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    99 is usually pretty good with Imperial init benefit, in my local meta im the only one that loves to run 98 points just to really make sure i get that choice...
    palp n firends is usually 99-100
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    I would drop Epsilon Ace for "Dark Curse".  This drops your list to 99 points, but allows you another Tie Fighter who stops dice modifications when defending.  As you saw from tonight's battle, it can be very hard to hit your opponent when you are rolling 2 unmodified dice.  It can also be an insurance policy against TLT attacks. 
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    I think you'll have a good time. The FO's seem full of sheenanigans. No opponent should prioritize Epsilon Ace, so she'll always get to shoot first (even before Han! :-) ) And Omega Ace will be fun if you go up against a Decimator, constantly getting 2 crits through.
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    This is the squad I'm going to try to pair Soontir with OL. The idea is to fly the FO's as one body and Soontir all by himself.  Once your opponent chooses a target, you can use the other's speed to flank. I know that this doesn't have a ton of squad HP but It has similar HP to running a howlrunner/crackshot swarm. 

      What do you guys think of this pairing?
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    Honestly, In a 4 TLT list like this (1-Hwk, 3-Y's) it will be better to run Scum.  Torkhil will give you a much greater return on investment since it is similar to giving all your pilots PS-12.  Not to mention, the Scum TLT-Y's have the option to take unhinged, so they become much for maneuverable.
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    Sigh, I just typed this reply and posted it, only to be told I wasn't logged in and so the post was erased when I logged in.  That seems like a crappy forum design, but anyways here it is again...
    To learn to fly A-wings I'd advise using just 1 first as a part of a larger list.  Here is the build I'd recommend:
    Gemmer A-wing Easy Button:
    Gemmer Sojan: A-wing Test pilot, Push the limit, Stealth Device, Chadraan Refit (26 points)
    Gemmer Sojan is really underappreciated as a pilot.  His Pilot ability is just great, and with this build you can theoretically end up rolling 7 evade dice, at which point most people stop bothering to shoot at him.  He's the hardest A-wing to kill, and thus the best to try in a basic list.  Don't take Proton Rockets on him, at least at first, as they will make you want to fly like an X-wing (ie: straight at your opponent) instead of like an A-wing (ie: Like Roadrunner from Looney Toons).
    His ability only triggers if he is within range 1 of at least 1 enemy ship, SO your training mission is to add him to a list and see how long you can keep him within range 1 without bumping or getting yourself killed, which usually follows bumping.  A key tip: You don't have to always fly within range 1 of the SAME enemy ship, use your speed and maneuverability to keep switching which ship you are on top of, it will throw your opponent off balance and keep you alive.
    Actually this is a really important tactic for A-wings in general: If you see that your opponent is flying ships that take a while to get around the map, Y-wings and B-wings for example, Deliberately avoid the part of the map they want to fight you in.  Once you make them turn around in most cases their formations and overlapping sectors of fire will be mostly broken up, and you should be able to hunt down different ships 1 at a time.  Another key point to this part of the plan: you don't have to focus on killing 1 ship at a time.  This is counter intuitive given how prominent it is as a tactic in this game, but I've found it to be very effective.  Essentially make an attack run against a single enemy ship with each A-wing having a slightly different angle of attack, then in the next turn 5 straight or 5 K-turn your entire squadron.  You won't have shots on that ship, but your opponent won't have shots on you and most of the commonly taken ships in the game will need 3-5 rounds to get back into a position where they can attack you again.  In the mean time you will be swarming another enemy ship, whittling it down until its friends start to show up, at which point you repeat this process and attack another ship.  You aren't that fragile if you opponent never gets to shoot at you will all his ships in one go, and it often REALLY disorients people.
    A neat trick to try is to have your opponent chase you with sluggish ships towards a table corner and then fly out of that table corner fast yourself.  If its a big ship it can need a few turns to get turned around, and for that time you don't have to worry about dealing with that ship at all.
    I hope this helps Sambojin!
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    HyddHwk reacted to MajorJuggler in MathWing: Comprehensive ship jousting values and more   
    -------------------------------------- SCUM  SHIPS  ------------------------------------
    ----------------------------------------- wave 6 ---------------------------------------
    ------------------------------------------- Z-95s --------------------------------------
                                    Cost          |      | PS1 Jousting Efficiency |
    Ship name                actual|predict|  PS1 |  JV  | std   |     range       | req eff
    PS1 Z-95                    12 | 11.9  | 12   | 12   | 100%  | 99.3%  - 100.4% | 100%
    PS3 Z-95                    13 | 12.9  | 12   | 12   | 100%  | 99.3%  - 100.4% | 115.8%
    Kaa’to Leeachos0.5          15 | 14.9  | 12   | 12   | 100%  | 99.3%  - 100.4% | 150.3%
    N’dru Suhlak2               17 | 17.4  | 11.6 | 12   | 103.3%| 102.6% - 103.8% | 188.5%
    Suhlak w/ ability*          17 | 20.6  | 13.2 | 16.1 | 122.3%| 119.4% - 124.6% | 110.6%
    Suhlak + Lone Wolf**        19 | 26    | 15.2 | 21   | 138.1%| 134.5% - 141.4% | 83.6%

