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  1. Thank you sooo much! We really appreciate this. We both love this game so much. We also have so many questions that come up in our matches.
  2. I have looked throughout the forum (or at least as many pages as I could stand ) for explanation on some specific instances of bumping that keep coming up when my son and I play. Situation 1) A I1 Academy pilot bumps into another Tie/In who is I (pick an Initiative greater than 1). Question 1) Does the I1 Tie complete it’s maneuver (let’s say a 2bank) when the higher initiative completes their maneuver and no longer occupies the space where the I1 would have ended had said space not been occupied? Situation 2) My I4 Bwing bumps his I3 Tie and they are face to face, or at least within one another’s arc. Question 2.1) is only the bumping ship restricted from firing? Or do neither ship fire? Question 2.2) does bumping restrict firing completely? Can one or either ship fire at ships other than the one they are bumped with? Thank you for your patience. The Magpie
  3. Newbie here as well. I am a huge B-Wing fan, but I am a bit confused by the B-Wings linked action; white focus to red barrel roll. 1) do I have to take the barrel roll? 2) if I take the focus and then the linked red barrel roll, do I keep the focus token from the focus portion of the linked action? This would give someone like Brayden Strahm with a focus AND a stress token. Thanks for for any clarification.
  4. I am a newbie in Temple. Looking for local players to learn from before I go investing a bunch of money and time. Any takers?
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