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  1. Really hoping for medicine, and anything that keys off intellect or willpower. I've been waiting to make an Arkanian "doctor" specializing in force alchemy and cybernetics since Maul got robot legs.
  2. It's difficult to get everyone together in my friend group so we usually play with 2-3 players
  3. It might have been, but I correctly answered the question that was asked.
  4. The Edge of the Empire rule book says differently. It lists the same rules I mentioned above on page 40. Providing no other limitation. The section you reference is specifically for using multiple combinations of morality, obligation, and duty. Page 338 of the Force and Destiny book under the heading "choose morality, duty, or obligation for the group" says "with this option, all PCs should use the step 2 of character creation from the appropriate correct rulebook" which would direct you back to page 40 of the EotE rulebook.
  5. Yes they are, unless I'm missing remembering the xp and credit numbers (+5xp, +10xp, +1000 credits, and +2500 credits for 5, 10, 5 and 10 obligation respectively correct?). You can buy as many of the options as you want with two restrictions. 1. You can't buy each option more than once 2. You can't take on more additional obligation than you have starting obligation. So with 15 starting obligation you can start with +15 xp.
  6. I usually got with either +15xp, or +10xp and +1000 credits.
  7. Gunslinger talent "Call 'em" prevents the addition of setback for an aimed maneuver ?
  8. Scoundrel is one I'm considering. So is Modder for some tinkerer to improve my guns and signature vehicle. Or Sharpshooter to add some long gun capability. Charmer or Marshall could add some face abilities. Decisions are hard.
  9. I am having issues picking what species I want to play. I'm torn between a Clawdite for a cunning build, a Pantoran for a charming build, or a Gungan because I like the idea of a badass Gungan gunslinger. Some extra info: I have no idea what I will spec into after gunslinger settling on a species will help decide where to. Any advice, suggestions, or stories of awesome gunslinger characters that might inspire me would be appreciated.
  10. Normal encumbrance rules are 5 plus brawn, and armor, when worn, has its encumbrance value reduced by 3. So it sounds like the mod is just repeating the rules.
  11. I'm leaning towards Kyuzo. Rank in coordination, would need 10xp from obligation to get 4/3/2/2/3/1, but for 3 strain they can jump any where in medium range. Could be useful to avoid being shot while trying to engage.
  12. The CRB does say that Brawl weapons augment unarmed attacks. Augment means to make something greater by adding to it. Doesn't that mean that Brawl weapons improve your unarmed attack, not replace it?
  13. Oops double post. So I'll use this one to ask about Cybernetics. Any new ones?
  14. The Unarmed Combat section in page 211 of the EotE core rulebook specifically address brawl weapons. "Unlike other weapons, Brawl weapons augment this base attack. Brawl weapons can add damage to this attack..." Brawl weapons are covered under unarmed combat, they augment unarmed combat, and they add damage to unarmed combat. To me this shows that RAW is that brawl weapons count as unarmed combat. Could just be wishful thinking on my part though
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