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  1. Thank you very much. Sounds like you invest a lot of time in this great mini. I'm not very familiar with glazing but it seems to be a to-do next
  2. Can you be a bit more specific on which models/areas? Because I have and use over 150 different paints. Me 2 and thats the problem But I think Ispher is a great paintjob, a list of the colors you hab used will be verry helpful. Just base/shade/highlight Thank you
  3. Can you write down a list of the colors you use? These minis look awesome!
  4. Meridan

    Sorastro's Painting

    Yes, it is. You can klick on the Button in the Videos (right upside corner) oder in the description. And I think there will be a button on his Webside too. The more of you sponsor him, the faster we get more videos
  5. These are my best ever painted minis... thanks a lot Sorastro! https://www.dropbox.com/sc/9bg6gnq1iyyjdta/AAA0GK8mpFbBnrV-gHRZU2L8a
  6. Meridan

    AT-AT in Imperial Assault?!?

    That's the point! You need special rules to beat the AT-AT. Otherwise it must have 10 black and 5 white def. dices. Don't get me wrong, the AT-ATs are cool, but i think they don't belong in this game. Maybe we'll have an Armada thing on STIA?
  7. Meridan

    AT-AT in Imperial Assault?!?

    The main question is: Why? The game is based on heroes vs. villians. An AT-AT would bring an overpowered aspect into the game, which no hero could ever beat. So you have add another aspect for the heros, which is able to beat the AT-AT. So it's a win/win or lose/lose situation...
  8. Meridan

    Outer Atlantic Units

    Very cool look. I love it. BUT the royal guards are not really StarWars
  9. No way. They don't look like .. uhm ... $95 The core set tokens are good enough.