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  1. There's no backstory on Calvin's AH sheet. There was text for each scenario is the league he was given out for that mentioned he was looking for his daughter Ella, but I don't think that it mentioned specifically that he had a wife (it mentions he had a 'family' which most would assume meant a wife, but it's not explicitly stated. Splitting hairs, I know, but still...). Regardless, as you said, FFG never could seem to pin down whether he was an "official" character or part of the Arkham Files "canon". I think the changes made to him (both in appearance and potentially backstory and orientation) establishes pretty clearly that his earlier appearance and backstory in AH was non-canonical.
  2. Overall Variety in MoM

    I've done something similar by banding the tiles for each expansion separately (separately by small and large tiles). During setup, I give each player a different expansion's tiles to divvy up the work of finding the tiles a bit. It helps.
  3. Night of the Zealot Redux

    Now if I could just get my hands on those promos for Elder Sign 3rd Edition from Arkham Nights 2027...
  4. Overall Variety in MoM

    The $100 MSRP makes that even more impressive.
  5. If and when we get AH 2nd Edition, I suspect there would be dramatic differences. Maybe not to the level of MoM/MoM2E, but I don't see them doing a new edition with minor updates (like TI3 to TI4) considering the perceived similarities between AH and EH (in that, right or wrong, many people already see EH as "AH 2E"). If the changes weren't significant enough to encourage die-hard AH players to buy the new stuff, why bother?
  6. Overall Variety in MoM

    If that's what you need with your games, MoM2E may not be the game for you... and that's fine. Everyone has different tastes and requirements for games.
  7. Novella Speculation

    I think it's a stretch to call a single gap between two releases a "regular" pattern and try to base future releases on it. Just because the gap between book 1 and book 2 was two months doesn't mean the gap between books 2 and 3 will be the same...
  8. Only time will tell, but I'm leaning towards EH not being "done". One of the big reasons is the success of the Arkham Files line, and the popularity of Arkham Nights. For the past several years, there have been basically 4 "featured" games at Arkham Nights on any given year (sometimes five when one was on its way out), and whenever one reached its end, there was always new product that was in place to supplant it (eg. Eldritch replaced Arkham, AH:LCG replaced the Call of Cthulhu CCG/LCG, MoM2E replaced MoM). Until we see a product announcement for a new lengthy, story-heavy, large scale game, I'll hold out hope that EH will live on (just as I'm holding on to hope for more Elder Sign expansions until they announce a new, streamlined, shorter-length dice game in the Mythos). The four Arkham Files games do a great job of filling difference niches, and form solid cornerstones for FFG's Mythos games (and I love them all!). I don't see them removing any of them without something else to take their place.
  9. They're obviously meant to be thrown away after opening, not for storage... so I guess I've never seen an issue with them.
  10. Masks of Nyarlathotep

    That may be true, but there is quite a bit of time travel in the other encounter decks (especially the nasty "The Past" and "The Future" cards in the Other World deck), so there's definitely thematic precedent...
  11. Masks of Nyarlathotep

    Generally the release dates are Thursdays, so probably 2/15. So, I'll be grabbing my copy on the way to see Black Panther...
  12. La era olvidada

    It definitely seems possible that it's Calvin. Crazy how after years of being a "semi-official" investigator, FFG seems to have taken a renewed interest in the character with him appearing in the new EH and ES expansions and now possible here as well...
  13. I proxied this card into a ally-heavy Zoey deck in our Dunwich campaign and found it pretty useful. To me, the most obvious application of this card (and one that I had some success with) is with the upgraded Beat Cop. Being able to untap and heal them works pretty well. It's not insanely great or anything, but enough that it bumps the card up to at least a 3/5.
  14. I feel like his Seeker class makes sense, especially in context to the book. He starts as an academic, obsessed with knowledge and a specific personal mystery, which leads him to gradually be exposed to the mythos and explore forbidden lore and spells. So, it makes sense that he starts as a Seeker and transitions into a Mystic. There's no reason to believe the card is a misprint, as opposed to a "class change" of sorts. In fact, it has gotten many of us excited about other possible upcoming character that could have similar deckbuilding requirements (Mike McGlen comes up often as a possible Rogue that would transition to Guardian). I haven't tested a Norman deck extensively yet, but the Seeker class is loaded with excellent level 0 cards, so giving what is effectively a Mystic access to those cards seems like a pretty great combo, especially with Norman's very high Intellect and Willpower stats.