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  1. Take the money before they realize the only amber control cards of the deck are 2 Shooler
  2. He played Library Acess twice, so he drew one more. I have seen this combo in action. I was in control of the board on my way to a third key, while my opponent had none, but had seed in play + probably a couple other irrelevent artefacts or creatures: he won on his next turn. Like probably a big bunch of decks, mine had no easy way to destroy artefacts. Now, this was far from a first turn win (we were well in the late game), but there was nothing I could do to stop my opponent form getting that win. It is clear that its a NPE to lose this way, but more importantly, the combo is extremely easy to pull of, as you only need the seed in play + library access and as much Logos in hand as possible to start it. But lets forget a moment that combo and imagine instead that a player has only seed and library access, no way to forge a key or else in his deck. What is possible to happen next, assuming enough Logos card to play? 1- That player has its entire deck in hand and the end of the turn 2- Each Logos action card got played 6 time (exemple: twin bolt thus made 24 damage to creatures and generated 6 amber. Labwork generated 6 amber and archived 6 cards, etc.) 3- Have generated more than enough amber to forge all your keys of the game in one turn (it only require 3 cards with an amber bonus to generate 18 amber) 4- this can happen every turn after this one Os course you will need a bit of luck or a good amount of non-logos in play to make sure the loop does not stop ( phase shift and wormhole help extremely), but the points are: - that it only require 2 cards to possibly put yourself in a situation where the game will be hopeless for the oppenent unless they were so far ahead already -the deck can be super good without the combo ever going off, as those cards are good by themselves, so there is no real cons of having this (unfair?) win condition - I do not see any way this can do any good to the game Now that this is said, I do not have any way to deal with that situation easily. What I know, though, is that this combo would be the only one affected if we were to put a hand limit to 10 or 12, as normal Logos never accumulate big amount of cards anyway. I also know that it would be a shame to get rid of my decks that cant deal with artefacts just because of this...
  3. off topic: if you want to start a discussion, I'd think you should copy the content of the article here (with the link to your blog if you want). It would be easier to us to discuss. on topic: The price of the 4H decks is probably due to the fact we all assumed that the special rarity was rarer than normal rares, but they were not: 4h are as common as any other rares up there (there are some exceptions, but in general all rares and special share the same amount of presence around decks). That said, I agree that 2 horseman are totally vanilla most of the time (War and Death) and 2 can easily do more harm than good (Pestillence and sometime Famine). As far as Sanctum creatures are considered, their power is quite average, some may say less than average (Sanctum has a lot of 5 and 6 power with 1 or 2 armor). In short, having a 4h deck only guarentee that you have 4 ok creatures in the deck, nothing more.
  4. I have a hard time believing they would endanger the balance of the force. The most likely scenario is that those negative plots would only be playable if certain caracters are included. (that way it would be impossible to do unkar + Thrawn again). Like they did with Imperial Assault.
  5. My guess for negative plot would be more like: -3: can only be included if you have Ig-88
  6. Let me quote myself. A dice with Greedo face on it is not a character dice UNLESS it is Linked to a character card, exactly like in the official rulling on Krennic : the dice he gives with his skill is not a character dice even if it has a character face on it
  7. Its funny how I provided a perfect answer and suddently no one cares
  8. Allow me to solve this... dice in the set aside zone are not considered character dice For exemple, krennic's death trooper dice cannot be targetted by Isolation I cant believe you all missed that basic ruling...
  9. Greedo vs Greedo us a hilarous scenario. I think the second to be defeated would win, because its skill would go on hold while the first die after having killed the other without winning
  10. Last article: The time for talk is over. Seize your chance to get the Rivals Draft Set next Friday, December 15th from select retailers in the United States, with a wide release in the first quarter of 2018. Do you have what it takes to create the ultimate draft deck?
  11. Imperial assault created upgrade cards that reduce the cost of characters. Maybe plots cards could do the same
  12. Can you share Nute? Too much previews lol I do agree 2 traitors would be enough. You activate 2( most of the time all their characters) and make sure they wont have upgrade that turn
  13. My lgs has her at 10$ CAN. I can give you the link if you want
  14. Working on a deck with Gamorean Guard. Yellow offers a lot of interesting options. I really like the Hiden agenda + It will all be mine. For now the guard is the only melee yellow worth it IMO, and it pair well the Inquisitor(or rather it is the best option to use the remaining 20 points, as far as I know).
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