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  1. Looking at the leaderboard all entries are multiples of 5, so I would assume only shards won at Vault Tour main events are counted for it.
  2. It is a great step, and unlike most I think the entire situation was handled well. Always sticking to the literal rules is the right way. The Archimedes-ruling was stupid, but correct. If those literal sequences go against the intent of effects or create unforeseen side-effects, make the rules more accurate. This chart future-proofs the rules and makes future rules conflicts easier to resolve by yourself. I also lament this forum being as dead as it is, I prefer it a lot to the more 'social media-y' environments. Fortunately for the game those are pretty active, so discussion is happening, but yeah...it can be nice here.
  3. Oof I don't really remember where I get that, I hope it isn't from the statement you are referring to!
  4. I did a thing! No idea if anyone cares about this, but it fixes something that bothered me (well, at least in an Archon-setting). KeyForge international tournaments are awesome, but the procedure for sharing decklists when players don't know each others languages (have them scan your deck and look at the list on their phone) is a bit clunky and relies on being online. This web-tool generates a PDF with your decklist in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese. Please tell me if I missed a printed language with latin characters, chinese characters are a bit of an issue so they won't be available for a while. https://deathrain.pythonanywhere.com/ Just paste your decks master vault link or deck code and click go. A PDF file that you can print out and use to supplement your deck card will be generated for you. Code: https://github.com/admiraldeathrain/KFTranslator
  5. I'm sorry, I didn't see your reply! In case you are still wondering or anyone else wants to know, here is a quick overview: You need oil paint, a disposable-ish brush, and thinner. I used odourless mineral spirits and got everything at a local craft store. Depending on what you want to shade or accomplish, a pure black (like on my AT-ST) or burnt umber colour will do the job. Since shadows are never pitch black in reality, black will always look somewhat oily, which works well for vehicles. You paint your vehicle or mini as you normally would, including all highlights you want to create. The oil wash is your final step. Before you start, you need to put a gloss varnish on (I used Citadel 'ardcoat, but any suitable for miniatures will be fine). Then you thin down a small amount of oil paint with your thinner, until it is very runny. This you put onto the mini using a brush you don't care about much. Concentrate on crevices, but don't worry if it gets everywhere. If in doubt, always err on the side of getting paint into all the nooks and crannies. Let your work set for 15 minutes or so. Then take a piece of kitchen paper, soak it with some thinner, and wipe off the excess paint. If you can't get to a surface you want clean with that, use your brush. Take your time with this, oil paint can be reactivated with mineral spirits for a long time. When you are done shaping your shadows how you like, let the model dry for at least 24h, preferably longer, and lock in your work with a matte or satin varnish.
  6. Great idea, but to really make it shine I'd recommend building some terrain with black lights in it so you can sometimes see the markings as you play!
  7. For me it feels a bit too slow, this puts a serious dampener on my AoA interest because it seems so much more exciting! Not saying it should be super fast, but half a year is a really long time.
  8. I mean Logos exists with a lot of sentient robots, so... I'd miss Mars a lot, both in art and gameplay. Brobnar and Sanctum are the houses I'm not too in love with.
  9. The Grumpus Buggy is your only form of Æmber-control. Versus arctifact-hate that means you'll have a bad time, same versus opponents with bigger boards. Use your archiving to draw it faster, in the ideal game your opponent never forges for 6. It is the most important card in your deck!
  10. Yes there is, however no time frame has been set for it to be revealed. Table top simulator offers both expansions if you have it (or are willing to spend 10$ on it), so there is a bit more variety there. To have more fair matchups look for players for either platform on an established community like discord, so you can communicate the level you want to play at better.
  11. @Duciris3, why should these uses not count? Also that's an old CotA card.
  12. It is not. The point is that the effect archimedes grants removes creatures earlier than others. The steps are: Multiple ceatures are chosen to be destroyed by an effect simultaneously Destroyed effects are triggered while the cards are still in board (this is the point where the archimedes cascade happens, because the archiving removes the creature from the board within this step) Creatures are removed simultaneously Headroth's Wall doesn't involve step 2 assuming there are no destroyed effects involved (Hexpion on the flank would for example have strenght cascading).
  13. That's because the award-categories name is 'collectible game', that applies to all the games mentioned without question.
  14. The Archimedes-ruling isn't applicable here. The crux there is that the destroyed effect he grants specifically removes the creatures from the battlefield.
  15. No official help, but have you updated GEM before doing your research there? I know that the extra shard chainbounds only worked on the then lastest version for example.
  16. Wouldn't worry about it, the face looks very good and the eyes look bloodshot rather than unpainted, which fits rather well.
  17. How fast it generates Æmber, how well it denies Æmber, how well it deals with large boards, how well it builds boards, in that order of priority.
  18. What a weird idea to have this handled client-side.
  19. SAS is barely an indication of performance. Expected winrate is more precise, but for that the sample sizes are too small right now. That being said I also don't see myself playing AoA decks much outside of sealed. Even with the nerfs in place my best CotA decks are superior to my best AoA decks. I'll see how this will change with new decks.
  20. Bait & Switch will not be in the new set, along with other power cards. Other houses will get new power cards. Balance is likely to be different, but not 'perfect'.
  21. I hope there will be some new paints like AP did for the D&D series.
  22. So for my yearly update here something huge incoming: I used black oil paint for the wash and will do some pigment weathering, too. Kinda hate myself for not having used this on my stormtroopers, oil works so well... On a side note all minis from the core set are build, so at the rate I'm going I'll be done somewhere around 2025.
  23. Admiral Deathrain


    Would be difficult to implement into the printing process we know for single cards, but full foil decks could be an awesome thing! Maybe as tournament prize, maybe as something like 1 in 100 decks bought (needs to find a good balance between exclusivity and large enough volume production to make it worth).
  24. They often ship small allotments of product to conventions, I suspect they'll do the same for the UK Vault Tour.
  25. You can start the anticipation when the upcoming page says 'shipping now'. Being at the printer is a pretty early step and being on the boat is unpredictable (we X-Wing guys know, believe me). At the moment we can expect AoA to arrive anywhere between June and December.
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