know Corran is good because of how well he's done over the years, I just personally can't do it. It's the points; every time I write a list with him in it I start shivering and replace him with something cheaper.
  9. RZ-2 A-Wing (Resistance A-Wing)

    A-wings don't need another shield. If anything has to increase it's the amount of red. 3/3/2/2 is fine, with tech to make it TFA era, maybe with some extra greens on the dial but I admit that's asking a lot.
  10. Post Phantom II builds

    If you knock the cannon off Eaden and the PRS off Ezra then Ezra can have Gunner to double stress people. Eaden's ability is primary only, are you wanting to ion and stress combo the target?
  11. Exactly. There seems to be an attitude that if something doesn't devastate an opponent's list all on its own, it's useless.
  12. TIE/fo Interceptor(spoilers)

    We go the FO Interceptor. It has 3 red, 3 green, 4 hull, 2 shield, 1 system and 1 tech, and the PS9 costs 35 points.
  13. Post Phantom II builds

    I'm not a sensible player. 😉
  14. Post Phantom II builds

    Fenn Rau with Operations Specialist and R3 astromech for 25 points. He co-ordinates, so his own dice are unmodified. 2 unmodified dice will miss. Because he missed he can give someone else a focus. Last time I played I was using this technique to give other ships focus and target lock every turn. R3 astromech is usually hated (and I still think it's overcosted) but if you roll an eye you get an evade for yourself (which is handy because people will probably try to kill your support ship) and then you're using only 1 dice to attack which will make the triggering of Operations Specialist even more likely. Finally, if you want, you could use the focus for your own green dice where appropriate. For Fenn it's good. If you can't use FAA, it means that somebody is in your arc and his ability will trigger.
  15. Best Rebel Support Ship

    You're absolutely right. I forgot all about that. Great idea. I love Jan. The other thing I've had success with is giving Fenn an R3 astromech. They're usually terrible (just bad) but on a ship that's pretty much guaranteed to do no damage anyway it's not a problem. Plus your support ship will probably get focussed down, so evade tokens help.