    *  Assuming Suhlak's ability always trigger
    ** Assuming Suhlak's ability and Lone Wolf both always trigger
    ------------------------------------------ Y-wing --------------------------------------
                                    Cost          |      | PS1 Jousting Efficiency |
    Ship name                actual|predict|  PS1 |  JV  | std   |     range       | req eff
    PS2 Y-wing                  18 | 15    | 17.3 | 14.4 | 83.5% | 82.3%  - 84.2%  | 149.7%
    PS4 Y-wing                  20 | 16.2  | 17.8 | 14.4 | 81.1% | 80%    - 81.9%  | 181.1%
    Drea Renthal1               22 | 17.8  | 18   | 14.4 | 80.1% | 79%    - 80.9%  | 215.3%
    Kavil0                      24 | 18.6  | 18.6 | 14.4 | 77.6% | 76.5%  - 78.3%  | 252.2%
    Kavil* + Blaster + R4       30 | 34.4  | 23.2 | 23.4 | 100.6% | 96.6% -  103.9% | 156.9%
    PS2 BTL-A4 + Ion3           23 | 22.9  | 19.2 | 20.2 | 105%  | 102.3% - 107%   | 127%
    PS2 BTL-A4 + Ion3(no R3)    23 | 21.6  | 19.2 | 18.9 | 98.2% | 95.9%  - 100%   | 143.4%

    * Ion Cannon Turret considered as additional 3 point value, which increases jousting efficiency.
    * BTL-A4: calculated 2 ways. 1st: assuming Ion always gets a shot
                                 2nd: no Ion shot 25% of the time
    * Approximating Kavil's ability plus R4 plus Blaster Turret as simply having 4 attack per turn. In reality, if Kavil loses his action he cannot fire the Blaster Turret. The combat coefficient also assumes the standard coefficient for a 360 degree arc, but he cannot use his ability in his front arc.
    ------------------------------------------ HWK-290 -------------------------------------

                                    Cost          |      | PS1 Jousting Efficiency |
    Ship name                actual|predict|  PS1 |  JV  | std   |     range       | req eff
    PS1 HWK-290 + Ion3          21 | 17.5  | 18   | 12.6 | 69.9% | 67.3%  - 72%    | 253.9%
    Torkil Mux3 + Ion3          24 | 21.7  | 16.6 | 12.6 | 75.7% | 72.9%  - 78%    | 323.1%
    Palob2 + Blaster Turret     24 | 25.6  | 18.2 | 17   | 93.1% | 91.4% -  94.5%  | 187.8%
    Palob2 + Bla + Opp.         28 | 30.6  | 22.3 | 21.3 | 95.5% | 92.3% -  98.1%  | 164.2% Palob2 + Bla + Opp. + K4    31 | 36.4  | 24.9 | 26.7 | 107.2%| 102.5% - 111.3% | 131.3%
    Dace Bonearm + Ion3         28 | 30.4  | 19.4 | 18.4 | 95.1% | 91.6%  - 98%    | 213.4%

    Ion Cannon Turret considered as additional 3 point value, which increases jousting efficiency.
    Palob: Assuming he always steals a focus token, and spent on activating blaster turret. His ability is then valued at +2 for removing an enemy focus token.

