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  1. The precedent in the FAQ lies with Darth Vader crew's interaction with Cluster Missiles - if Vader kills the ship he's on in between CM shots, the second CM shot still fires. So by that precedent, if Dengar or gunbot kills a TLT or CM firer between shots, the second shot still goes off. It's less clear what happens if the kill is between the primary and turret shots of a BTL y wing. Still soem FAQ or clarification needed on this I think. This is not accurate. Ships are removed as soon as they're destroyed unless they are kept in play by the Simultaneous Attack Rule (i.e. they're destroyed by a pilot of the same skill, but who has the initiative so they've not had an opportunity to attack yet), which would not be the case here as the destroyed ship in question would be currently having its opportunity to attack. Thank you so much! I appreciate answering my question so quickly and accurately.
  2. Alight so the wording on TLT and Cluster Missiles says perform this attack twice. Do I have a window to activate Dengar and/or Thornbot after the first attack? If so, will this kill the opponent before they finish their attack? I am scouring the forums because this did not come up in the most recent FAQ.
  3. Gemmer w/ Stealth Device, PtL, Refit. This ship runs for a mere 26 points and rolls 5-6 dice on average with focus and evade.
  4. http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/404316/kath-hwkzz This is the list I would run. I like the StayOnTarget/OutlawTech Combo, this allows you to play reactively to enemy's movement and lets you pull some crazy k-turns for the extra dice in the rear arc.
  5. Don't pair Soontir and Whisper. Whisper wants to shoot first so she can activate cloaking before the opponent gets to shoot. Soontir wants to move last so he can do arc dodging shenanigans. These two goals have different initiative goals and thus do not pair well together.
  6. Nonsense. Rebels have tons of cool tricks and gimmicks. Scum still need a little extra to bring them up on par with the other two factions, imho. I agree, but I will still always want to throw it on Luke, Poe, or Corran. There is no way they would allow rebels to get this. Could you imagine a Corran with R2D2 and CD? This could easily break the game. Doubletap one turn then cloak during the turn your weapons are disabled. Rebels have a the astromech slot, Scum gets illicit. It's a fair trade. If scum had normal astromechs you would see R2D2 in every scum list.
  7. Talonbane Cobra: 34pts Juke Cloaking Device Stygium Particle Accelerator Binayre Pirate: 14pts (x3) Feedback Array Torkhil Mux: 24pts Ion Cannon The idea is something similar to Whisper w/ Mini-swarm. You would use Talonbane as a flanker and use your z95/hwk to joust your opponent. Putting Juke and Styguim on Talonbane can be quite risky if your Cloaking device breaks, but I think if you use it strategically you can position yourself well if it breaks. Does this risk have enough benefit to justify playing? Note: If you use the cloaking device to get range 1 you role 5 dice, and when defending at range 3 you role 6 dice w/ evade.
  8. If you're going to pay 26 points for Omega leader (OL), it is better to pay for Juke/Relay. This combo is just outstanding with OL.
  9. So I just played two games at my local store with the Famine Squadron list I posted above. My opponent was running a Howlrunner/Academy Swarm with Whisper. The list went 1 and 1, with both games going to time. In the first game I slow rolled by swarm and messed up the engage and fell behind on attacks, however I was able to keep Soontir out of arcs and doing what he does. The first game ended with my opponent taking the win after my flawed execution. For the second game, I realized that all of my FO's had a higher PS than his swarm and he only had 1 more swarm HP (due to Howlrunner having hull upgrade). It was because of this that I decided to joust him with my swarm. I was able to stay out of range during turn 1, then in turn 2 I sped in and took out one of the ties before they could shoot. This opening volley gave me the advantage and I continued to steamroll the game. The main thing that I learned is that even at PS 12, Epsilon Ace was still only throwing 2 dice. Both games, my opponent dealt the two damage to him very early. This caused an awkwardness in flying in formation. I'm not sure if this is necessarily a bad thing, since he felt the need to pour attacks into my naked FO, but it was more difficult to fly. The second thing is that I think it is necessary to bid for initiative when flying Soontir. We both ended up with 100pt sqauds and luckily I ended up winning the initiative roll allowing my Soontir to move after his Whisper. Not having a bid on initiative might hurt Soontir in a tournament setting. Not horrible, but something to keep in mind. Please let me know if you have any advice for shaving a couple of points off a list. Right now I'm looking at cutting the PTL on Omega Ace, I think the 3pt bid will be enough to nearly guarantee my Soontir will move after other PS 9's. Let me know what you guys think.
  10. http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/382570/famine-squadron#manoeuvres=hide This is the squad I'm going to try to pair Soontir with OL. The idea is to fly the FO's as one body and Soontir all by himself. Once your opponent chooses a target, you can use the other's speed to flank. I know that this doesn't have a ton of squad HP but It has similar HP to running a howlrunner/crackshot swarm. What do you guys think of this pairing?
  11. I would like to explore thoughts on target selction when flying a-wings. The Vader, Carnor Jax, and Palp-mobile is a strong list right now for Imperials right now. How do you approach this list? I would think that Carnor would be the first target generally. But is there a case for Focusing down the Lamda?
  12. When using Juke you do not have to spend the evade to get the offensive capabilities. When you have a focus on offence, that means you do not get the benefit for any attacks PS 5 or below. So if you run this Gemmer, evading should be the only option. If you have PTL then you have the option to Focus and Evade every turn, which could be better. This build has more flexibility which a-wing players love. In general, the PTL and Autothrusters would fit into any a-wing build. However, I am running the Juking Gemmer to try to burn off focus tokens so I can make life easier on the Opportunist/Crack Shot-GSP's that were posted a while back. I think that both Gemmer's have their place. Depends on which one works with each build.
  13. Honestly, In a 4 TLT list like this (1-Hwk, 3-Y's) it will be better to run Scum. Torkhil will give you a much greater return on investment since it is similar to giving all your pilots PS-12. Not to mention, the Scum TLT-Y's have the option to take unhinged, so they become much for maneuverable.
  14. What do we think of this? Gemmer (22pt) Test Pilot (0) Chardaan Refit (-2) Stealth Device (3) Juke (2) Total 25pts Gemmer now fits into a squad for 25 points rather than the usual 26 with PTL. You no longer get the action economy, but you trade it for some offence when you have an evade. From my experience, Gemmer's PTL were almost always Focus/Evade. Do you guys think this will have comparable offensive power? And is it worth replacing one of our greenies in a squad for more durability in a tournament setting?
  15. This is what I will be running in a few weeks. Arvel Crynyd (23) A-Wing Test Pilot (0) Chardaan Refit (-2) Intimidation (2) Gemmer Sojan (22) A-Wing Test Pilot (0) Chardaan Refit (-2) Push the Limit (3) Stealth Device (3) Green Squad Pilot (19) x2 A-Wing Test Pilot (0) Chardaan Refit (-2) Outmaneuver (3) Push the Limit (3) Autothrusters (2) Total Point: 99 The Idea is that you fly Arvel and Gemmer close together with Arvel in front and force the opponent to bump. Then take advantage of the reduced agility. Gemmer has 5 agility at range 1 and 3 which means he will almost never be hit if he takes an evade token. Let me know what you think of the list, and any tips for flying this sort of list. I want to come up with a list to make Arvel shine. He is by far my favorite A-wing pilot.
  16. HyddHwk

