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  1. "...no plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force." (HvMtE) I believe HvMtE stole this idea from the brilliant tactician Mike Tyson when he said "Everyone has a plan til they get punched in the mouth.”
  2. Wow! Thank you all for the responses. I appreciate the insight.
  3. What if Tie bombers had some kind of upgrade which would allow them to shoot missles outside of their firing arc as long as they had a target lock. Probably OP? I don't know, just a thought.
  4. Anyone see the ads for this new Disney Lego Star Wars show. Starts next week 6/20. maybe this will be a new resource for FFG?
  5. In addition to my curled paw templates, I purchased a variety of tokens from this guy. The mirrored shield tokens are awesome and always get noticed. http://recreatorstudios.com
  6. UUUUGH. I'm still waiting on mine, too. UUUUGH. I'm still waiting on mine, too. Never got mine from Greenman. After 90 days and auto replies to my emails I disputed with PayPal and got my money back. I just got a set from curled paws on etsy. I like them a lot.
  7. Wow! I really like the color choices as well as the patterns. I've wanted to incorporate yellow into some of my Imp ship repaints as well. OP, you have some talent. Nice work!
  8. Looking forward to this tournament. Not looking forward to the drive from Massachusetts though.
  9. Will you have any more "all the things" packages for sale
  10. Any chance prints of these will be made available for purchase?
  11. He looks like a young Bill Belichick. Even more of a reason to like this art. Go Pats!
  12. MAtk421

    Tournament today

    I ran this list at a pretty big tournament today: •"Scourge" (21) Expose (4) •Mauler Mithel (21) Expose (4) •Lieutenant Colzet (24) TIE/x1 (0), Advanced Targeting Computer (5) •"Wampa" (14) •Zeta Leader" (20) Went 1-2 (win was mov). But I did better than I usually do (usually I get wiped out with no kills). The point I want to make though is that Wampa is an awesome addition for 14 points. Finished off soontir in one match and was very helpful beating up a bunch of other ships. Scourge was pretty effective as well. Just an FYI. Thanks for reading Oh. There were about 25 players and the vast majority of players were Imperials. Nice to see.
  13. too have so many issues (complaints) about this great movie, the OP must have some kind of advanced education in cinema magic. Did u go into the movie with a chip on your shoulder? Lighten up nerd.
  14. Wow!!! Thanks for all the input! So many great ideas. Maybe FFG will make this happen some day. I was unaware of the Atr-6. Such a cool ship from Tie Fighter.
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