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  1. Your brother is wrong and that's such a completely moronic simplistic stance. What kind of moralistic high horse bs is that garbage? So you would never be willing to harm a human being? Get real. Such a bad faith arguement. If that's the philosophy you and your brother subscribe to then you are both by definition sheep.
  2. I'm sure the trilogy is gonna end with kylo being redeemed while Luke, leia, and han are back to life and a happy family together. I mean why not theres crazy time travel shenanigans that are canon in starwars now so it's all possible. Also why doesn't that fighter trying to hit Rey go to hyperspace and smash right through her? Didn't they learn anything from the last movie?
  3. Why didnt that pilot go to hyperspace and smash right through her??
  4. I think mazz0 just wants to cling to the supposed moral high ground.
  5. Yeah but no matter what happens there will be people unhappy. What about the 11th and 12th people in line. No matter what the situation is those people are upset because they weren't 10th in line or earlier. Those 10 people in line have denied #11 and #12 the ships they desired. Should they be upset at members 1-10 for getting something they didnt?
  6. For sure and I don't deny at all that I may have come out ahead happier or more of a winner or what have you. Definitely in life all the wins won't always be equal, in my experience it's usually not that way. The unfortunate side of it is where people arent able to get one which as we both know is one of the sucky parts of life sometimes. It is the unfortunate math of it much like if you were the guy who got the last one of the day the people behind you would all be seen as those who lost in the equation against your win.
  7. These people wanted one but didn't want to incur the extra cost of travel expenses to get one. So I think overall they still won. Again they all were incredibly happy and two of them asked me if I was going to celebration and could get the vader's for them. Think about this. Say you are only interested in the vulture droid. You dont want to play any tournaments or anything at adepticon. That $20 ship is now gonna cost you way more than $20 to get. Luckily adepticon doesnt require you to buy a badge for the vendor hall so you're good there. But let me use the Californian for example. The cost to getting to Chicago is way higher than $20. Let's say you're gonna forgo a hotel and only be there for 1 day. You're either driving and spending a ton on gas and putting a bunch of miles on your vehicle or your buying a plane ticket that costs what atleast 300 dollars? If you only wanted the vulture droid there was no way of getting it for 20 dollars or close to it unless you lived near by.
  8. I think the statement saying ffg made this for the community at large is where we disagree and may have been the source for being upset. I dont remember anywhere in the article them saying this was for the community at large. I don't think they even said it was gonna be for all of the adepticon attendees. A couple years ago I did exactly what you did I drove up the day of and got there at around noon. I went up there because I wanted to get an early release of the new book by corvus belli (human sphere) instead of waiting a few months for the preorder. I got there at noon went in line and the person who was 5 people in front of me had the last 3 books in his hand. He made his purchase and they announced they were sold out. They didnt have a 1 per customer limit which was disappointing and so some people buying a bunch for other people made it so I didnt get one. Of course I was disappointed and upset but I realized at the end of the day I overestimated how many they had and how early I had to get up there. So I learned that alright next year I won't let that happen again and so when they released the next thing a adepticon early I was able to get one because I showed up early for the lines. I learned that popular stuff was gonna go fast and these companies aren't gonna bring a huge amount. They don't want to ship anything back ideally so it's better to under supply than over supply. When ffg announced the vulture droids I knew the same thing was gonna happen if not faster since x wing is a hugely popular game and I figured anything starwars is always gonna have people going after it. I also counted on the ticket vouchers because they've done that at gencon for the past couple of years. The best thing to do is to learn from it. Granted I understand it's a sucky way to learn it but I bet next year if there is a limited ship you really want you're gonna get it because this time you'll show up at 9 and be one of the first ones in line. If you need vilify me or anyone else who is selling the stuff then fine I guess but that doesnt change anything. Holding on to that anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to get sick. It's easy to take potshots on people who are making money especially if its in a way you or others doing agree with but if you really want a vulture droid your best bet is to talk to someone on the facebook group and make them a good offer. These aren't gonna stay at 100 bucks and people will sell them for way less. I think you can easily get them for 40-50 dollars shipped. That or wait for gencon because o have a suspicion they're gonna use the vulture droids again for a con exclusive ship again. Either way I'm not trying to rub your face in anything or act like I'm better or superior to you, I generally hope you get what makes ya happy which I presume would be a vulture droid.
  9. Yes I do alter which customers get them. It has changed from 3 people who were at adepticon to an italian, a Californian, and a dude from Utah. They all play x wing and i guess get cool bragging rights for being one of the few if not only people in there playgroup with the shiny collectible vulture. While you may look at me with disgust I get to smile on. I made 3 people really happy, they knew what they were buying and what the price would be. Nothing about it was sneaky, shady, exploitative, or immoral. They got happy for having he ship they otherwise couldn't get and I got some extra hobby money to buy stuff with like more x wing ships, or paints, or infinity figures. So all in all I'd say it's a win win.
  10. Yes trust me, despite the name calling which I find childish and funny I am in no way a victim here. I got my vulture droids and am good to go.
  11. I've been in that situation before as well. Yeah it sucks but at that point it's out of my control, I cant turn back time to get one. I only have two choices, I can either buy one on the secondary market, or move on and live without it. I would never expect someone to sell it to me at 0 profit. Doing so is just being completely unrealistic and unreasonable. Also if you didn't get one you didn't show up at the correct time. Yeah the vendor hall opens at 10 but if you aren't there at 9 then you're risking not getting one.
  12. The funniest thing in the world is seeing people upset at those making money. It's sad really. I could never imagine being upset at anybody for going out there and getting the money. Things are worth what people are willing to pay for them. Whether I sell it for 22 dollars or 100 dollars it shouldn't matter between two consenting adults. I get it, its highly concentrated levels of salt. Please continue to hold the moral high ground and look down up me from your ivory tower as I get my 4th vulture droid tomorrow.
  13. Good thing theres no drugs, porn, prostitution, and human trafficking in socialist or communist countries. It's almost like humanities flaws drive those things no matter the economic system. As far as economics go it's a good idea on ffg's part. You're not gonna quit the whole game and sell your stuff over this and neither is anyone else or atleast not in any noticable number. Now people are buying an expansion they may not have due to a shinier paint and sticker that says collectors edition.
  14. The great thing about capitalism is if it's good enough there will be people who want to buy it. To someone it might be worth 20 bucks but to another person it might look so good they would be willing to spend 50 bucks and there might be someone who loves it so much they would spend 100 bucks for it. No different than painters doing commissions.
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