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  1. That's going to look great next to my other "Art Of" books for Star Wars and Disney on my bookshelves
  2. Totally OT, but fickle and Cpt. Lackwit liked my post up on page 1 - I feel like I've arrived
  3. And you KNOW that's entirely on purpose. Every time we look at R3 in 2nd Ed., we will hear the voice of a developer shouting "ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!?!"
  4. John Boyega is actually fan enough to want to do it - Alan Tudyk would be cool too.
  5. He is serious - and don't call him surly (that's right isn't it?)
  6. Ok, ok, I've totally changed my mind - it's actually THREE different Core Sets: Sequel Trilogy era with T-70 (articulated S-Foils) and the 2 TIE FOs Scum vs. Scum Core set - 2 HH-87 Starhopper fighters for the Hutt Cartels and 1 Black Sun Khirax fighter (or similar) and finally.......... CLONE WARS era Core Set with V-19 (with articulated foils, so good luck keeping those in 1 piece) and FOUR Vulture droids, bringing "Tiny" ships into the game (either a reduced base size, or a two-per-peg style like Armada's flotillas) These are totally my final answer (until I think of something else)
  7. The Marauder title card showing her paintjob is promising, so I'm guessing yes. I hope her "nametag" text reads "Lady in Red" - No, wait! "Crimson Killer"
  8. Thinking more about it, I wonder if they're just keeping the the SWZ mnemonic for the playmats this time (unlike the SWS for 1st edition), and they want to get the design locked in before announcing.
  9. I haven't seen this brought up in the other 2E threads yet, but I just looked at the SKU for each of the new products, and there seem to be some missing product numbers. The Core Set is SWZ01, and the dice pack is SWZ05. Conversion kits cover 06 thru 08, dial upgrade kits 09 thru 11, and the actual Wave I ships are SWZ12 forward. No 02, 03 or 04 yet. Will these be the TFA-era core set, and Resistance and FO conversion kits maybe?
  10. After a couple of days to process, read the articles a few times, and watch a good chunk of that Team Covenant playtest, this right here may be my last remaining gripe. I've gotten used to the idea of the must-use, proprietary app - it allows them to adjust point values and upgrade slots on an Ad hoc basis - a definite improvement over the current FAQ process; I'm okay with the majority of the price point, as my son and I really won't have that many leftovers after the conversion kits (a B-wing, a Khirax, 1 or 2 TIE Fighters and a TIE Defender, but we'd rarely field squads with that many multiples of one ship anyway); the gameplay itself looks close enough to 1st ed. to make it easy to adapt but different enough to feel like a new game. But those card sizes - I mean, c'mon, couldn't they have made ONE of those cards compatible with the sleeves we've already bought? I fully expect to see new sleeves with faction-specific artwork backing by Christmas...
  11. Maybe B-Wings that have the gyroscopic rotation around the cockpit?
  12. It's beginning to grow on me - a good call-back to Boba Fett's armor. Like others in this thread, I'll most likely get it just for the rotating wings. I'm more curious whether it's going to get one of the new 'Configuration' cards like the S-Foils and Pivot Wing - something that messes with evade rolls or tokens in some way
  13. I wondered about this too - it'd be a great way to avoid just issuing repaints of 1st Edition ships in future waves
  14. I really, REALLY don't like the idea that I can't build a real squad without the benefit of their proprietary app. An app that will presumably track exactly what I own, when I purchased it, and then send that info on to the Mouse in order to send me targeted ads for new Star Wars product. Not like I need to be given new ideas to buy more SW product, but this seems a VERY Disney kind of tactic... Still reading through everything else, but this one leaps out and just sticks right in my craw, even more than the conversion kit price point. I mean, they have to charge SOMETHING for all that cardstock, but $50 a pop? That's going to be a serious drain on the ol' X-Mas list (pun intended).
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