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  1. GreenLantern1138

    Lightweight frame in 2.0?

    When we see LWF in 2.0 it will be the same game effect but it will have a different name and be the baked in ability of the TIE SF.
  2. GreenLantern1138

    Why maul is not in the rebel conversion kit.

    The Rebel kit is the only one we've seen entirely though right? I'm waiting on the Scum one to see if Dalan and Thweek are still around.
  3. GreenLantern1138

    Are Focus tokens persistent in 2.0?

    If you do not spend a focus token in 2.0 do you keep it as though you had advanced optics in 1.0? I think I read a rumour about that, and I saw the 2.0 version of one of Saw's X-wings and its pilot ability said something about being focused at activation before taking actions, which would be hard unless you could keep an old focus. Also, does anyone have the picture of that pilot?
  4. I love Aurora. The fact that it has been updated so fast is amazing, and the fact that it's a free resource is something I'm very thankful for. That said, the version I have currently isn't discounting the EPT even when I have the Refit equipped.
  5. GreenLantern1138

    Birmingham Barons X-Wing Podcast Episode 44

    Can't believe the Genie song wasn't one of the top memories.
  6. GreenLantern1138

    PSA: No, you can't use S Foils to equip Autothrusters

    If the issue with autothrusters and the boost icon is rooted in the place forces step, what is the interaction between the barrel roll icon on the s-foils card and the Expert Handling EPT? S-foils open + barrel roll = no stress but s-foils closed + barrel roll = stress?
  7. GreenLantern1138

    Never Been Done in an X-wing Podcast Before

    That's fair enough and a really great idea for a game, I just got so sucked in I was really hoping for an ending.
  8. GreenLantern1138

    COTD #7: Intelligence Agent

  9. GreenLantern1138

    Never Been Done in an X-wing Podcast Before

    That would be fun. I got all the way up to the scene on the Raider. Please tell me that isn't the end.
  10. GreenLantern1138

    Never Been Done in an X-wing Podcast Before

    Thanks mate, always great to hear from you. We haven't posted anything there yet. That would be amazing, thanks! Looks like I was a bit carried away with excitement when I named the thread; should have known there was another one out there! I'll check yours out as soon as I can.
  11. GreenLantern1138

    Never Been Done in an X-wing Podcast Before

    Sorry for the clickbait title, but I've got something exciting to share. I'm Lachie, one of the hosts of H e l l of a Pilot (a show with a name that's hard to discuss on this forum because the word **** auto-censors) and we've just started something new. In our latest episode we feature the first part of an original Star Wars audio drama loosely inspired by X-wing, written by our mate Jack Murray and and edited by our own Owen Cross. We'll be recording episodes of that alongside our usual content and eventually it'll get released on its own. We don't post about ourselves here very often but we're a lighthearted show from Australia that tries to entertain by not having a meta focus, in fact our newest episode is partly about Legion. It would mean a lot to us if you'd give the whole show a listen but if you skip ahead to 78 minutes in Episode 30 just to hear the narrative, nobody would blame you. Thanks for your time, friends. https://hellofapilot.podbean.com/e/****-of-a-pilot-episode-30-a-legion-of-their-own/
  12. GreenLantern1138

    Re-design any 1 ship of your choosing

    It was pointed out to me that I accidentally wrote defence instead of agility, and I cop to that.
  13. GreenLantern1138

    (Rebel) Fenn Rau upgrades?

    Co-ordinate gives an action as usual and missing with OpSpec can give a friendly ship a free focus token, which is kinda like giving them two actions, they just didn't have to do a focus action to get the focus token. You're right about my R3 point; I was kinda excited when I wrote that part of the comment and didn't think it through. I thought R3 increases the chances of a miss because it eliminates a dice from your attack and if you want to miss, having fewer dice is better, but an unmodified eye result isn't helping you hit anyway.
  14. GreenLantern1138

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Anybody in this thread got a Kylo Ren crew card to trade away?
  15. GreenLantern1138

    now that the Sheathe is out, can we buff the ARC?

    Perhaps but you can't do all of those things at once. If you're stressed you can't use his ability or do a coordinate action. If you're not stressed at the start of combat but use r3a2 early because you're ps11 then you can't use his ability, and if you decide to skip using r3a2 so that you can use his ability then you've given up a chance to stress your opponent. Yeah you could stress then de-stress every turn by taking only one stress at a time and being clever with your manoeuvring, but that limits r3a2's effectiveness and as soon as you get stressed enough his ability and coordinate action are basically gone. The only constant problem is hotcop.