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  1. I was going to point that out to him, but the reply you have subsequently got (A woosh followed by a lack of understanding of grey areas) was what I pretty much imagined he would have said anyway so I thought i'd save us all the time.
  2. Because the most important topic in this thread is to nitpick about the exact definition of a word... It may be a dumpster fire but at least it's highlighted some of the iamverysmart sociopaths that are posting among us.
  3. I think the issue here is suggesting you have a belief in something that sounds a lot like a form of Eugenics, and then not defending that point because reasons, then it sounds a lot like you have a belief in Eugenics.
  4. Honestly, it's pointless with some people. It's either wilul ignorance or they're just too stupid to understand fully the ramifications of seemingly innocent gatherings.
  5. Lost a Ketsu to a single modded proton torp, a range 3 from wedge and a R2 from Thane. 3 shots to take down an 11 HP 2 evade ship. Wedge took one shield, Norra's protorp (with just a lock) 4 crits, took the last shield and did THREE direct hits. Thane's shot did 2 damage and he naturally flipped a DR up. Gone. I didn't roll a single evade either, just 1 on the 6 greens I rolled means she lived. First round of a tournament as well. Next game against a FOcho, 4 X 4 modified dice attacks over 2 turns into a tractored FO (without a token second round) for 1 damage. Joyfully I went on to lose that game in the last round to a range 3 obstructed unmodded shot from an FO into a focused Boba that did 2 damage and took him to half. I'd lost 2 games the day before in the last round to wild hopeful shots taking a ship to half against the odds after a game of sub-par rolls for me. Muh Dice.
  6. I've seen some absolutely loony dice over a sustained period as well from this game, but I've seen the same sort of mad dice irl as well. It happens.
  7. If your Boba flying opponent is putting his Slave I I5 Boba at R1 of 5 I2 xwings I don't think you have to worry about whether you're going to win or not....
  8. I was being hyperbolic (?) of course, I'm just scarred by 1st ed when everyone just went for the best thing and top cuts were the same 3 lists and a couple of outliers. Happened early in second as well.
  9. How long before Hyperspace becomes BobaFenn/BobaKoshka Vs CIS Swarms only? Maybe with a few Jedi lists and FOcho/FO aces thrown in?
  10. Sorry to drag this up from the depths, but this really is the nub of the problem with Boba in Hyperspace. In extended there are things he doesn't want to see (7B Ani, AB Vader, Torp Wedge, Fel, FunSac, Guri etc), and they've all either been removed or neutered, meaning flying him goes from occasionally challenging to laughably easy. To move after him at I5 (to counter the 1pt Slave I) you have to bid 20 points and still worry about Fenn. There isn't much I can see in Hyperspace that can bid that deep and still have enough on the board to challenge other lists. He really is 'dial-in-whatever or bump do what you want man no consequences', which is not how it should be and feels very late stage first Ed.
  11. Yeah I do, I've run Boba competetively since 1st ed and won stuff with him as well. It's not that he's winning everything (why do people always fall into that trap?) it's that Boba/Fenn dunks hard on a lot of things and that's not fun nor encourages a healthy approach to list building (See Nym/Miranda).
  12. I'm not building a list to specifically counter one overpowered list that then loses to everything else i'm afraid, and I think a lot of that list is rather hopeful theories. The point is Boba is so OP that he's warping the whole meta.
  13. Boba (and/or Fenn, maybe) should not have been in hyperspace full stop, and I say that as a hardcore scum (ok, Boba) player. Slave 1/Maul Boba is glue eating easy mode with the limited format counters so restricted. It would have the added bonus of the other firespray pilots actually getting play time.
  14. True, I often get the impression opponents give up even trying to block Boba with Slave 1 such are the possible final positions. And it gives the Boba player so much freedom in planning 2 moves each turn.
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