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  1. New to the game. I did try to look up an answer to this question online and RR but no luck. I’ve been playing that action triggered abilities can only be performed if the investigator is in the location with the printed action triggered ability. Is this correct? Or, can those abilities be performed by anyone at any location? Thanks in advanced
  2. I know you shed a chain when drawing your initial hand at the start of a game but if you mulligan do you lose an additional chain?
  3. So does this mean he only triggers if a ship is dealt exactly one damage card? I also read this to mean he can recover a charge with each damage card dealt. I'm thinking the later because:
  4. Another question. If public forum has an honor token on it and I use Kitsuki Yaruma to flip it face down does the honor token leave play?
  5. Does anyone know how Spec Ops was interpreted at worlds? Were players running spec ops allowed 2 aux arc attacks if they did not shoot out the primary arc first? For the record I think the extra aux arc attack only applies if you make a 2 die primary arc primary weapon attack first. Thanks
  6. Which twitch channel is xwing being broadcast on?
  7. I've never used them but plan to tonight. When forcing your opponent to barrel roll or boost onto an obstacle is it ok that the template also overlaps the obstacle?
  8. I came on here hoping to find the answer to this exact question. Thank you Brifri11, your explanation makes perfect logical sense to me.
  9. Will there be a deck list forum for this community similar to X-wing, Armada, & IA have? What needs to be done to get that going?
  10. When you exhaust your character to resolve Drudge Work do you get to roll all dice attached to that character or are you forgoing that characters dice for the round to get the resource?
  11. I want HotR because it says Xwing on the box
  12. It's too expensive IMO but add a die with fun and reroll with Han and now he's a four die attack, PWT, 5 if range 1. Gunner gives you two tries st the big hit if the first flops.
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