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  1. Admiral Deathrain

    My Experience buying a second-hand deck at my FLGS

    Nice deal you got there! Lol at people who think the number of rares is an indicator of power, though, most of the power cards in the game are uncommon or even common (library access, bait and switch, key charge...). Rares really are the flavouring of the deck more than anything. If that is the metric people judge decks by in your area, there might be some real killers in there they missed!
  2. Admiral Deathrain

    Possible errata/changes for a better tournament game

    Still haven't seen a good argument for why you have to lame up the card with the clunky rule of 6, changing how lingering effects cards are discarded (once their effect runs out, create a new 'ongoing effects' play area for this) is much better and improves the use of other cards as well, since now they can still be referenced while active. It makes the game easier and faster rather than clunky and obtrusive. Making the rule of six apply to everything just kills a bunch of unrelated cards for no good reason in a way that is obnoxious to track and error-prone.
  3. Admiral Deathrain

    How rare are Maverick cards?

    2-ish%, the equivalent of getting a specific rare, is what I've heard.
  4. Admiral Deathrain

    Possible errata/changes for a better tournament game

    Disagree on most points. LA can be fixed in a much less clunky way by having continuous effect cards not discard until their effect ends (introducing a new play area for active effects), double horsemen are such a super edge-case and still just a bunch of creatures. A way to break lockouts I could get down with, though I also like how pit lord punishes players who play it carelessly.
  5. Admiral Deathrain

    Keyforge - Colour Blind Problem & Possible Solution

    Well they did avoid red-green deficiency at least, complete monochromatic vision and yellow-blue deficiency are much more rare. Using symbols would have been a good idea anyways, though.
  6. Admiral Deathrain

    Cards Limited to One in a Deck - Resolved

    It wouldn't matter at all, since you can always delay playing him until after you used your non-fighting creatures.
  7. Admiral Deathrain

    Cards Limited to One in a Deck - Resolved

    That reference doesn't work because of the specific 'this turn' addendum in Phase Shift. Maybe it isn't a large sample size compared to what is possible, but since it is pulling from the registered deck database and we are talking about mostly common cards, I don't think that is much of a limitation.
  8. Admiral Deathrain

    The Sting and forging keys

    It is enough for a rare to be interesting, doesn't need to be all-powerful. The sting as omni-sacrifice would be a no-brainer. The sting in its current form can provide a certain type of deck (those with key-charge and especially those that can reuse that card, currently 304 decks achieve this with witch of the eye, 122 with nepenthe seed, with an overlap of 40, of the decks using witch of the eye, 70 have more than one) with a truly unique alternative game plan. Won't always work, but the skill in that situation lies in recognizing the states where it will and those aren't as rare as you'd think.
  9. Admiral Deathrain

    The Sting and forging keys

    The sting only lets you skip your forge step, it doesn't forbid forging outside of it.
  10. Admiral Deathrain

    The Sting and forging keys

    I have a deck that combines it with key charge and three witches of the eye - the sting is a way to stack up a large amount of Æmber for it. With the right setup, it can forge all three keys in one turn. Punishes decks with weak Æmber control really hard.
  11. Admiral Deathrain

    KeyForge: Gateway to CCGs?

    For me it is the opposite, I've always been on the fence about getting into an LGC or CCG, because I do like the gameplay-loop (played HS since its beta, KeyForge killed my interest in that, though), but the financial aspect and the gravitation towards at most 5 viable decks in the majority of them always turned me off. Deckbuilding is not actually a thing anymore, it died when the internet spread, so it isn't something I'll ever miss. In fact I enjoy that in KeyForge you see a much larger part of the card pool consistently, since you can't chose what your good cards are paired with.
  12. Admiral Deathrain

    The Meta?

    More like the random pool of decks available - 50-60-ish decks (what I'd guesstimate to be a decently sized local communities pool) is still not a large sample size, after all.
  13. Admiral Deathrain

    Do KeyForge games take too long?

    Unless you are doing elimination rounds the need for Bo3 isn't all that great, so I would avoid it in the interest of time.
  14. Admiral Deathrain

    Displays not so random...

    I can relate to how frustrating it is, could even be a compelling argument for using a semi-random distribution of houses, but that probably doesn't fit into FFGs buisness strategy for this, they need to hook us in some way after all
  15. Admiral Deathrain

    Displays not so random...

    Well yes, but that is what happens with randomness. I haven't encountered Brobnar in 5 decks, but I don't expect my next deck to have Brobnar because of that, quite the contrary, it is more likely not to.