    ---------------------------------------- Firesprays ------------------------------------
                                    Cost          |      | PS1 Jousting Efficiency  | req
    Ship name                actual|predict|  PS1 |  JV  | std    |     range       | eff PS5 Firespray              35  |  34.6 | 29   | 25.2 | 86.9%  | 85.1% -  88.4%  | 181% Emon Azzameen1             36  |  35.6 | 29   | 25.2 | 86.9%  | 85.1% -  88.4%  | 190.2% Scum Kath Scarlet*         38  |  41.6 | 29.4 | 28.3 | 96.1%  | 93.4% -  98.3%  | 169.9% Scum Boba Fett*            39  |  50.2 | 29.3 | 33   | 112.9% | 109.8% - 115.9% | 134.6%  
    Scum Kath: assuming rear arc shot 50% of the time
    Scum Boba: assuming 1 reroll on offense and defense

    ----------------------------------------- StarViper ------------------------------------
                                    Cost          |      | PS1 Jousting Efficiency |
    Ship name                actual|predict|  PS1 |  JV  | std   |     range       | req eff
    PS1 StarViper               25 | 22.7  | 25   | 20.7 | 82.6% | 81.1%  - 84%    | 141.2%
    PS3 StarViper               27 | 24.8  | 24.9 | 20.7 | 82.9% | 81.3%  - 84.3%  | 162.3%
    Guri2                       30 | 30    | 23.2 | 20.7 | 89.1% | 87.5%  - 90.7%  | 196.2%
    Prince Xizor1               31 | 31.1  | 23.2 | 20.7 | 88.9% | 87.3%  - 90.5%  | 207.9%

    ------------------------------------- M3-A Interceptor ---------------------------------

                                    Cost          |      | PS1 Jousting Efficiency  | req Ship name                actual|predict| PS1  |  JV  | std    |     range       | eff PS2 M3-A                    14 | ????  | 13.4 | 12.2 | 90.8%  | 90.7% -  90.9%  | 128.6% Ashera1                     18 | ????  | 14.1 | 12.2 | 86.7%  | 86.6% -  86.8%  | 203% Serissu3                    20 | ????  | 12.8 | 12.2 | 95.7%  | 95.6% -  95.8%  | 245.7% PS2 + Ion3                  19 | ????  | 15.4 | 11.7 | 76.1%  | 73.7% -  78.1%  | 242.1% PS2 + Ion3+ Hull            22 | ????  | 18.2 | 13.3 | 72.9%  | 70.6% -  74.9%  | 249.7% PS2 + Mangler               20 | ????  | 19.2 | 15.8 | 82%    | 81% -    83%    | 154.4% PS2 + Mangler + Hull        23 | ????  | 22.1 | 17.9 | 81.2%  | 80.1% -  82.2%  | 157.2% PS2 + HLC                   23 | ????  | 22.1 | 19.6 | 88.9%  | 86.5% -  91%    | 133.3% PS2 + HLC + Hull            26 | ????  | 25   | 22.4 | 89.6%  | 87.1% -  91.8%  | 131.4% PS2 + HLC + Serissu         23 | ????  | 22.1 | 22.8 | 103.4% | 100% -   106.8% | 101.5% PS2 + HLC + Serissu + Hull  26 | ????  | 25   | 26   | 104.3% | 100.8% - 107.8% | 99.8%   Ion effect: valued at additional 3 points Mangler: not considering the effect of a free hit to crit. HLC: assumes always has an HLC shot PS2 + HLC + Serissu: assumes always gets 1 defensive reroll   ------------------------------------------ IG-2000 ------------------------------------- commentary
                                    Cost          |      | PS1 Jousting Efficiency |
    Ship name                actual|predict|  PS1 |  JV  | std   |     range       | req eff
    IG-881                      36 | ????  | 28   | 26.6 | 94.9% | 93%    - 96.9%  | 172.3%
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    Hi A-Wing Guys,
    First Post in this Forum. Yeeha.
    First I have to say that I really Like this threat. I learned much about A-wing handling here. So i could get some good results with all A-Wing lists in our casual x-wing gaming group.
    Now i am thinking about a little bit different playstyle with my A-wings.
    Here‘s my list:
    Green Squadron Pilot (19)
    Crack Shot (1)
    Chardaan Refit (-2)
    Opportunist (4)
    Hull Upgrade (3)
    A-Wing Test Pilot (0)

