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  1. The entirety of the 2-deck sealed AoA survival side event at the Vault Tour in Nürnberg last year. Everyone was super-tired from a day of travel and gaming and the decks were very AoA-typical with lots of reap-hate and very little Æmber-generation. Games went long and frustrating, but somehow most people just started laughing about it and we had a great time sharing our misery. Close second was going 4-0 in the sealed team event of that same vault tour. Team is such a great format, I rooting for the next German VT to be sealed team.
  2. Best comic relief character: The weird hairdrier on a wheel droid from RoS. Just the right look to fit into the universe while being cute, funny but not so overused that it becomes obnoxius, I actually love this little guy!
  3. 8 Well that is one way to kill a planet, it doesn't need to be the only one. The visuals are very different, so it's reasonable to assume this isn't kyber-based tech.
  4. I enjoyed, but some of the choice are just baffeling and stupid. Other things are amazing. Very prequel-esque in that regard, only that those have a coherent vision. First impression ranking now would be ESB ANH TLJ TFA RotS (R1) RotJ PM (Solo) RoS AotC Although the last 4 are very close to each other. I liked how much it pulled from old canon force abilities (force healing, essence tranfer) without just making carbon copies and did enjoy how the force-bond was developed. Some character moments (especially the intel-run in the beginning) worked very well. Rey being a Palpatine is just awkward and I seriously need some explanation on how Sheevs familiy planning went. Always was one of my least favourite fan-theories. Every Star Destroyer being a Death Star feels excessive (though to be fair with the hard-on Sheev has for planetary destruction that is exactly what he would comission). Palpatines return felt way too abrupt and in a better planned trilogy it would have closed out the last movie. Trilogy-closing thoughts: It is the trilogy with the weakest vision but with two of my favourite movies. One of my favourite times to engage with Star Wars media. I'm overall very happy it was created and though the end is a bit dissapointing it did close things out well enough for me.
  5. I played at the store today and quite a few people came by. We've not been organized, yet, but next week we'll have a sealed tournament with about 6 players, in a rather small town. The first batch of WC is already sold out.I Player ..
  6. That's good to hear, Europe may have gotten lucky on this. I have not heard of a clustered case here, yet.
  7. Which language and which region? As far as I can tell, the issue is limited to English decks and only affects certain (presumably early) print runs. I think under the heaps of confirmation bias on display regarding this issue there is a genuine problem. A complete recompensation for affected display cases is damaging to the games health and therefore not really in anyones interest (dead games devalue your investment in them even faster). Some kind of recompensation is in order, though, and something physical, too, not just shards. Maybe a special run similar to GAMA-decks (Archons of "we're sorry") with a deck per display send out.
  8. It happened when they migrated their forum accounts to Asmodee accounts (so some time close to FFG being bought by Asmodee), someone probably forgot to turn off custom avatars. It lasted for half a day and only a small number of users noticed. I honestly expected them to delete the uploaded images, but nobody took anything offensive and we just got to keep them.
  9. Sometimes you just have to ask and the forum gods grant the world a 12 hour period where you can upload custom avatars. Still suprises me that we got to keep them!
  10. There still are more strong CotA decks. I don't know whether that is proportional to how much more CotA decks there are in general. AoA has made a significant impact on the meta, though. Specifically Heart of the Forest is a card that you need to have a plan for. Martian Generosity has not yet had its time in the spotlight, but it keeps showing up and it is inevitable that an incredibly strong deck shows up with it. Shadows is basically as strong as ever with Too Much to Protect, Ronny Wristclocks, Swindle, and more. Would be interesting to look at the stats in the op now that SAS is more stat- and less opinion-based, though.
  11. What does X-Wing have to do with this? That game notably doesn't (and I would assume due to licensing never will) have cash prices, so I don't quite see how it relates to your sentiment. I believe unpleasantness happens in online communities whether cash prices are involved or not, and it happens with a higher probability in anything star wars-related. The KeyForge community I've met at the Vault Tour Nürnberg was welcoming and generally pleasant to be around, unlike what I've experienced at X-Wing tournaments (obviously not all of them, but I had a streak of 3 that were unbearable before I quit) with far lower stakes. I don't see that changing any time soon, as people fixated on cash prices surely wouldn't travel for 'casual' events like that. I also don't quite see a large influx of people only in for the money as KeyForge-success is a lot less formulaic than in the big TCGs. Nobody can tell you how to pilot your deck specifically, that's very different from "pick whichever top3 deck suits you the best this season, get all the cards, practice that deck with no end". You'll never know for certain that your deck is the best and that kind of uncertainty can turn away unpleasant people. At least that's what I like to imagine. It is unfortunate that you have been driven away from organized play in general (as I read it before the VW-announcement?). What are things you would like FFG to do to support your style of engagement with the game better? In my mind the options for FFG to affect the community outside of OP are kind of limited apart from "keep releasing interesting sets", so I'm interested in learning about other ideas.
  12. Alright, I got around to taking pictures of my AT-ST! I just love this kit, so many options and so impressive in person.
  13. Looking at the leaderboard all entries are multiples of 5, so I would assume only shards won at Vault Tour main events are counted for it.
  14. It is a great step, and unlike most I think the entire situation was handled well. Always sticking to the literal rules is the right way. The Archimedes-ruling was stupid, but correct. If those literal sequences go against the intent of effects or create unforeseen side-effects, make the rules more accurate. This chart future-proofs the rules and makes future rules conflicts easier to resolve by yourself. I also lament this forum being as dead as it is, I prefer it a lot to the more 'social media-y' environments. Fortunately for the game those are pretty active, so discussion is happening, but yeah...it can be nice here.
  15. Oof I don't really remember where I get that, I hope it isn't from the statement you are referring to!
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