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  1. Here is something I have been working on. Started as Outer Rim Pioneer (28) Tactical Officer (2) L3-37 (Escape Craft) (26) Tactical Officer (2) Kad Solus (54) Crack Shot (1) Old Teroch (56) Crack Shot (1) Captain Seevor (30) Total: 200 After a few iterations it became this. Outer Rim Pioneer (28) Tactical Officer (2) Dalan Oberos (StarViper) (54) Advanced Sensors (10) Fenn Rau (68) Swarm Tactics (3) Captain Seevor (30) Juke (5) Total: 200 Will be taking this to the hyperspace tournament this weekend and will post the results later.
  2. I have a good amount of success with him. I have gotten 4 crits due to his ability.
  3. Sunny Bounder was FAQed so that the secondary he uses activates after his ability however you can have something like mangler activate before you use a targetlock to reroll dice. I use both HLC and Mangler on him and always have him targetlock.
  4. I know I am a little late jumping in on this but I have been running a YV-666 and Lancer list with Maul. Moralo with Maul, Outlaw Tech, Inspiring Recruit, Contraband Cybernetics, HLC and APL then Asajj with Latts, Contraband Cybernetics, Glitterstim, Title, Gyroscopics and PTL. I took this to a practice tournament for Regionals and took 2nd only losing to a Rey/Poe list.
  5. Ace List. Here is a few changes I made to your original list. Talonbane became a little more maneuverable, Dengar is helpful with those Cybernetics everyone has and N'dru is at PS 9 with the other two.
  6. Here is a rough example of my Guri Fury list. Guri — StarViper Intensity Advanced Proton Torpedoes Advanced Sensors Scavenger Crane Autothrusters StarViper Mk. II Virago Ship Total: 43 Fenn Rau — Protectorate Starfighter Expertise Autothrusters Concord Dawn Protector Ship Total: 35 Sunny Bounder — M3-A Interceptor "Mangler" Cannon Pulsed Ray Shield "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (Cannon) Ship Total: 22 I can make Guri go around a rock facing away from it. Rau is just a powerhouse unless he is stuck going up against a PS 10. Sunny is funny with manglers and target locks because remember you can reroll 0 dice. You could swap the mangler for autoblaster cannons if you feel like being a complete ****. If you do that then you can reduce Scavenger Crane down to Contraband Cybernetics.
  7. We have a 3rd quarter tournament this weekend and I am stuck between two lists. First is: Palob Godalhi (20) Deadeye (1) Synced Turret (4) Pulsed Ray Shield (2) Moldy Crow (3) Fenn Rau (28) Expertise (4) Autothrusters (2) Concord Dawn Protector (1) Contracted Scout (25) A score to settle (0) Plasma Torpedoes (3) Guidance Chips (0) Recon Specialist (3) Scavenger Crane (2) Unhinged Astromech (1) 99/100 The second choice is 3x Concord Dawn Ace (23) Attanni Mindlink (1) Autothrusters (2) Concord Dawn Protector (1) M3-A Interceptor: Tansarii Point Veteran (17) Attanni Mindlink (1) 99/100 I have not play tested either of them. I had a third list I did test with Kath and an IG but it kinda turned into a bust.
  8. I fly this set up almost every time and I usually wind up getting 5 hits and one crit. Only downside is he normally dies after that first shot due to him being a shotgunner at range one.
  9. Something you need to get and everyone has failed to mention is a Starviper. Not only is the ship decent and getting a buff later this year it is also the only ship pack to have Autothrusters in it. It comes with a pair of them. For a solid build I would suggest one Starviper and two protectorate. If you run more than two ships with a boost action on it you may need to get two Starvipers depending on how the list is built.
  10. I love running Guri with expertise, title, advanced sensors, autothrusters and if I decide to boost her up do adv. torps and scavenger crane. Just throw a heavy punch and keep the focus for defense. I have also tried fearlessness on her and it makes it a bit challenging trying to keep her alive for what becomes a 6 dice shot. You could put on OM and FCS for a more dependable one trick pony. However with her low pilot skill and with how many arc dodgy ships out there its hit or miss on how it may work.
  11. With the new nerf to Zuckuss is it possible to make a party bus using him and two inspiring recruits to help manage stress or can you only have one recruit on there?
  12. Here is another thought that might work for ya Manaroo + Attanni mind link+ K4 + Unhinged 4 LOM+ Attanni mind link + Dengar + Vector Thrusters Fenn Rau + Attani mind link + Concord dawn protectorate + Shield upgrade 99 pts
  13. As much as I like using TalonBane, Fenn Rau is a better choice. I did a quick list that might work for ya. Manaroo + Attanni mind link+ K4 + Unhinged Zuckuss + Attanni mind link + Dengar + Mist hunter + Tractor beam + Cloaking device Fenn Rau + Attani mind link + Concord dawn protectorate + Auto thrusters 99pts This allows Manaroo to toss out both a target lock and focus and in return she gets another focus. The cloaking device on Zuckuss allows him to return back to the battle if he is stuck flying outside of the battle for a few. Fenn Rau is just a power house in range one and will live longer than Talonbane. You could also upgrade the AT to a hull upgrade which puts you at 100 pts. Hope this helps.
  14. I like the change however I have not had much luck with HLCs. I will give it a shot sometime soon and let ya know how it goes. The buff to the M3A after the last FAQ was a game changer for them. The worst thing you can do with a Scyk now is give it a EPT, title and a mod other than hull or shield upgrade. Too bad you still can't put auto thrusters on then haha.
  15. I have two different lists, both using Fenn, and am looking for some input. First Fenn Rau- Fearlessness, Concord Dawn and Stealth Device Old Teroch- Fearlessness, Concord Dawn and Stealh Device Torkil Mux- Moldy Crow, Tactician, Ion Turret, Shield Upgrade, Cloaking Device Second Fenn Rau- Push the Limit, Concord Dawn, Stealth Device, Advanced Proton Torpedos 2x Tansarii Point Vets- Heavy Scyk, Mangler Cannon, Hull Upgrade and Predator Both lists have done well. The Cloaking Device in the first list is so Torkil can get back into the battle if everyone passes by him. The APT in the second list is mostly filler and plants a bigger target on Fenn while the two Scyks cause chaos.
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