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  1. The Razor Crest! It's frigging HUGE! You could drive a van inside.
  2. Also, https://imgur.com/gallery/suvAMuY
  3. xulfus

    2.0 Defenders

    Ahh, I can already see a glorious TIE/D ace + double GUNBOATS list wreaking havoc across the galaxy
  4. But rebellions are built on hope cannons!
  5. Just had a friendly game with my son yesterday. I lost (by a whisker), but GUNBOATS were awesome! Karsabi /w HLC, Wired, ASLAM, XG-1 2 x Rho /w HLC, Crack Shot, XG-1, Linked Battery, Long Range Scanners https://imgur.com/a/X03UqU6 He played Xizor's Enforcers Xizor /w Mk II, Virago, Glitterstim, Flechette Torps, AT, FCS, PTL 2 x Black Sun Enforcer, Mk II, AT Binayre Pirate As you can guess, I had some trouble keeping up after the StarVipers after the first encounter. But alpha strike took down one of the enforcers nicely.
  6. You're right of course, that was just my poorly justified opinion.
  7. Where's this info from? Reload and slam should be white, just give you a weapons disabled token. I want to know more! I want to know everything! I want to play 2.0 with gunboats already!
  8. And how do the bumping rules work in 2.0? Something to do with the center line also?
  9. My collection (not necessarily quite up to date): Empire Tie Fighter x 7 Tie/fo Tie Advanced x 4 Tie Advanced Prototype Tie Bomber x 3 Tie Defender x 4 Tie Interceptor x 6 Tie Phantom x 2 Tie Punisher Lambda x 2 Gunboat x 3 Decimator Gozanti Raider Rebel A-wing B-wing x 2 E-wing X-wing x 3 K-wing Z-95 YT-1300 YT-2400 Tantive IV Scum StarViper M3-A Aggressor Firespray HWK-290 Z-95 x 2 Y-wing x 2 I will probably _slowly_ enter 2.0, first the new core and one Imperial upgrade kit
  10. xulfus

    The Red Defender

    I always fly Soontir with the title and a red interceptor. The Red Baron Rules!
  11. I am REALLY bad at x-wing because 1) I like cool lists more than good lists 2) I cannot plan ahead 3) I use ships that I really can't fly (TIE Phantom!) because I have a cool paint job on them
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