    K-Wing Builds

    Poe Dameron BB-8 PTL Warden Sq. Pilot (32) x2 EM Prox. Mines Seismic Charges Adv. SLAM I decided to reduce the amount of points I was spending on my K's. I put too many points into them and I never used all the ordinance in one game. Since they only roll one defense die they almost always explode to TLT and aces can get into range one anyways. I cut the Connor Nets and added a seismic charge. This allows the K's to drop two bombs a turn rather than one. This should allow you to use all of what you spent points on. I cut Blount and added Poe for a more threatening Ace. Poe is maneuverable enough that he should be able to arc dodge most ships, or get into the TLT donut hole. Let me know what you think of the changes.
  17. HyddHwk

    K-Wing Builds

    The list has a high skill floor, but once you get the hang of knowing when to SLAM or when to TLT games get easier. In one of my first games I rushed into my opponent with SLAM and my K's flew right past his ships, taking them out of the fight for nearly 3 rounds. I realized that I could have reduced speed and dropped prox. mines a more formidable attack. I got carried away with SLAM because it's so much fun! I chose the lowest pilot skill on the K's so I would have a better chance of placing my bombs right on top of the enemy ships.
  18. HyddHwk

    K-Wing Builds

    Lieutenant Blount (20) Adv. Homing Missiles x2 Warden Squadron Pilot (80) TLT EM Prox Mines Connor Nets Adv. SLAM This what I've been running for most of wave 7. The list relies heavily on zone control and shutting down whole areas of the map.
  19. I disagree with the TBC choices. How do these two upgrades optimize his ability? I think the best way to run him is classic ace, PTL and Engine Upgrade. Then you have the option of taking glitterstim if you have the two points to spare. This will allow you to abuse his high pilot skill and always position yourself to make the best use of his ability.
  20. "Tie-Five" for the pun in the title! I think that running Deathrain with some interceptors will be the optimal strategy for the Punisher. Dropping a bomb on the spot to get the barrel roll will open up some interesting arc dodges.
  21. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. I think this can even be utilized by people running mini swarms in their squads as well and was definitely worth the read.
  22. How will A-Wings fair against the Twin Laser Turret (TLT)? Is it reliable to maneuver a whole squad into range one?? What is our plan against this?
  23. I'm running a scum list with Hwk-290 and Three Z-95's, I think that this allows for the best of both worlds. You get that formation satisfaction as well as the turret consistency; it's a very fun way to play the game.
  24. How far back do the ships go in terms of star wars history? I was recently watching clone wars and fell in love with the "Twilight" (G9 Rigger-class light freighter). I could see this ship in scum, but I think it may be too old in comparison to the current ships used in X-Wing. Would older ships like this be a possibility in X-Wing?
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