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  1. Hey all, Today I posted an interview with Sorastro; most of you know him, but if not he's the dude who's producing the awesome IA mini painting tutorials on YouTube. The link is here, if you're interested! http://www.geekchicelite.com/five-question-friday-with-sorastro-miniature-painting-guru/ Thanks!
  2. What is the idea weapon for him? What is everyone rockin?
  3. Thank you everyone for your help and thoughts! Definitely appreciate it
  4. Hey Everyone, thanks for all of the feedback! So I dont want to sound hardheaded (because I actually agree with you...thematically, blasting the target doesn't make sense) but the rules as written don't seem clear with doors. I looked up adjacent, and it says a figure can't be adjacent to itself. It doesn't specify objects. The problem lies in the fact that doors are the onle object that take up more than one square.
  5. But in the rules it's quite specific that massive figures don't take damage from blast, but the rule specifies figures, it says nothing about objects. Its complicated since doors are the only multi space object in the game.
  6. We had a situation arise today. If your attack has blast and targets a door, specifically targetign one of the doors squares, since technically the door occupies a space adjacent to the targeted square, does it take blast damage? And can you point to a rule to help clarify? Thanks!
  7. Hey everyone! I seem to have misplaced the insert for the long dark. Either that or it put on the one ring just to mess with me. Is there a solution for this or am I just out of luck?
  8. I dig that. But I guess my theory was, if you're using study of enemies effectively, you can save the two strain an just use that to distribute recon tokens. Are there any other useful sights that I couldn't get because of it?
  9. Why are you so high on spectrum scanner? I forsee mo recon tokens going on heavier troops . Groups?
  10. What have people who've played Loku been doing with him? I'm thinking scouting report first, to get maybe one or two free crates a game. Then study of enemies, extra health and a strain free way to place a recon token on an enemy. Then overwatch, which basically allows you to store up an attack and then get a free surge out of it. Lastly thinking mon cala special forces to round it out. What do you guys think?
  11. I'm thinking elite eweb and elite trando. Mak has been tearing my guys up now that he has three activations and a Tier three gun. I'm plannin to use the nexu to block the first door and hinder movement. What did everyo else do? I run subervise tactics
  12. I've not had much success wounding them to date. I should've done it in Mak's mission, but for a rules mistake I wouldve. Thanks everyone for the advice! The reason I wanted to go elite officer is because only he and the royal guard have stun
  13. Hello! Looking to make sure I've got my head on straight for this one because I really need to win it. I'm playing subversive tactics. Have two xp planning on spending on savage weapons and the one that adds one strain and one damage on an attack. I'm trying to decide my two open groups. My strategy is to delay as opposed to wound because I'm finding the wounding bit very challenging. So bleeding and stunning is my planned go to. Here's what I'm thinking Stormtroopers: three stormtroopers with savage weapons are great. Cheap to replace, if I can keep them alive and kicking that bleed will start to hurt. Trando hunters: there's only two bjt they synergize with my plan well, adding strain and damage. Not super expensive to replace but only two is a little risky for savage weapons. Royal guard: the ability to stun and bleed potentially on the same activation is amazing. Not a super high amount of surge potential but if I can keep them beside each other they should last a while. Elite imperial office: pretty certain I want this guy. Has stun inherently plus has the ability to give another guy an action for more bleed or stun fun is high. What do you guys think? How are my choices? Any advice I'd appreciate!
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