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  1. As long as the Naalu player has strategy tokens to spend, they can continue to use Foresight.
  2. You might be remembering TI3. In TI4 there's no restrictions on the Hil Colish using its own wormhole, and the before/after movement ability is specifically to facilitate it doing so.
  3. Moving the Hil Colish before other ships means the wormhole is in the new system, and ships can use the delta wormhole in the Ghosts home system or Creuss gate system to reach the Hil Colish's system even if they couldn't normally reach it. Moving the Hil Colish after other ships lets you retreat to the home system or Creuss Gate with your other ships, then bring the Hil Colish through.
  4. The TI4 tiles are slightly larger than TI3 tiles (as seen here), so this seems especially strange.
  5. 1) Would a Saar space dock count towards their fleet supply? I'd say no. If it just said "treat it like a ship" then I would say yes, but it specifies "can move and retreat as if it were a ship." I'd argue that because the Nekro flagship specifies "participate in that space combat as if they were ships" you can look through section 67: Space Combat in the rules reference and anything within that section that ships can do, those ground forces can do during that space combat. 3) I think we missed reading the empty War Sun slot on the race sheet. "You cannot produce this unit unless you own its unit upgrade technology." One of the golden rules given in the rules reference: "If a card or faction ability uses the word 'cannot', it is absolute and cannot be overridden by other abilities." The main reason I think it works this way is because without that technology, your war sun units have no movement/combat/capacity values. With regards to the Saar space docks, it would never advance to space combat, as they would be destroyed instantly upon being blockaded. After further investigation, if you move them alone (or with ground forces) into a system, players can resolve Space Cannon Offense, but there would be nothing to assign hits to (it's not a ship). If however, there were other ships already present in the system you activate, they can have hits assigned to them.
  6. I'm also going to disagree on some of these: 1) You can. The wording is that they participate in Space Combat "as if they were ships." I think this means that they would not be counted towards fleet supply, because they still are not ships, they are ground forces. 2) The wording on Advanced Fighters does not make any mention about blocking movement currently. However, there was a discussion where someone asked Dane Beltrami and received a reply saying the opposite (https://boardgamegeek.com/article/27229094#27179602) so it's possible this will be changed in future errata. 3) I don't think you can produce a War Sun without the technology. See 58.1: "Each unit that a player can produce has a cost value presented on its faction sheet or technology card." This would also be in line with the TI3 FAQ, though that isn't really relevant now. 4) I don't think if it was completely alone it would be able to retreat. It would be destroyed instantly, before ever getting a chance to retreat, since retreats occur as part of space combat. 5) Tying into 4, if you move only a Space Dock and infantry into a hex, I don't think it can be shot at with Space Cannon Offense, since it's not a ship.
  7. Yes, starting technologies count. You're probably thinking of the Jol-Nar representative Ta Zern, who gives bonus votes equal to the number of techs researched and excludes starting techs (page 15 of the FAQ).
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