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  1. Sooo...2.0. Dunno of i like it or not yet, haven't really been able to see the new pilots, upgrades, and most importantly the costs of things. Im trying to understand the conversion kits but every time i watch an unboxing, i can never see what the point costs are!!! From what i understand, theres an app that shows you because apparently the costs change according to the ships you put them on,...or something like that. So what im trying to find is, whats the app called? Cant find a 2.0 app anywhere
  2. Rey, though is technically a turret, flies as a jouster making her fairly predictable. As is pointed out by others, Dash is harder to pin down. I also would rather deal with Reys primary rather then Dashs hlc. Hlc is always 4 dice, and with ptl it's probably fully modded. Rey, being predictable, is probably throwing 3-4 dice at me, but out of arc so no extra abilities. Therefore less dmg. So imho, Rey is fun to fly, but Dash is the pain to deal with and is more competitive
  3. Depends on what you fly. 3 tie strikers and an upsilon support shuttle have become my new favorite. I've melted a Par-attani list during the test flight without losing a single ship myself, and destroyed a vcx in one turn of engagement, causeing my opponent to rage quit. I call it imperial hell bats :3
  4. I made a fun list with 4 z95s and Chewie (tfa). My opponent realized that if he killed the mosquitoes, Chewie would get burst dmg. This fear caused him to never shoot at them, and only tried to gun for chewie. This allowed me to take aggressive actions and take devastating shots each turn against him. Not to mention, with 4 little ships on the board, I had a lot of control in regards of blocking. In the end, I surmised that it would have been better to kill at least a few of the z95s and deal with a bit of chewies burst dmg, rather then let the swarm live and deal with an over whelming amount of blocks and range one shots the whole game. Still have yet to test it competitively.
  5. So, in my area we like to play 4man epic games. 2 players to a team, 200 pts per player. In MTG this would be called 2 headed giant, not sure if it's an official format in x wing or if it has a name or not lol Anyway, choose a faction, spend your points, points can't be shared but abilities can. Such as Biggs can protect your partners ships and Palp can modify your partners ships. Basically, your partner spent his points on the ships and is his own squad, but his ships are considered as friendly ships. Ok so simple enough, the question comes when we talk about docked ships. Specifically, I'm playing the Gazonti next game and my partner has 4 bombers. He spent the points and controls the bombers, but am I allowed to setup with his ships docked to my gazonti? I would consider it an interaction, but maybe I'm wrong
  6. An older imperial list I absolutely loved playing with was a support shuttle, 2 tie fighters, and a bomber. Ties where basic, just used for blocking and range one shots. Shuttle had fleet and systems officer. Hand out focus to the ships I felt would need it most for that turn, and hand out a tl to whoever could get a good shot off. The bomber was one of those pilots with "death" in the name lol Ps 3, his ability allowed him to drop an action bomb for free before revealing dial or after performing another action. This would allow me to move into position, barrel roll over and drop Proximity mines on a ship that was bumped by a tie. Next turn, before revealing the kturn, I'd drop the second proximity on the same ship. After kturn, support shuttle would then hand out focus and tl to the bomber, allowing for proton shots. Was very fun to fly and was pretty effective, almost enough to have been my tournament list at the time. Eventually it evolved into a support shuttle with system officer and general Hux, with 3 strikers instead.
  7. What is your lists weakness?
  8. Was unrelated to post, and cant delete apparently lol
  9. I was gonna suggest the BBBBZ lol Cant go wrong with rebel jousts
  10. So, love the striker. Been flying a mini swarm of them lately, but in doing so I've come across some questionable scenarios. So the title FORCES your tie to do a 1 maneuver equivalent of a boost (if not stressed or dutchess) Unlike a boost however, it's considered a separate maneuver and therefore CAN bump, overlap, or fly off the board. So here's the question. If my "boost" caused me to bump a ship, and then my dial left my striker in the clear, do I still get an action? What about if my "boost" took me through a rock? So far I've been playing it as I get my action if my dial leaves me clear and havnt been questioned for it. However, I abuse the "boost" bumps quite a bit to control the strikers speed and it just feels a bit too broken. So wanted to make sure I'm doing this correctly before attempting to bring the list to a tournament lol
  11. Light weight frame: after rolling defence dice, if there are still more red dice then green dice, roll one additional green die. So after rolling the first dice, before rolling on more die, the player gets to see the results of the other dice and make a decision at that moment whether he wants to use Palp on this roll or not. Interesting interaction and I applaud the creativity, but I don't believe it's powerful enough to be competitive.
  12. Kavil is throwing extra dice, he wants something that is actually doing dmg. Blaster turret or dorsal turret. Ion turret for Dace.
  13. Ok, so the ships that I am hard core set on are naked Rex in the tie (14pts) and standard stress hog (26pts) for a grand total of 40 pts spent, 60 left over. I have whittled my options down to the following Rey Tfa title Smuggling compartment Tactical jammer Expertise Finn Kanan Jarrus Inertial dampeners This gives me a beefy, fairly high PS ship that hits like a truck and is pretty popular in the meta. I expect to be going up against large ships and defenders in my local area, so buckets of red dice are great lol. This list screws up my opponents priorities. Either shoot the somewhat defensive Rey at potentially range one, while bogged down with stress and suppressive fire, or take a shot at Rex potentially through tactical jammer. Either way, neither shot is ideal, and they'll be getting kicked in the teeth regardless. Rey is great for late game, but I fear other stress builds can be a powerful shut down to her. My other option is this: Biggs Integrated astromech R4-D6 (ya, yall talked me into it in the other thread lol) Heffernan tober Pivot wings FCS Seismic torpedo Zeb Finn Cause I was thinking, why does Finn have to be only on Rey? Sure, she rerolls his blanks, but I can do that with the free lock from FCS heehee This guy throws buckets of dice and acts as a low, large base blocker. Imagine, in a perfect world, performing a 4 forward, getting the bump, shooting Seismic torps and then shooting primary thanks to zeb! Biggs keeps Rex and ywing alive a couple turns longer, keeping the opponent bogged down so Heff can hopefully do his thing. And should I maybe drop seismic torp for tactical jammer instead? That would also allow MK-II on Rex
  14. So a lot of yall are saying stress bot, of which I've already got it on the ywing :/ A point was made for r4-d6, I considered him but don't like him. Crits are pretty common in my local meta, usually from hot dice lol XD And then ppl are saying basic r2 for greens and bid. I'm not really sure why I'd need a bid though, not like I'm playing maneuverable aces or anything. I do like the greens, was just hoping for something more defensive. Asaj is common but she always has latz so that stress never sticks around.
  15. Gonna be flying Nerra with plasmas, naked Cpt Rex, and standard stress hog with Biggs for a local tournament this weekend. I'm pretty set on the list, and have squeezed as any points out of it for an astromech for Biggs. Got 2 pts left over, wish I had 3 but oh well. So, my question is this. R3, or R7? R3 is great cause it just happens, no action required. My worry though is it happens after his activation, and being ps5, Biggs won't be getting that evade in time for many of the shots he'd be taking. R7 takes an action to use, but that doesn't necessarily mean I have to use it every time. Mayne they whiffed a shot and I get to keep the lock for next round? That being said, is modifying my opponents potentially 3 attack dice better then modifying my 2 greens every turn? I'm thinking yes,...and I'm thinking it may be better then a free evade (IF I manage to roll a natural focus) that comes late in the combat. Just wanted everyone else's opinions, as well as any other suggestion. Maybe I missed a Droid that's better then these? Keep it at 2pts or lower though lol thanks
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