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  1. There's no simple right answer, and you're not going to get much clarity here. In the Arkham board, people are going to tell you Arkham is better. In this board, people will tell you Eldritch is better (including myself... because, well... it IS better. ). My advice? If you have a game store in your area where you can try out games, do so... try both and pick one. More realistically, though... jump on YouTube and watch a playthrough or two of each... there are some great content creators out there who play both games a LOT (CatWeazle, Doug Herring, Paul Darcy, and TragictheBlathering are all ones I've watched). Watching the games actually played might give you a better idea of which you'd like more. Going back to your questions, only one of them can really be answered objectively... the one about expansions. Arkham is done. Period. There will be no more expansions. Eldritch has another "big box" expansion coming in Q1, which may be its last (although the smirk I got from Nikki when I asked her at Arkham Nights if EH was done suggests otherwise). After that it'll be a tie... 4 "big box" and 4 "small box" expansions for each (with more possibly to come for EH).
  2. I finally got to prepping my Investigator minis for painting last night (after finishing painting up all the new monster minis), and good news! Becky came out of the hot water dip as good as new. Just in case you guys were as worried about her as I was.
  3. Same. Unfortunately, poor Becky is twisted and warped to the point I'm not sure I can save her. Hopefully a little near-boiling water can bring her back from the edge.
  4. I agree. [mild spoiler ahead] It would function very similar to Essex County Express where the Act cards were, for all intents and purposes, useless and the investigators' progress was completely location-driven.
  5. Probably an inside joke of the coders/developers the we were never meant to see or a early codename for one of the new scenarios. I reeeeeally doubt they're going to release a "joke" scenario for the game.
  6. Well, it turns out I was close. We found out at Arkham Nights that the new investigators are the same as the 7 investigators in the new Eldritch expansions, so... Sefina, the 4 MoM 'gators, Calvin, and Daniela.
  7. Huh... We've done that scenario 4 times, and I've never seen it move into a building.
  8. The moral of the story is... there are plenty of good options for investigators who can help make sure you have plenty of clues. Always make sure to have one in your party... they're every bit as important as combat characters, in my experience.
  9. It's fine! I checked my collection and I do not have an extra to trade. Go for it, guys.
  10. I'll check what I have when I get home today. I may have an extra I could trade with you. I know Shub is one of the two I'm missing, I just need to check which ones I have dupes of.
  11. Looked at on a macro scale, I agree with you, but on a per-stat basis it even 1 point can be very powerful. As illustrated by our comments about Diana, on a heavily-used stat like Will the difference between a "2" and a "3" (or even a "3" to a "4") is huge, especially when tests often require 2 or more successes. Obviously, there are (highly sought after) items that give a +1 to all rolls for a certain stat now, but you can't rely on getting them... hence my worry if elixirs and stat-boosting items are too easy to obtain. If they don't reliably pop up in every game, I'm not too worried (or yeah, if the penalties are bad enough to balance them out). I chose to only look at the new investigators at Arkham Nights, so I have no idea... I'm maybe just over-cautious.
  12. It certainly doesn't assure a win but it could definitely make it easier, as the game obviously wasn't originally designed with improvement tokens in mind balance-wise.
  13. Well, hopefully the improvements aren't too easy to get... I'm already worried about them potentially making the game too easy.
  14. We've always played it as a requirement as well, since the card clearly says "must".
  15. This part is key. There are several "clue generator" characters in the game (Trish, Mandy, Tony, etc... Jacqueline is my personal favorite) . Don't leave home without one!