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  1. Holy thread necromancy, Batman! Those are some pretty sweet bags.
  2. KBlumhardt

    The Deep Gate literally unreadable!

    This is much more akin to insisting that 'left-handed' does NOT mean 'right-handed', no matter how much some people insist it's simply "language evolving". Again, I choose to believe this is no more permanent than when we were young and dumb and used 'bad' to mean 'good'. No matter how much people loved the Michael Jackson song, when was the last time you heard someone say "Whoa... those are some bad shoes you have there!" as a compliment? Edit: Besides, southpaws are pretty much the devil, so yeah... sinister... left-handed... same difference. 😉 (I kid! I kid!)
  3. KBlumhardt

    Disapponting experience

    I've also had nothing but good luck with FFG's customer service. Specific examples include getting replacement figures for my maniacs (who were both missing their axes) in a couple of days, and getting a no-questions-asked replacement Investigators of Arkham book to replace the one that was damaged due to my FedEx delivery guy being an idiot.
  4. KBlumhardt

    The Deep Gate literally unreadable!

    I don't think so? Who knows, since nobody really understands irony anyway... 😆
  5. KBlumhardt

    The Deep Gate literally unreadable!

    Sure... but it cases like this, it shouldn't because it makes the language far less efficient. The word 'literally' exists for one reason and one reason only: as a way to clarify a statement that could otherwise be nebulous in its meaning. As a ridiculous example, if a friend texted you "I'm dying here", you'd assume that they were fine but being dramatic. If they texted "I'm literally dying here", the proper response would be to call 911 (and later ask them why they didn't call 911 instead of texting you). However, with the bastardization of the word 'literally', you'd now have to take the extra time to text them back and ask "Wait... are you literally... um... actually, really dying or just being dramatic!?!" and wait for a response, losing precious moments that the ambulance could be using to get to your dying friend (assuming they know how to use proper fricking English!).
  6. KBlumhardt

    The Deep Gate literally unreadable!

    Maybe by some... but I'd argue most people who abuse 'literally' do it simply out of habit or because they've heard so many other people use it and don't really understand what it is actually supposed to mean.
  7. KBlumhardt

    The Deep Gate literally unreadable!

    Judging by how the OP bolded the word "eyes", I'm pretty sure they were upset that the editors of the book let that slip past, since Silas only has one eye. Thus, the poor editing apparently makes the book 'literally' (blegh) unreadable.
  8. KBlumhardt

    The Deep Gate literally unreadable!

    I can't wait until we get past this stupid thing with using 'literally' for everything, especially since people generally mean the opposite (figuratively). Someday it will hopefully be something we laugh at, like when "bad" meant "good" back in the 80s.
  9. KBlumhardt

    Our Verdict

    It will definitely benefit from a larger pool of encounter cards (after our 3rd play, we've already got a few memorized) and more scenarios will be welcome of course, but other than that I think they did a good job of making it feel like a 'complete' game.
  10. KBlumhardt

    Arkham Horror 3e is Shipping Now

    Unfortunately, no. Products usually go from "shipping now" to "in stores now" (the actual release date) in about 7-10 days.
  11. KBlumhardt

    Deck building question

    Just randomly draw them, once you have the rest of your deck built. It's basically an honor system.
  12. KBlumhardt

    Arkham Nights 2018 Dates

    Alright... let's be civil. This isn't Reddit or the comments section of YouTube.
  13. KBlumhardt

    Arkham Horror 3e is Shipping Now

    It hasn't actually been released yet, so that's not really a surprise...
  14. KBlumhardt

    Release date?

    Agreed. In this case, though, Miniature Market is also listing it as a December release... so the date might be correct.