    Green Squadron Pilot (19)
    Crack Shot (1)
    Chardaan Refit (-2)
    Opportunist (4)
    Hull Upgrade (3)
    A-Wing Test Pilot (0)

    Green Squadron Pilot (19)
    Crack Shot (1)
    Chardaan Refit (-2)
    Opportunist (4)
    Hull Upgrade (3)
    A-Wing Test Pilot (0)

    Green Squadron Pilot (19)
    Crack Shot (1)
    Chardaan Refit (-2)
    Opportunist (4)
    Hull Upgrade (3)
    A-Wing Test Pilot (0)

    Total: 100

    View in Yet Another Squad Builder
    The idea is to surprise my opponent with much more firepower than he will expect. The opportunist works great for that. Most of the time you fire shots with 3 red dice and a Focus or even more if you get into range 1. The stress you generate is not a big problem for A-wings.
    The last 2 games i throw these little green directly into the Face of the foe. It works well. I didn‘t loss an A-wing in the first clash in both cases because the opponent was scared to use his own focus for his attacks in expectation of the couterattacks.
    In the first game i had to fight against 2 IG88 with heavy Lasercannons, FCS ... double shot and so on. I managed to block 1 of them in the first strafe and pumped 3 shots at range with 4 red dice focus and crack shot into his shields and hull. Worked great. I left him with only 3 hull and a krit. Next round i could block the other guy ang gave him some shots in short distance. Then i get some dirty Shots and lost one green. In the follwing rounds i managed to finish the first IG88 and my opponent surrenderd. Two of my A-wings were totally fit and 1 has 1 Hull left.
    Next Game was against Miranda with TLT and C3PO and Dash with Outrider, Mangler cannon, Engine upgrade , PTL and Kyle Katarn.
    I approached directly to Miranda and ignored Dash in the first rounds. It is really easy to Block a K-wing with 4 A-wings . I only needed 3 Rounds to fight Miranda down whith mostly opportunist shots and had all my Crackshots left. Dash oly managed to steel me 3 or 4 shields on different A-wings. Then the hunt began. I lost two of my ships in the following dogfight but i managed to shoot him down. Dash always had to decide to use his focus or let me shot with opportunist.
    Im looking forward to some more Fights.
    What do you think about this List? Did you ever used Opportunist on your A-wings?
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    I see you're yearning for a 1 point EPT, can i Interest you in our lord and Savior Crackshot? All those False Prophets and harlots may seem inticing, but have you thought TRULY hard enough about the important decision at hand?
    Imagine the possibilities of Earning 25+ points in one round... WITH A SINGLE POINT EPT?!?
    "But how?", you'd ask inquisitively.
    "Oh jimmy" I'd tussle your hair. "Its simple! With PTL, and Prockets, and the non-caring ability of stress Tycho can Targetlock and Focus on a target at range one.  Which would allow you to Blow your opponent out of the water!  5 hits with use of your Targetlock!."
    "Awesome!!" you exclaim as your opponent's IG-B Rolls those Dastardly defense dice.
    He cackles Maniacally as thanks to Boosting and being teamed with IG-C he gets a free Evade token. but sadly only rolls 1 evade because Greendice SURE CAN BE FICKLE!!!!
    "Golly if only there was a way..."
    "Hold on there Timmy, Remember which EPT you took. Not that Silly non-believer Wired... OH NO, you took Crackshot!"
    "gee thanks Mister"
    Looks like that 4 damage shot thanks to that one cancelled defense roll scored you 25 Points due to the Large Ship MOV Changes.
    "Always remember Jimmy Drugs are not the Answer... unless its in a video game or board game, then drugs are usually the answer."
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    Scum is teeming
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    I've got a similar list with PtL/BB-8/IA/Plasmas on Poe, and both Wardens have TLTs and Intel Agents. I like the Bomb setups like you have but honestly they don't do as much good, steady work as the TLTs. Plus to make the Prox Mines/Clusters/Nets as effective as I want, I have to get much, much closer with the Wardens than I prefer. They're a brilliant team and being able to flip some dials and SLAM into the way, before Poe obliterates them, is fantastic, but they work better for me when I SLAM to set up my run, arc out to have a single Range 3 TLT shot at something, and then SLAM away. Repeat! Especially if your opponent is trying to take out Poe, the Wardens are incredibly efficient.
