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  1. Yep. Like I said, absolutely insane inflation on ticket prices.
  2. Under those criteria, I'd say America Chavez, who they've been pushing really hard as of late.
  3. Marvel and Fox's relationship went south *years* ago with the battle over the crappy Mutant X TV show. You are correct that the relationship with Sony was muuuch better.
  4. It's been a year and a half since the end of Jane Foster's run as Thor, so I doubt it'll be her. Gotta be the Odinson.
  5. By virtue of his deck being playable and legal out of the package, it has to give you enough cards to support a 'second' hero (him!!!)... or else it wouldn't be legal and playable. Seems fairly obvious.
  6. Considering the hero packs are designed to be playable right out of the package, you're definitely correct. For instance, I believe Captain America is being released with Leadership cards, so once you pick that up, you'd be able to play two Leadership heroes.
  7. Really? That seems like a huge oversight. But then again, there's been some pretty significant omissions in language support with some of their other games (MoM2E comes to mind) so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
  8. According to whom? Critics whose opinions people only care about when it helps them make a point? How "good" a movie is is subjective... the amount of money it makes is not. Lots of people bought tickets to go see TLJ, BP, Captain Marvel, the Transformers films, and Endgame alike (many of whom did so multiple times). That signals to the studios that people want more of those characters and films, regardless of the critical reception of those films or the opinions of noisy people like us on the internet.
  9. I'd argue there are actually some excellent titles being published at Marvel right now (and this is coming from someone who has continuously read Marvel Comics since 1984). The current Amazing Spider-Man run is very good, for instance (much improved since Dan Slott left) and the Immortal Hulk is not only the best Hulk title ever (yes, including Peter David's run) or the best Marvel title right now, it's one of the best titles on the stand, period. It's no fluke that it's consistently outselling Batman for pretty much the first time ever. That said... it doesn't matter. The comics just don't matter anymore. I love them (and buy way too many each week), but it's a dying industry (and no, we can't conveniently place all the blame for that at Marvel's feet, it's much more complicated than that) along with the rest of print media. Marvel's comics specifically have become little more than a testing ground for the MCU at this point. It's a place they can try out ideas, storylines, and characters and see the reactions to them before pushing them out into other media.
  10. This. Funny how when Marvel started plastering the GotG everywhere after that movie surprised everyone and made $750 million, no one thought it was strange... but when they started including Captain Marvel into just about everything they release after her movie made 1.2 billion a good portion of the internet acts like it's due to tokenism or something. It's money. EVERYTHING is about money. Period. Disney is a crazy successful business for a reason. They know a heck of a lot more about making money than a bunch of angry fanboys who haven't read a comic in two decades but insist they're somehow worse now than they were back in the 90s (the absolute darkest hour that comics have seen since the 60s).
  11. Exactly the same reason Hulk isn't included in the core set for the Marvel minis game announced at GenCon. Money. Hulk will sell booster packs.
  12. Or. since the movie rights likely weren't squared away by the time this game started development, the X-Men and FF may have been off-limits for this first release.
  13. I'm just worried about how much the price will increase again this year. The price inflation on tickets has gotten absolutely insane the past couple of years.
  14. Holy thread necromancy, Batman! Those are some pretty sweet bags.
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