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  1. Admiral Deathrain

    Traj Sim too cheap?

    The bombs themselves are pretty inexpensive, too. Look at Proton Bombs, which were played in 1.0, where you had to pay 6 points for 2 charges (assuming you have one other set of ordnance). So 12-ish points in 2.0 terms. They actually cost less than half as much now and take up fewer slots! Of course, against shielded ships they aren't as good anymore and maybe a comparison to seismics is more apropriate, but those weren't used much and with crits being pretty nasty now, against unshielded ships they are arguably stronger.
  2. Admiral Deathrain

    Which is the strongest faction in 2.0?

    Don't think empire and scum are all that different. Rebels, though...while they may have some outs, their viable options seem rather small to me.
  3. Admiral Deathrain

    Who else hasn't played 2.0 yet??

    So what, you put a bad list on the table, it happens - happened in my first game, too. If you didn't even do one damage, you wouldn't have with a 3 dice primary, either - the problem here has to lie in your action economy. I wouldn't recommend spamming Y-Wings, try using Norra with ICT and bombs if you like the ship.
  4. Admiral Deathrain

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    I'm in an X-Wing FB group with people talking about the ships and I'm baffled how so many people can say 'there is nothing start wars about these'. Like, are they blind or something? 3 of the ships have an X-Wing style cockpit, one has an A-Wing style cockpit, and we don't need to start on the lovely TIE Trash-Striker. Then we have the weird Porsche-thing, which is literaly a Starchaser. I get not liking them, but saying there is nothing Star Wars about them is just objectively wrong! (sorry, venting here because those people are hopeless)
  5. Admiral Deathrain

    TiE Brute

    I do and I hope many others, too, but the point was on obscurity - a TIE from a somewhat underperforming movie is infinitely more recognizable than a TIE Bomber upgrade from a mediocre game or a ship form a book that was completely redesigned for a trading card. If that is how deep FFG is willing to dive for material, they will not hesitate to put out the Brute just because the movie it is from didn't do so hot. And they won't completely abandon the OT factions in favour of pushing out prequel stuff, either. Mono-faction players are much more common now and FFG won't leave them in a drought for more than a wave or at the very max two.
  6. Admiral Deathrain

    Dear FFG, please keep things mellow and boring...

    Well, 'really long time' in the case of scum is next wave with the mining guild TIE, and the TIE Brute should be joining the empire sooner rather than later to leverage what little impace Solo had.
  7. Admiral Deathrain

    Organized Play going to a restricted list on Ships and upgrades?

    I like the idea. My prediction is that movie-ships will be always availiable and the rest of the ship selection steadily grown so the factions aren't too unbalanced in their choice. While growing the pool, wierd EU ships may phase in and out.
  8. Admiral Deathrain

    TiE Brute

    You're right, we only ever got beloved designs from well-remembered media... ... oh... wait...
  9. Admiral Deathrain

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    I have to admit that I almost mirrored his reaction to the CR-90 coming on screen...I tend to forget just how cool that ship is!
  10. Admiral Deathrain

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    The more I think about it the more I'm certain this is my favourite animated series debut, yet.
  11. Admiral Deathrain

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    Tbh the animation is spectacular, the higher amount of stylization makes it look less 'cheap' than especially early rebels. The only elements I didn't like were the slightly too high jumpiness of the main character and Poes body language. That is very minor things, though. I really was grinning through that entire intro sequence and the station is a wonderful setting. Oh and the 'tavern brawl' I found to be quite charming!
  12. In previous research, which I admit I haven't looked into either.
  13. Admiral Deathrain

    Focus is better than Lock

    It is better when you don't consider defense (or as you could say, on offense), because it can persist when you highroll, that is potentially a huge advantage.
  14. Admiral Deathrain

    TiE Brute

    Probably small, I don't think the panels are upscaled and the entire thing isn't much wider than a TIE Bomber.
  15. This isn't about saying everyone negative from russia is a troll. The study has a very clear definition of what consitutes a 'russian troll': The account periodically changes it handle and wipes all content from before the wipe It posts in English, German, or Russian and switches between those languages randomly between its wipes It becomes more active around certain events (i.e. US election, TLJ launch), sometimes being dormant in between, this also often coincides with wipes It posts inflammatory polarizing content, like antivax propaganda It retweets other of these accounts a lot and has a higher than usual retweet rate It is likely to favour the mobile version of twitter, presumably to be able to use the autocomplete features smartphones offer to help with language The paper is very opinionated in its premise and discussion, but its methodology and results are clearly seperated from that and well defined.