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  1. Platform: iOS 13.3 (iPad) Scenario: Behind Closed Doors Played: 1/26/2020 When the scenario had progressed into the Basement, interacting with Gabriel Carrillo gave the options for him to interact with “the painting” (which had been revealed) and “the book” (which had not). After selecting “the book”, the app placed Gabriel’s token in an unrevealed area below the basement (later revealed as The Inner Sanctum). After clearing every other interactive token on the board over the course of 5 rounds, the only tokens left were the basement door (locked until 2 puzzles were solved) and Gabriel (still working on his task). Gabriel (and therefore the scenario) seemed to be stuck. I thought it was odd that “the book” was presented as an option when the characters hadn’t yet seen a book...there might be some odd behavior from an option being presented earlier than intended.
  2. If you’re making the assumption that the game is out of print based on its availability through FFG’s website... don’t make that assumption. Reportedly, FFG cannot sell Star Wars boardgames via their website due to licensing conflicts with Hasbro, hence why the site always lists the game as Not Available (Imperial Assault products are also affected). Rebellion and its expansion appear to be readily available through both Amazon and CoolStuffInc for less than MSRP.
  3. The latter... a +2 token counts as two Improvement tokens, so when you spend “an Improvement token”, you flip a +2 to +1. My backup is via implication... the Under the Pyramid rules state the above explicitly for Impairment tokens, though no rules appear to go the last inch and clarify that Improvement tokens behave the same way. However, it’s close enough for me.
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