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  1. KBlumhardt

    1st Edition Gators Only?

    Other way around, actually. The 2nd edition game comes with the Investigator stat cards and monster tokens, but no minis for either.
  2. KBlumhardt

    Horrific Journeys

    I'm guessing (from the deep one card previewed and from the nature of the game itself) that the conflict will continue to be more indirect. I doubt the goals will be as direct as "kill the other investigators" and will be more like things you can get away with by "accidentally" playing sub-optimally, or they'll (hopefully) go the Dead of Winter route where the humans will have goals to fulfill that made lead them to do weird things, so everyone suspects everyone else.
  3. KBlumhardt

    Horrific Journeys

    Seems highly likely that they'll at least have it there to preview/play. I'm not sure they'll have it for sale, though.
  4. Don't tell me you're one of those people that threw the conversion kit away...
  5. KBlumhardt

    Labyrinths and Unidentified Upgrades

    The 2 non-cheating groups (including ours) had no idea what was in their decks until the end of the game, and apparently the 4th person in their group didn't know or didn't care. As far as the players themselves, considering the level of cheese involved, I don't think it would have stopped them anyway.
  6. KBlumhardt

    Labyrinths and Unidentified Upgrades

    I'm actually happy about it. When we played the epic mode at Arkham Nights, one of the groups in our game had 3 guys who had played the scenario at Gen Con so, knowing what was coming, they all made experienced Seeker decks with 2 copies each of Strange Solution: Acidic Ichor and then proceeded to absolutely nuke the end part of the scenario for all three groups, completely taking any of the challenge or fun out of it.
  7. KBlumhardt

    Next Wave of Novellas?

    If at all possible, my guess is that they'll have the first new one at Arkham Nights again this year. The number of Jenny books they sold last year at the event was... staggering.
  8. KBlumhardt

    Warhammer Quest the Card Game returns!

    Again, this is not an LCG. There is no "core" set. That said, it's certainly possible (and likely, since if the game is as similar to WH:ACG as it appears you wouldn't want two characters of the same class) you're only allowed to have one character of each of the 4 archtypes, which would set a hard limit of 4 players.
  9. KBlumhardt

    The Deep Gate Shortages

    I've apparently been very fortunate. The first book released on the first day of Arkham Nights, so that one was no problem to pick up at the FFG Games Center, and the rest I've been able to preorder at my FLGS, and they've only had trouble getting one of them, which I was able to snag at MiniatureMarket.com. I just checked with my FLGS, and they somehow recieved their full order of the Deep Gate, so I'll have my copy later today.
  10. KBlumhardt

    Warhammer Quest the Card Game returns!

    We're definitely going to try sleeving and mixing the cards (unless, of course, there are drastic rules differences.... which I doubt).
  11. KBlumhardt

    Warhammer Quest the Card Game returns!

    We can't know for sure, but I suspect the split had more to do with X-Wing outselling 40k.
  12. KBlumhardt


    It definitely appears to be the long-awaited (at least by people I know) re-skin of WQ:ACG.
  13. KBlumhardt

    Warhammer Quest the Card Game returns!

    In this instance, I'll forgive it for sure. WH:ACG was a good game that could have been great with some expansions that will never come because GW pulled the license. Now, FFG has a chance to do it right.
  14. The Deep Gate is shipping as well, with the same release date. Silas is on his way!
  15. With Nikki Valens's departure from FFG, I've moved from the "EH almost certainly isn't done" to "yeah, we're probably not getting more expansions".