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  1. Hi I'm french, sorry if my english is bad, but I've a little question. It's about the time to send the texts to translate for others countries. In France, the texts for the beginner pack were sent 2 week after the release of the pack. But the texts are finished since a long time. So my question is, why all this time ? I'm not making a criticism, it's just curiosity. We can debate the fact french must learn english. I've a good level in english (for a french), i can watch a movie in english without subtitles, but it's really comfortable to have games in our language. I'm french, but my question may apply for others languages like German, Spanish, Italian, ...
  2. I agree with you with the boring side, but... the mechanics don't do all of the game. it's not because a game use the same system as another game that the game isn't interesting. I'm someone with the deep desire to burry the genesys system. but, as a player the most important to me is the universe himself. If i can use a system smoothly (no genesys, stay away please), I can focus on the discovery of the universe. on the other side, if you take time to understand the system more than discover the universe, it's not a good game. _________________________________________ I don't know if you'll be receptive to my way of thinking, but where I live, i can see the differente philosophies between american games and french games (yes I'm french). - all american games I know, it's a complete collection with 20 books minimum. each book contain some lore, but a lot of mechanics. it's system every pages. - a lot of french games (not all) are composed with one book of rule and some lore, and 4~5 books with lore, sometimes some lines about mechanics. Just to say, if you focus too much on the system, you forgot to live in the game.
  3. In my country, I played a game with a mechanic that make me happy to play. it's played with D6, but it's easily adaptable for other dices. - you launch "skill's level" dices - each dice under or equal to the characteristic is a success the "1" are counted double ___________________________________________________ blackbird : white wolf, wizards of the coast, just for example.
  4. Your propositions are interesting and I'll note them for later. to help the discussion, I have some solution to make them working together. You can use a tournament with specials rule like forming a group with characters from another clan, and thus you can jump to the "good friends" part. some month ago, I started a session with all the samurai waking up in the same room with only underwear on them and they work together to get out. only after, they found out their belonging to a different clan. Then, they worked together to destroy the conspiracy that had imprisoned them.
  5. Another system can be cool, but not something with special dices. I tried Genesys system with star wars and some of my friend that are huge star wars fans, and they all evaporated some session laters. If genesys is used to the 5th edition, it will be without me because I don't want to loose my friends for a game.
  6. I really pray to have something similar to the R&K, and I pray even more for the genesys system to be forgotten. If this new game have the genesys system it's without me. Seriously, this system is a cancer. It take a TED conference to explain only how to launch the dices and read them. I played a star wars campaign with 5 of my friends, huge star wars fans, the kind that pay 300$ for a simple lightsaber lamp. We played 3 seances and 4 of them cancelled their participation to this campaign because of the system.
  7. Sorry, but i don't know myself. I tried some weeks with no results. when i want to use a colored dice symbol, i use PNG file with render of dices symbols. It's the only way i know. To avoid problems in word, when you type symbols, use the symbols in the Aazlain's font (or mine ;-) ), and after when you finish writing and make your layout, you can put colored symbols (the png files) using the setting "before the text" to put your colored symbols above the one without color. you can also use some word art in the same way with the setting "before the text" or "above the text" (I don't know which one i the good one, I'm french and in my version, it's "devant le texte")
  8. sorry, but i don't have any problem with usercloud. I already downloaded plenty of file with it and no problem about malware or spam or anything else. i use noscript (similar to adblock) and I have no problem. try here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B06PLT-RB8f5a1NSQnV0ZXNUZ1k/view?usp=sharing
  9. you can have narrative dice and keep the R&K system. consider the following. take a dice we can call fortune dice. when the result is 1-2-3 you have a negative consequence and 8-9-10 you have a positive consequence. when a player make a dice pool there is one of them that is the fortune dice. for example, if a player want to slice an enemy kenjustu 4 and agility 3 still make a 7k3 and the fortune dice is one of them (with a different color). before the keeping step we watch the fortune dice for the effects, and after that the player can keep the dices he want even if the fortune dice is one of them. or a GM can roll it behind the screen. with that you can even imagine mechanics or technique that can add bonus or malus to this dice. me too, but i would like to see a system that is on a little scale. actual clan wars is on the same scale as warhammer and it's something you can play if you don't have enought place at home.
  10. for the "a la carte", there is plenty of alternative techniques or alternative path. there is a "main path" that represent the most used techniques in the description of the school in the core rules, but you can find the alternatives in all the sourcebooks and éléments series. It's one of the probelm with AEG, they dilute it in far too much books. I just gave one. the R&K is a part of the identity of L5R. plus, you can keep the system, bring some fresh rules, change some part, and that without changing all the thing or the dice system. if there has to be a reason to "keep the system", there also has to be a reason to "change all the system". and I see no reason to put the R&K-d10 away
  11. there is a lot of post about "keep R&K system" and I'm one of them. it's really a system that's a part of the L5R identity. Even if the system is solid, i can imagine plenty of mechanics that can be innovating like advantages and threat in the star wars system and without changing the R&K-d10 system. So, keep the R&K is my biggest hope. the second one is something only FFG can do, make good scenario and campaign. AEG was pretty good, but it was before and they long lost the flame of story.
  12. I made this font with the help from Aazlain's font and some others. can someone tell me if it's more ergonomic or not ? https://userscloud.com/g94xfpyqcq2e
  13. We never know. sometimes someone wake up to this kind of stuff and bring the flame of hell. I haven't updated the dice yet because i don't have the need to, F&D isn't released in France (but he will be).
  14. Hi. Thx for the font, it's really usefull for me to make documents for my players. I modified the font to make it easy to use for my keyboard. AZERTYUI are assigned to the dice symbols and QSDFGH for the dice forms and yes I'm french, it's more ergonomic for me. plus, I fixed the uppercase problem because when I put a symbol, word automatically put a uppercase and make it dissapear (until I cancel the automatic change). But I've questions about copyrights. Can I broadcast it on french forums with unofficial mention? I want to help others gamers, but I don't want to be out of the law and bring problem to the forum where I usually go.
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