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    Good list, though.
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    Use your maneuverability to stay out of the front arc so Autothrusters kick in. Ys with BTL need to be flanked to avoid the double tap. Or, stay at R3 and pretend your breaking rocks: chip, chip, chip.
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    I think just 1, but it will be accessible on the Internet for resale I'm sure.
    Getting into range 1 isn't too challenging. There are three ships I've seen running TLT so far: the K-wing, Y-wing, and Hwk-290. The K-wing can't be spammed well due to its cost, so it's not too much of a concern.
    The Y-wing obviously tougher and comes in two variations. With A-wings you WANT to face a BTL-4 TLT spam build, it goes down just as easily as any other BTL-4 build to an A-wing squad. Dodge arcs and laugh. If TLT is taken as an actual turret don't worry too much, fly away from the y-wings initially and force your opponent out of the corner/side hugging deployment he inevitably has used. Once he is in the center of the table tackle his squad from re rear and flanks. You will get to shoot first 95% of the time, so do some damage while trying to stay at range 3 initially. Try to ensure none of your ships can be shot by all of his. Once an opportunity presents itself to close to range 1 for the kill do it, but be careful and only close with all 4 of your ships at once. Also don't forget your tokens, you still need them at range 1 as it's hard to have all 4 y-wings at range 1. As soon as you start taking ships down though he's screwed.
    Hwk-290s are the scariest ship for TLT spam they I've faced. 3 PS 1 Rebel Operatives and Roak spamming TLT and recon specs is scary, and don't underestimate their evade dice. Three step process to take this squad down:
    1. Split your deployment. Do not fly all your ships together or the HWK player can circle the wagons to counter your attempts to flank. Buy time initially so that you have ships on both sides of his formation before attacking.
    2. Wait for the HWKs to conga line before attacking. It's pretty much inevitable that they will end up in a line if there are obstacles on the field in a good clump. The dial of the HWK isn't as bad as people think but it's still crappy and makes it really hard for 4 HWKs to be flown in formation effectively. If you play keep away and split your squad your opponent will eventually have to pursue one half of your squad. When he does fly away and force him to turn around to keep after you. Usually he will have to break his formation to do this, and once he does HWKs have a very hard time reforming it. So once he has broken formation or stretched it out into a line go to step 3!
    3. Attack the rear HWK with all your ships at range 2-3. Done right most of the other HWKs won't be able to shoot you, and it's one of the worst ships in the game for turning around. 1-2 rounds of focus firing should kill the rear HWK. If your opponent is still in a line attack the next ship in line. If he has turned to react quickly the zoom into range 1. Three HWKs turning in the same direction all do 2 turns (it's only turn really) and if you rush in you'll be within range 1 easily, from there it's clean up.
    This is a tough matchup, it only takes a round for 4 TLTs to chew through an A-wing. But if you play the long game and force him to turn around you've got it.
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    HyddHwk got a reaction from catachanninja in A Glutton for Punishment....Tie Punisher ideas   
    "Tie-Five" for the pun in the title! I think that running Deathrain with some interceptors will be the optimal strategy for the Punisher.  Dropping a bomb on the spot to get the barrel roll will open up some interesting arc dodges.
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    HyddHwk reacted to MajorJuggler in MathWing: Comprehensive ship jousting values and more   
    Underlying Methodology


