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  1. He has two green dice and proton torpedoes cost 12 points now, there’s plenty of other I6s out there and they quite often have deep bids. Wedge is ok.
  2. I have a couple of fun concepts in mind but I can’t seem to flesh them out on my own. I really like how often FFG captures something about a character with their rule so I’ve tried to do that. Watto for scum. His dice were a big thing in ep1. So during the game (or before it starts?) you (spend a non-recurring charge?) ask your opponent ‘hits or misses’, roll the dice and then one of you gets a benefit? Padmé for the Republic. In two of the three movies she had a body double. She has one points cost but requires two cards to be fielded (two ships in the same squad must both have the identical card). When the game begins she does nothing and neither ship benefits from having her, but at a certain point during the game her player nominates which ship she’s really on and her ability kicks in for that ship only. Not sure what that ability should be though. Or just one card and one ship but two get nominated with an effect token (Krennic style) and later one of them is selected to receive a benefit and the other discards their token.
  3. Looks like I'll play as though they do interact until there's a confirmation thread, like the double-tap Dash one for instance. Thank you everyone.
  4. I think I read somewhere that these two crew members stack their effects because although Phasma’s effect occurs at the end of the phase, the end of the phase is still during the phase. I can’t find a source for the ruling though. Can anyone help?
  5. Cannons are kinda bad now and I always liked the Mangler, so I reckon your idea is on the money. Very fitting with 2.0 mechanics.
  6. Does he take one or two? The PDF has two symbols next to his name but in the app he only fills one slot.
  7. You have Paige Tico and Veteran Turret Gunner equipped. The bowtie is facing sideways. There is an enemy ship in your forward arc. Can you shoot it with your 3 dice forward arc, use Paige to rotate the bowtie forward and then VTG to shoot the same ship you already attacked? My understanding is that you could because the primary forward arc and mobile firing arc symbols are different, but I want to be sure. Also, Does Vennie's ability affect himself? It doesn't say 'another' ship, it just says friendly.
  8. Why did the UK get it early?
  9. With respect, I hope there is never a ship with 4 native green dice. Physically light ships need nifty tricks to stay alive but that is probably a bit much.
  10. Looks like the SF can shoot missiles backwards?
  11. Thanks everyone. Also Thane was part of the reason I asked, since he specifies choice and Rexler doesn't I figured it was ok to shuffle the cards.
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