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  1. It's a bit sad he's there as a representative of the UK, he (and his brother) do have a rep of being at best arrogant and at worst indulging in pure gamesmanship so if this went down as reported it wouldn't be a huge surprise. It may have been a misunderstanding but it does look like he throws his dials down quickly there to deliberately nark his opponent.
  2. Have we found a list that's basically a NPE for both players? (excluding quad phantoms from this of course)
  3. After weeks of not finding a scum list I wanted to fly at the Grand Championships I said **** it and took Wedge, Thane, Luke and Jake instead. Went 4-2, lost one game narrowly to Echo/Vader and Palp and chucked a game against a droid swarm as needed a beer and a sit down. Turns out high I undercosted stuff is good. Still, i'm now the 12th best Rebel player in the UK and have my Dutch Vander alt art to prove it....
  4. Re Seismics I certainly agree, the temptation to take them because of the huge damage potential to swarms is there but, especially with Emon, you need them to chase you, and obstacles are your friend in that situation. Also, only having seismics left and not being in range of obstacles is a horrible feeling.
  5. There were a lot about. Anecdotally I played 3 Rebel Falcons in 6 rounds (Fat Han/Wedge, Han, Norra, Arvel and Lando, Norra, Thane) which made me sad as I had Boba/Emon. The dudes I went with all seemed to play against at least one but, as I say, a small sample. There seemed to be a lot less Y and TIE swarms than I predicted (again, sad).
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