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  1. Hey Oggdude, would you mind to include an updated german language file. It is for the current release 2.3.0 Thank you! Lang-de-DE.xml
  2. I had the same problem. I solved it, when I started to update the Data Editor Files with the german description. I created a new folder for the custom data files and from that point on the skill list was there. Try with a new data folder and copy the character to that folder. When the skill list is shown, try to copy one data set after an other.
  3. Here are the deck design for the Explorer as my group imagine it according do the description. Loronar E9 Explorer Deckplans on reddit
  4. Hi, I just had a time for checking my German Data Set (that is the one, that comes with OggDudes Char Gen ). I have a Copy/Paste Error with the medium laser cannons. Just import the german dataset and open the data editior. Under Weapons search for the entry in Column 'key/schlüssel' lasermed and replace the name for the Ionenkanone with Laserkanone. That should be all.
  5. Hi, Here is an update to the german language File. I have changed some translations and added some missing. Regards Jürgen https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B61pyamqolUMN1hkZFp0dDJIU3lLMDQyaGlNUjFpR0c4UnY0/view?usp=docslist_api
  6. I have included all the german released books. When more books are translated,I will update the Data Set and possible update the language file with the correct translations.
  7. In German a Blaster is called still a Blaster , but the Heavy Battle Armor is in German 'Schwere Gefechtsrüstung'. In the German Rulebook almost all Gear is translated. Some of my Players don't understand English beside some basics and they want especially the Modifications translated, so they know what an Attachment does. I think included language-specific data sets would be the best and we can do the changes for you. I will be doing the changes anyway for german for my players. There is one problem. We here in Germany have to wait a long time to get all FFG Star Wars Books. Released so far are only: EotE Beginner Game, Core Rulebook, Game Master Screen, Beyond the Rim, Enter the Unknown, and Sons of Fortune should be released this month. AoR Beginner Game
  8. I am trying to translate and input all information into german. Please contact me for help regarding a german translation.
  9. Hello, I habe a Problem regarding the Data Editor. When I update and rename the Talent Jury Rigged (even when I just delete 'Rigged' and retype it) the Talent is displayed as 'Custom Item' in the Data Editor. But when I want to add the attachment 'Jury Rigged (Weapon)' or 'Jury Rigged (Armor)' in the Character Generator, both options are not available anymore. I have a Character with the Jury Rigged Talent selected. Also Items with this attachment don't show the attachment anymore. Thanks, Jürgen
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