    Different methods for valuing ships

    Lanchester's Square Law

    Calculating Expected Damage Output

    Calculating Expected Durability

    Calculating PS1 Equivalent Cost
    Calculating the Non-Jousting Coefficient


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    HyddHwk got a reaction from DraconPyrothayan in Escalation Swarm Start: An examination   
    Thank you so much for taking the time to post this.  I think this can even be utilized by people running mini swarms in their squads as well and was definitely worth the read.
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    HyddHwk reacted to xanderf in Oldest ship in X-wing?   
    Besides, it would have been noted by the film team that it was there.  They are usually pretty good about listing those indulgences (I mean, they mention the literal kitchen sink they bothered to render into the Episode III opening scene).
    If we are sticking to canon, the candidates for oldest thing in the game are:
    - Senator's Shuttle (from the X-Wing core set, appears in Episode I shuttling ol' Palps around)
    - The Gozanti cruiser (literally the Gozanti-type, NOT the later 'Imperial' version of it) appears during Episode I (and many times during the 'Clone Wars' series)
    - Slave-1 appears during Episode II, piloted by Jango Fett (and a very young Boba as crew)
    - Z-95 appears during the 'Clone Wars' CGI series (which is canon), although it is definitely an earlier model than we have (only 2 engines)
    - Y-Wings regularly appear during the 'Clone Wars' CGI series, but as with the Z-95, it's a very different version than we have
    - The Hound's Tooth (YV-666) appears during the 'Clone Wars' CGI series (as noted, canon - and it's actually Bossk's ship, so this is legit)
    - Millennium Falcon (appears in Episode III as a cameo)
    - Note that the Tantive IV does not appear in Episode III.  Word is that it was SUPPOSED to be - but somebody goofed the CGI model pretty badly, and it's got some obvious problems that won't reconcile, so it was retconned into a different ship.  But I suppose the Organa family just remained fans of the design...
    - By the time we are getting close to the 'Rebellion' era, lots of things start showing up in the 'Rebels' TV series (5 years before Yavin)...pretty much all the non-EU stuff in wave 8, actually.
    AFAIK, that's the full "canon" list
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    HyddHwk reacted to Red Winter in Do you enjoy flying TLT ships?   
    Why limit yourself to either or? I choose both and it's very rewarding. Corran and Y's are a blast to fly as individuals and strategic list decisions.
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    HyddHwk reacted to AlexiLux in How to make the HWK-290 work?   
    I hear you brave young dbldbl, you are hungry for the HWK, but to learn the ancient methods sacred doors you must unlock
    Escape the metas clutches in this oppressive neighborhood, on a journey you must go to find the land of FLGS-woooooood
    In the store of many gamers, where you hear your fellow players laugh, you will form a strong alliance and the worlds most awesome squad To find your fame and fortune through the valley you must walk, you will face your inner demons, now go my son and HWWWWWWWK!
    But seriously, Palob is your man.
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    HyddHwk reacted to FuturistiKen in How much time do you spend theory-crafting (i.e. playing alone)   
    It's all about simulator flying! There are some great solo missions on Mission Control, but there's a lot to be said for just flying your ships around obstacles in formation. And that's to say nothing of all the time I spend on these forums! Makes the fact that I only get to play real games at tournaments not such a big deal - I've learned A LOT in a short period and even started winning some games...
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