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  1. That's insane in the most wonderful way.
  2. Ion cannon turrets are old favourites of mine.
  3. I've always played Rebels and Imperial and have only recently started playing with Scum, so I need tips. I've always wanted to use Palob because I think his ability is really good but I don't know which turret to use. TLT seems like it has imperfect synergy as his ability works at range 1 and 2, Synced Turret could use the focus he steals but only if I also use Deadeye, and even then his primary is only 1, and my thought process goes on and on like this. What do you guys use?
  4. Thanks guys, they're added to the list.
  5. Hello friends, Lachie from H e l l of a pilot here (I wrote it like that because **** gets auto-censored on this forum) and we're trying something new; we're using our social media streams to ask people to suggest topics or ask questions for our discussion segment. If you have an idea that you think would be worth talking about we want to hear it, and hopefully we'll get enough to include a few in our next episode. We record again next week and we'll shout out to anyone whose ideas we use. Feel free to post here or comment on our Facebook page. If you listen, thanks for listening.
  6. Hi everyone. Sorry I didn't reply for a while (I usually hate it when OPs abandon threads). I wasn't saying it was a bad ship, I meant like 'bad' in sarcastic air quotes because most people I spoke to told me it was bad. This has been a really positive thread though. I'm getting one for sure.
  7. I'm thinking of buying a Mist Hunter. Am I insane? I know it's 'bad', I've seen the dial, but I'm obsessed with this ship because of how weird it seems to me. I'm a long-time Rebel pilot and it almost seems kinda B-wingy to me (although B-wings get cannons). I wouldn't even say it's bad, just strangely average; no noteworthy tricks, no secondary weapons, and a dial that's at face value hard to use but would surely become manageable with practice. Is the ship hated or merely disliked? I wanna talk about it.
  8. Best comeback to leaks/speculation I've seen in ages.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm Lachie and I'm one of the hosts of **** of a Pilot. We're an Australian trio who do a combination of current X-wing news and Star Wars lore. In our lore section we pick a pilot who can be flown in the X-wing game and tell their story, then decide if that was the inspiration for their pilot ability. We're not too serious though; we mix plenty of jokes through as well! Find us in iTunes or at this link to podbean: And our meme page is here: Edit: H e l l of a pilot, of course. The word **** apparently auto-censors.
  10. A few weeks ago I made a video of it in action.
  11. Ah. The eye dee ten tee error. Got it.
  12. Thanks thespaceinvader and SOTL for your help. We played a proxy game and didn't have the card. A Lot clearer than I realised. What's RTFC?
  13. Had this problem with an Auzituck the other night. I had reinforced the fore section and my opponent had me squarely in arc side on. Where is he shooting me? Fore or aft? If I had been on an angle, even a slight one, I would suggest closest point to closest point is the deciding factor, but that wasn't the case.
  14. I've been thinking about Kestal with an ion cannon turret. Imperials haven't really ever had ion control lists like the Rebels before. I realise that the most damage an ion cannon turret can do is 1 at a time while a TLT can do 2, but with her ability virtually guaranteeing the ion effect her chances of walking an enemy onto a rock or off the board are higher than normal, and if she can control where her enemy will go then she can stay behind them out of their arc and just chip chip chip away at them and there's nothing they can do. Or she can just ion someone and let the squad converge on them.