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    vLabz got a reaction from DarthDude in Realms of Terrinoth Shipping!!!!   
    Very true. Things have a unique flavour but it also makes it difficult to adapt existing content of other games (I'm not complaining here).
    That's why I'm waiting for this book like nearly no other product before. I have high expectations with its contents. This books should show the path for any fantasy setting with Genesys. I have to wait for the PDF though... 
    Are there many carriers ? 
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    vLabz got a reaction from DarthDude in Talent trees rather than careers   
    Hi I totally agree with you I have the same feeling. In SWRPG specializations really fit to the theme, so I don't feel too restricted (and you can combine them). In a more generic setting like a classic fantasy one without a strong lore, specializations would be too restrictive and not allow the correct build of your character.
    On the other hand, I feel a total lack of immersion with the "talents by tiers" system, it is too flat and difficult to navigate.
    That is why my intent is too start categorizing talents by "theme" or "path", and add more prerequisites between them (the path of heavy combat, the path of light combat, a path for each spell school, the path of thievery). These would be like talent trees, but sometimes you would need to invest into a specified number of talent in path in order to unlock a more advanced talent. There could also be shortcuts beetween different paths (like path of nature could help with alchemy, the paths are distinct ones, yet related). Opening a new path would have a cost (like new specializations).
    An effect strength could also be related to the number of talents you have in the current path.
    Then you can bring on "profiles" or "specializations": with pre-opened paths (at no cost), free talents in certain paths, or penalties to the cost of other ones (like heavy combat is opposed to arcane magic).
    Such a "talent paths system", without the profiles, could be of great help to adapt to any setting, because you "only" have to define the "profiles" for your setting. Instead of picking talents one by one you would concentrate on a higher level, choosing paths associations. It is good to keep up with profiles (instead of a fully open system) because it is good that a character has an "identity". If you are not satisfied with the available profiles for you character, you can create one, and give it name ! (with your GM authorization/validation)
    Inspiration comes from Skyrim the video game, and from "Chroniques oubliées" a recent french d20 RPG which has thematic paths of 5 "powers" that you can combine. Although those two systems are not fully satisfying for me.
    I'm only interested in fantasy settings for now. If anyone has started such a work let me know... (As I'm not the most productive person).
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    vLabz got a reaction from Stacie_GmrGrl in Fantasy classic system (like D&D)   
    I really believe in the Genesys system. I really think Star Wars rules and class options are a blast (I own them) and I'd like the same for a D&D flavored classic setting (like Forgotten Realms, or Golarion)
    I've found a few Genesys settings (Dragonlance and Pathfinder) but I expect at least two things in terms of flavor :
     - Talents trees for careers : just like in Star Wars, why don't they talk about that in Genesys (did I miss something ?) ? It gives more personality and uniqueness to careers. I think some people will not want talent trees because basically they are restrictions on talent choices, but in terms of "flavor" I think it can bring more immersion in particular settings.
     - Unique spells : Genesys magic system is great, but it is only part of the equation to me. It represents "Runic magic". But I'd like to find specific unique spells that a caster would add, one by one to its "grimoire". Runic magic is just a parallel system, and a caster has to choose his path : Runic magic, classic spellbook arcane magic, divine magic (spellbook as well, but different spells)
    Do you expect the same ?
    Someone may already have been working on this ?
    I feel a bit dispointed because there is no complete fantasy setting coming with Genesys, as is, it is not yet playable... (which is what FFG says, no blame here)
    EDIT : maybe I should stop writing and have a look at this : http://www.redshirtdown.com/kingdom/   => AMAZING :)
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