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  1. A few weeks ago I made a video of it in action.
  2. Ah. The eye dee ten tee error. Got it.
  3. Thanks thespaceinvader and SOTL for your help. We played a proxy game and didn't have the card. A Lot clearer than I realised. What's RTFC?
  4. Had this problem with an Auzituck the other night. I had reinforced the fore section and my opponent had me squarely in arc side on. Where is he shooting me? Fore or aft? If I had been on an angle, even a slight one, I would suggest closest point to closest point is the deciding factor, but that wasn't the case.
  5. I've been thinking about Kestal with an ion cannon turret. Imperials haven't really ever had ion control lists like the Rebels before. I realise that the most damage an ion cannon turret can do is 1 at a time while a TLT can do 2, but with her ability virtually guaranteeing the ion effect her chances of walking an enemy onto a rock or off the board are higher than normal, and if she can control where her enemy will go then she can stay behind them out of their arc and just chip chip chip away at them and there's nothing they can do. Or she can just ion someone and let the squad converge on them.
  6. What do we think about the droid in the Scurrg blister?
  7. You're the first person I've seen who likes Selflessness. What is it that appeals to you about it?
  8. The Targeting Systems one confuses me a little, but other than that I adore these and want them and how do we make FFG publish them seriously you guys
  9. Depends on what you mean by 'helpful', but two friends and I host a podcast called Hell of a Pilot, and we do pretty well in Australia. We discuss new releases and meta stats but try to have a laugh as we go.
  10. This thread is only for combo ideas for the crew. There are other threads if you want to read or share opinions on the named pilots and the dial. I have some ideas so far, but I'm really interested to learn other people's. Push the Limit + Targeting Computer + Kanan + Kyle Katarn PTL as soon as you can, clear stress easily with Kanan and all the white on the dial, get focus because of Kyle. Repeat this and in every combat you can have reinforce, target lock and focus. Rey + Jan Ors Roll in really slow, stacking focus with Rey as you go. When you get in a tight spot, use the reinforce action and assign yourself a focus at the start of combat as Rey allows BUT make it an evade instead with Jan. You're basically stacking evade tokens instead of focus tokens. With a reinforce token and an evade token you'll shrug a reasonable amount of damage. Good if someone gets behind you. Plus, if there's a turn where your Auzituck doesn't need to use Jan, somebody else can. Dash Rendar + Bistan (MAYBE with targeting computer) This makes use of your huge firing arc. Because of Dash nobody gets extra defence from obstacles, making the big arc even more user friendly, then Bistan means one of your shots is a crit. Handing out crits at range 1 to 2 while denying your enemy the chance to hide from obstacles is a good move. You can even shoot while on obstacles with Dash. PTL + Kanan + Ezra (once again, MAYBE with targeting computer) PTL with Kanan, change a focus result to a crit with Ezra, then clear stress with Kanan. A way to change a focus result on the offence without spending a focus token isn't too bad, especially if it's to a crit. If you only roll one focus result you can save the token for defence.
  11. That's what I thought. Thanks for confirming.
  12. Would Breach Specialist counter I'll Show You the Dark Side?
  13. Is this right?
  14. I managed to pull this off once: