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  1. @drainsmith Yes I found it finally in your most useful dispensary :) (but all the links from this thread are dead, maybe we should paste the link to the dispensary ?)

    I see for the goblins it is clearer for me now.

    My intent is to use this cool scenario as an introduction to my genesys fantasy setting (based on the forgotten realms 2nd edition).


    For the ambush I found the base rule too simple, there should a *point* into ambushing someone. We can oppose Stealth of the best ambusher character against Perception of the best ambushee character. The net result is added to the initiative roll of the ambushers (if positive), adding successes or boosts. Triumphs will add a boost to the first test of the attackers. The results if negative can finally benefit to the ambushee as well. This can make an ambush exciting.

    Others would use the best Stealth training with the worst dexterity of the group the skilled man will benefit to the group, but the most awkward one is limiting that.

    thanks again for all this work, and for sharing :)

  2. Hi,

    1/ I've got the document, but it looks like the links are not working any longer :(  It's too bad because it deserves too be shared still... How can it be shared again ? (I don't have the "In design" version)


    2/ While training with Genesys and this scenario, the first ambush with Goblins got me into a few questions 

    a/ There is only one goblin minion group, whereas there are 2 goblins attacking at close range and two others hidden behind, with different weapons, it is "possible" or normal that minions are spread like that ?

    b/ The Ambush mechanics are not explained : neither in the Genesys book nor in RoT. I ended up in following some house rules proposed by other players to manage an "ambush"





  3. Hi,

    This is fantastic work, thanks so much for sharing.

    What strikes me first is the choice you did by changing an attribute, changing cunning into endurance, this is supposed to have quite a lot of impacts but REALLY I think it is necessary for a Fantasy setting.

    I was first annoyed by the fact Genesys is not aligned with this standard (3 characteristics for physical attributes, 2 for mental, and one for presence/charisma), this is IMO quite adapted to fantasy worlds where physical capabilities are important.

    Cunning is nice but it fits better other futuristic settings like star wars where technology has an important role and replaces some physical abilities. Star wars is less about endurance and strength that good old fantasy worlds.


    So just to say WELL DONE for this, bravo for the courage to modify such a cornerstone in Genesys. It was not impossible I guess, but it must have invovled a lot of work. It won't help to benefit from other shared content (eg Talents) without adaptation... but it may not be too big of a deal either now you established a solid base.


  4. Hi,

    I'm interested in PbP and I've read a few threads of such games in various forums. 

    I'm wondering about the "best" approach for managing the dice pool in a such a game as SW RPG or Genesys, or any use of the FFG Narrative Dice System.
    This system shines for tabletop gaming, but I wonder how to handle dice pools in a PbP context.

    On one hand you want the story to progress as smoothly as possible. You want to avoid having many small posts going back and forth. That is to say giving more freedom to the players that in tabletop gaming, they will be encouraged to anticipate, describe their intent, or even begin to act.
    On the other hand, the GM only knows the details and implications of each scene. Letting players build their own dice pool can lead to inconsistencies, or can sometimes override the GM's plans...

    I've seen GMs giving a lot of options to the players, naming possible actions and giving difficulty of each check : IMHO this removes the "creative" part for the players and some of the interest of playing an RPG.
    I've seen players going forward, carrying over the narration, conducting the scene, assembling a dice pool, resolving a check, and interpreting the result. Wow, that is a lot, and a lot of freedom too... How not to interfere with the GM's plan ?

    In other games (like d20), I saw players announcing an action, describing their intent, and throwing a dice according to their "attribute". In such a case, they don't know yet the outcome of the action, because the GM will confront the player roll to the actual "opposition" or difficulty. So the GM takes over and resolves the action.
    I think this is good. The problem with a dice pool is that you are supposed to know the good dice *and* the bad dice when you roll them.

    I almost never see a player ask for a difficulty, and wait for the answer of the GM before throwing?

    Thinking a bit about it I see two possible approaches.

     - The player describe the intent and rolls dice with a self made pool (generally average difficulty)
        o at that time the player has a "feeling" of what may occur, but cannot be sure of what will happen. We are at the heart of the action, this is realistic in a way.
     - The GMs can eventually arrange the pool (adding boosts, or setbacks, or changing difficulty), and finish the resolution of the check. The world can be full of surprises.

    2. Use OOC channels for small dialogs. That way the player can ask for the conditions of a check *before* rolling. Maybe that is what OOC threads are for?
    In an ideal world, I'd want such dialogs to be set "aside", but they would occur in real time (eg in an instant messaging system). I'd like them to be interlaced with the real "posts" so that anyone can read them.

    Since I'm a PbP noob, I may be all the way wrong, and I'd be glad to hear from real players !
    How do you do? Are you fully satisfied with your "approach"?

  5. 7 hours ago, GamerTnT said:

    One of the things I really love about this system is how they've embraced the narrative dice to create differences between creatures, weapons, etc.  They're not just stats (health, soak, damage), but they have unique ways to spend threats/advantages that make them unique.

    Very cool. 

    Very true. Things have a unique flavour but it also makes it difficult to adapt existing content of other games (I'm not complaining here).

    That's why I'm waiting for this book like nearly no other product before. I have high expectations with its contents. This books should show the path for any fantasy setting with Genesys. I have to wait for the PDF though...  :(

    Are there many carriers ? 


  6. On 11/08/2017 at 3:37 PM, DarthDude said:

    In SW, talents are rather arranged in careers. You often have to purchase talents which do not interest you, before you get to the ones you aim at. Also often, those talents are (or seem) to be arranged randomly without being tied to the same thematics. I hope for an approach were every skill has its own talent tree. The advantage is, the talents are all related to the skill, you do not have to purchase dead weight which is totally unrelated to the talent you want to get and you would have way more flexibility to individualize your char. You would not need an excess of hundreds of different careers.

    Hi I totally agree with you I have the same feeling. In SWRPG specializations really fit to the theme, so I don't feel too restricted (and you can combine them). In a more generic setting like a classic fantasy one without a strong lore, specializations would be too restrictive and not allow the correct build of your character.

    On the other hand, I feel a total lack of immersion with the "talents by tiers" system, it is too flat and difficult to navigate.

    That is why my intent is too start categorizing talents by "theme" or "path", and add more prerequisites between them (the path of heavy combat, the path of light combat, a path for each spell school, the path of thievery). These would be like talent trees, but sometimes you would need to invest into a specified number of talent in path in order to unlock a more advanced talent. There could also be shortcuts beetween different paths (like path of nature could help with alchemy, the paths are distinct ones, yet related). Opening a new path would have a cost (like new specializations).
    An effect strength could also be related to the number of talents you have in the current path.

    Then you can bring on "profiles" or "specializations": with pre-opened paths (at no cost), free talents in certain paths, or penalties to the cost of other ones (like heavy combat is opposed to arcane magic).
    Such a "talent paths system", without the profiles, could be of great help to adapt to any setting, because you "only" have to define the "profiles" for your setting. Instead of picking talents one by one you would concentrate on a higher level, choosing paths associations. It is good to keep up with profiles (instead of a fully open system) because it is good that a character has an "identity". If you are not satisfied with the available profiles for you character, you can create one, and give it name ! (with your GM authorization/validation)

    Inspiration comes from Skyrim the video game, and from "Chroniques oubliées" a recent french d20 RPG which has thematic paths of 5 "powers" that you can combine. Although those two systems are not fully satisfying for me.

    I'm only interested in fantasy settings for now. If anyone has started such a work let me know... (As I'm not the most productive person).


  7. Just after my initial post, the official runebound setting was announced, that partly answers my request for fantasy setting content ! :D

    @JorAns: thanks but I did not find any with talent trees in the classic fantasy settings... except Edge of the Kingdom which is great!

    @lyinggod: I know rules can be expanded or modified, I'm looking for pointers to exsiting work that implement a classic setting with those features, because it looks a bunch of work to me... Edge of the kindom looks like the most complete setting with talent trees and unique spells. Please read me, I know genesys is just a generic system that you cannot play, I'm just sharing that frustration without blaming FFG. Again, I never talked about Vancian magic, I'm talking about unique spells which is most classic and well known approach of magic in the world (just name your spell, this is not about runes or magic words that you have to combine). Vancian is just a way of ruling the use spells and I don't want it.


    On 09/01/2018 at 3:32 PM, ESP77 said:

    I prefer the talent pyramid.  I am never 100% satisfied with any career/ class system.  None of them ever seem to be exactly what I want to build.  Rather than providing a uniqueness I feel it does the opposite.  All Rangers get an animal companion and primal spells.  What if I don’t want that?  What if I want a fighter who’s an outdoorsman.  I’d rather custom build what I want from the get go.

    Believe me, I really share what you express here. I've always been quite upset with D&D and pathfinder and fantasy craft classes where you know in advance what you will have at each level for 70% of your abilities. The classes are all canned. And multi-classing in that context is no solution because again the new class is also canned. I'm upset for example about the ranger having to get the "favored enemy" ability => is it the way all rangers have to be ? Why is there no choice ? => to allow more source books propose new archetypes or variants... Why are all those rules so bulky ?

    However I admit that restrictions imposed by classes bring some consistency to the setting, because the main way your character can learn advanced things is with an organization (guilds, academies, churches for clerics), which implies and standardized way of teaching things. In that sense, I realize not so long ago that classes are entirely part of a setting and bring a real flavor to it. You're just part of this world.

    On the opposite, being free of choosing any talent in a flat way (just respecting their levels) is overwhelming. It removes a lot of the "personality" you can give to a character, because he would have no clear identity. And it makes thinks too complex IMHO (I'm not even considering balance because I don't care too much). I think you need a sense of progression in a focus your character is supposed to be good at, and that specialization is the best way to achieve this. That is why I would still group talents.

    My dream system would be talent trees by theme (melee combat, ranged combat, arcane magic, nature, divine magic, skullduggery), and sub-themes (two handed, one handed with shield, finesse, schools of magic, companion, shapeshifting etc.). You pay a cost for every new tree you open, the "farther" the tree from your original one, the bigger the cost... I never found such a system, but classes like SW and their specializations are not so far from what I'm looking for. Of course you need premade classes for begginers, and it can be a good thing to name specific trees combinations in order to "identify" what people are doing (alchemist, ranger, archeologist, etc.)

    Edge of the Kingdom does a very good job at this because talent trees and ability trees really feel like a "theme", and not so much like well round path for a character. By mixing trees you get what you want, while fitting into a clear role in the world you're in.

    On 09/01/2018 at 3:32 PM, ESP77 said:

    There’s nothing stopping you from making specific spells from the existing system and saying this is what you can choose from.  Requires a lot of work but this is supposed to be a do it yourself kind of framework. 

    Yes, yes, but if I can spare me the work... I'd like to make small adaptations of a solid system, not a whole conversion work... That is why I'm asking here for settings in the work or done. However, I hope the runebound setting will be rich enough to be a good base for adapting a fantasy setting. For now, I should have fun with Edge of the Kingdom.


  8. Hi,

    I really believe in the Genesys system. I really think Star Wars rules and class options are a blast (I own them) and I'd like the same for a D&D flavored classic setting (like Forgotten Realms, or Golarion)

    I've found a few Genesys settings (Dragonlance and Pathfinder) but I expect at least two things in terms of flavor :

     - Talents trees for careers : just like in Star Wars, why don't they talk about that in Genesys (did I miss something ?) ? It gives more personality and uniqueness to careers. I think some people will not want talent trees because basically they are restrictions on talent choices, but in terms of "flavor" I think it can bring more immersion in particular settings.

     - Unique spells : Genesys magic system is great, but it is only part of the equation to me. It represents "Runic magic". But I'd like to find specific unique spells that a caster would add, one by one to its "grimoire". Runic magic is just a parallel system, and a caster has to choose his path : Runic magic, classic spellbook arcane magic, divine magic (spellbook as well, but different spells)

    Do you expect the same ?

    Someone may already have been working on this ?

    I feel a bit dispointed because there is no complete fantasy setting coming with Genesys, as is, it is not yet playable... (which is what FFG says, no blame here)

    EDIT : maybe I should stop writing and have a look at this : http://www.redshirtdown.com/kingdom/   => AMAZING :)



  9. Hi,


    I guess FFG will not indicate right here what will be the next Star Wars Destiny set after the initial "awakening" set, but I'd like to know when it will be announced... ?


    And also, do we have knowledge of the release rate of such sets, should we expect something like 1 set every 6 months ?


    I think FFG should give us a minimum of info about that "rate"... Maybe I missed it somewhere.



  10. I guess you just have to look at the world within which we currently live ...


    PCs are pretty much on the way out, with mobile devices and tablets being the current trend.  So, FFG developing for those platforms certainly makes sense.  Further, it is far easier to have a tablet at the table while playing than a PC.


    Having said the above, since it will be released for Steam, you will be able to utilize it on a PC, it simply won't be a true Windows or Mac version.


    The initial question was "when is the pc version out", not if PC is "inferior" to other platforms... try to answer the question, not speculate about what YOU think the world is.

    Windows PCs and Windows tablets run with the same OS => which makes the steam version a tablet version as well. I play many games on my windows tablet, and obviously the steam version will be "touch friendly". Think twice before speaking and open your eyes onto the real world...

    XCOM the board game has also a steam version designed for tablets.

    That said I am disappointed that there is no news of the steam version. I'll wait !

  11. The systems truly mix very well.  Jedi are not overpowered. 





    The three books and background mechanics fix and mix very well together.  The Jedi is by no means more overpowered, and the Commando could eat him for breakfast if he wanted to (if he could see him, anyway; long story involving a vibrosword and a crit of 121...). 


    In my experience, it works out and works well.


    Ok, thanks a lot, this is just great to read.


    I know the books would fit well together because FFG decided to split the game into 3 separate books and make them work together.

    I was mostly afraid of the balance with jedis, and the role of the characters in a party, now I am totally relieved by your great feedback.


    I looks important to take into account the real role a jedi at that precise time the star wars universe.



    @Angelalex242: feel free to share the results of your test, looks interesting!


  12. Hi,


    I wonder if getting 2 cores has still an interest today. I read a few threads about getting 2 core sets or not, but there were months ago, and some people were already regretting having bought 2 cores with more wave 1 ships being available.


    I don't have anything, but I plan on getting 1 core set + the full wave 1.

    Given that there are accessories available (dice and the manoeuver tool). And I may be able to create a range tool myself...


    Wave 2 is also coming...


    Today, do you still feel there is a need for getting 2 core sets ? I'd say no, but just to be sure.


    Thanks for your answers...


  13. Hi,


    I don't have Force and Destiny yet, but I wonder if all 3 games integration runs well? Mostly in terms of balance and fun in the adventures.


    In a mixed party (fringe people, rebels and jedis), won't the force characters be too powerful compared to the other classes?


    I guess that when facing and enemy character with the force, the party jedi will be "in charge" of handling this enemy. Isn't it difficult to balance the challenges the players will be facing so that:

     - every player can fulfil its role and be of "value" for the party

     - it does not seem to obvious that every event has be "designed" for a specific player (players should have interesting choices to make on "who's doing what")


    So how do you mix the games, and does it run well ?

    Thanks for your feedback!


  14. Hi,


    sorry if that has been asked but I didn't any info about that: most of us will want to mix all 3 games, as the game authors may suggest. It looks like it will run very smoothly because to be honest it is just one big game (I only own EotE and AoR so far but it looks like 3rd game continues that way).


    I don't see any "unified game master's screen", I'm sure it is possible to do something for that. Is there a community project for that or better, an official product?

    I am not at ease with all the game master's kit so far, because what we will need is actually a mix of them and then we won't use the first ones anymore...



    For me, not mixing the games is not "respecting" the star wars universe where parties are made up of very different people: frindge people, rebels and jedis...



    I wonder also if there will be a new line of products with adventures that target such mixed parties.


    Thanks for your answers !



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