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  1. Have the following for trade: Launch Bay Leia Organa Jango Fett General Greivous Count Dooku Quigon Speeder Bike Scout On the Hunt Immobilize 5x Infantry Grenades 3x First Order TIE Fighter 3x Force Protection DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol 2x Gaffi Stick (2x) Jedi Robes (3x) Rey’s Staff (4x) Survival Gear (2x) Rey w/ 2 dice Kylo Ren w/ 2 dice Infiltrate IQA-11 Also have a Lot of about 230 uncommon, commons. PM Me and I can tell you what cards or what's missing to make 2x set of each. Need: Darth Vader Force Choke Poe Dameron Han Solo Millenium Falcon Thermal Detonator x2 kylo ren's lightsaber x2 Phasma x1 One with the Force x1 Sith Holocron x1
  2. Thanks so much for the upload today! Diala turned out fantastic. Sorastro, the videos keep getting better and better, and my skills as well thanks to you. Never touched a paintbrush before the first stormtrooper and each figure since then has looked better and better. My wookies just turned out amazing! While I love painting these IA minis with you, I was wondering if you have any word on that survey you took about another line to paint around IA episodes? I'd love to diversify a bit, esp now that I have so many paints!
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