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  1. I managed to pull this off once:
  2. I made this one for an Australian x-wing podcast called Hell of a Pilot.
  3. Biggs is the only relevant X-wing? Wedge and Janson would like a word with you.
  4. I enjoy moving the models around. It's a fun game in general, but I take particular enjoyment from physically placing the templates and moving the ships along them and boosting or barrel rolling.
  5. Heard a few people suggest Jyn. With a bigger field of vision to use it should work nicely.
  6. I think I know where you're coming from. They like their novelty ships, so it wouldn't be impossible for them to have designed a ship specifically to make use of an action they've given it; I just hope they don't.
  7. The targeting computer could easily get left off that build, but also if the ship is going to survive a lot longer, maybe 11 points isn't so bad? People pay 12 points on Dash and Dengar. Far out, the dial couldn't be that bad, could it? I'm assuming it would be somewhat like a y-wing dial. I know it's got the reinforce action but if the manoeuvres are too restrictive the ship will see very limited play.
  8. I agree, that's why im trying to think of tricks for it. With only two actions and only crew upgrades, it's going to come down to crew and EPTs. Maybe modifications. PTL and Kanan? It's gotta have white banks at least. PTL, Kanan and Kyle Katarn?
  9. By the way, I'm Lachie and I'm one of the hosts of an Australian x-wing podcast called Hell of a Pilot. In our last episode we talked about the wave 11 ships and I suggested putting a targeting computer on the Auzituck. Would any of you try that?
  10. Thanks, everyone. It's good to have that clarified. My theory here was making sure to have as much defence as possible in a turn where I didn't have an enemy in arc. The Auzituck will be an interesting one to use because if you use reinforce on a turn where you want to shoot you have only unmodified dice. Anybody else predicting only a low amount of green on the dial? They'd never let us PTL with reinforce. Anyway, this combo idea of mine you wouldn't use every turn, but when you did use it I think it would be effective. I love the Rebels but I'm a bit sick of low evade ships.
  11. Jan Ors crew lets you change a focus to an evade when you are assigned the focus, and the wording of the Rey crew says you can assign a focus to yourself during combat. My question is, if both of these crew are on an Auzituck and you make a pile of focus with Rey, can you assign yourself an evade every turn with Jan instead? I think this works with the wording.
  12. Yes, but isn't this a thread about fixing the Blaster Turret? My point is that the wording of Unguided Rockets would neatly improve the Blaster Turret, and although that would make the two cards somewhat similar your Aggressor could have its choice of either or both, and it's the only ship that would have to make that choice.
  13. For ships that can take turrets but not missiles.
  14. Just make the wording of Blaster Turret identical to Unguided Rockets, except a turret.
  15. The new synced turret cannot be fired without a target lock. What if that was applied to tlt as well?