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  1. I once managed to land a range 3 obstructed primary attack with a HWK.
  2. Really it's just good business sense. A lot of people likely wouldn't be willing to make the leap to 2.0 if it cost much more than this. It does generate some good will but at the same time they likely figured out what was the sweet spot where most people are going to be willing to convert.
  3. I picture it like a crazy Ivan from Firefly. They don't turn until the last possible moment. As such it makes sense for a bumped k-turn to remain facing forward.
  4. With Vaksai I typically went engine upgrade/autothrusters because autothrusters are love and repositioning helps on Kihraxzs, though barrel rolls may be better.
  5. This has been my feeling about a lot of the things I've seen in 2.0 so far. Admittedly, it's more because I look at their 1.0 counterparts but still a lot of it just feels kinda okay but just okay.
  6. Honestly, I think something like this would bring back a lot of the players who are looking at the cost of updating their collection and giving up on X-wing. Yeah it might not be a big difference in price but it would be something and it would eliminate the annoyance have having even more tie fighter and x-wing models that will just gather dust. It would certainly generate some good will.
  7. I think the issue several of us have is that one conversion kit won't cover the ships we have. Also, the argument I'm seeing is buy one faction conversion kit and one core set. Well that's nice, so which third of my collection do I decide to use for the foreseeable future. Ooh I get another two tie fighters and an X-wing that I'll never use because I already have a buttload of those. The conversion kits could be a lot worse but it is a big pill to swallow, particularly for those who've invested this long in the game. Also, this will never happen because understandably FFG likes money, but with the app being required now there should no longer be any need for official cards since everything can be in the app. As for things looking messy? Meh. I would have zero problems playing against someone who's collection didn't look great because they'd printed out the new stuff.
  8. There's a lot of good that I saw in the previews. The game has needed a serious overhaul for some time. I certainly hope that 2.0 will be the end of having new gimmick abilities every freaking wave like we have for the past several. That said, I'm wary of an app being required, I certainly hope it doesn't require an internet connection to work or that could screw over a lot of people with limited data. I think if I was playing more regularly I would consider upgrading but right now I can't justify $200 usd to update my collection, especially when it won't even cover my full collection. I think this is a wait and see but it's unlikely I buy in.
  9. I'm heading to my first tournament in a long time this weekend and I haven't been playing a ton. I'm primarily a scum player but I found a Han build that I enjoyed when I used it. However, not being super familiar with Rebel, I'm not sure what to put with him. I have basically everything up until Nym. My thoughts for Han Expertise, Baze Malbus, C-3P0, Engine Upgrade and the Original Title. I recognize that Baze and Malbus may see a bit redundant but I found it really did help with Han's damage output while allowing him to take evade's and avoid damage.
  10. I'm not sure the experimental interface is necessarily worth it, unless you plan on using Vizago a lot to replace cards with others that have the action header. You might get more mileage with the Spacetug Tractor array.
  11. I think Thweek has a lot of potential. I still love Guri but I'm looking forward to trying out the new Star Viper pilots. I came into the game when Scum launched and the majority of my initial games were 3 way 70 point battles. In those settings both the Kihraxz and Viper flourished. As such I think I developed a love for them that few have and they've long been ships I like, particularly the Star Viper. The titles really open up a lot of options though I wish we had seen another PS7 Star Viper pilot, especially since for the time being it seems like people are pushing for higher PS's. The tricky thing with Thweek is that there are some pilots whose abilities are useless simply because they require a mechanic he can't access and in those cases you have to choose a PS. That's not bad but it can put a damper on things if he has nothing else set up for him.
  12. Agreed. Dengar is typically an auto include when I have a crew slot but for Asajj, Latts works beautifully. That's one of those combos that come in a pack that you can tell were designed to be paired. I think PTL might work better with Asajj, though admittedly I haven't tried Expertise on them yet so that might be awesome too. Been a while since I got to play with Boba but EU should get you the rerolls so Tail Gunner might be a good crew member. I don't think Boba has enough greens for K4 to be worth it. For the second build I haven't had many opportunities to play with the bomblet generator and I keep meaning to try Ketsu out but I really like Asajj so sadly I can't really comment on those.
  13. If you switch the engine upgrades to vectored thrusters and drop the seismic charges you can upgrade one of the y-wings to Kavil. With proper positioning he would probably be putting out a solid 2 damage every round.
  14. A variation on this could be using Tel instead of manaroo and then dropping the Shadow Caster Title and giving Tel a Hull upgrade. That leaves 1 point free for an illicit. As Aster mentioned, with Tel and Asajj there's not a lot of reason to have the Shadow Caster title but Tel's ability grants you an extra 2 hit points after the ship would normally be destroyed. That can be really useful.
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