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  1. One sad bit of news on a tangentially-related business... It's my understanding that the owner of Uncle Hugo's Bookstore (who donate cool books every year as prizes for Arkham Nights) tweeted last night that the store was burned and he's likely looking at a total loss. 😥
  2. I'm an 80s guy, myself (also when I started reading). My first Marvel comics were 2 Miller Daredevil issues and a Claremont X-Men that a cousin gave me.
  3. Huh. Makes sense, since all of her future versions were always Stinger.
  4. Did she stop going by 'Stature'? Huh... apparently I need to catch up on some reading!
  5. Shhhh... reminding people around here that the comics aren't frozen in time in their favorite time period (whether that's 70s, 80s, or... ugh... 90s) never goes well. 🙂
  6. Does anyone have a online print shop that they've used to print cards? For parallel Daisy and her new cards at the very least, I'd like to have 'nice' versions printed.
  7. It says in both the article and the rules insert that there are more coming, so that's apparently the plan!
  8. The one I'm curious about is Jessica Jones, in that not only does she not have any 'hero name', but that she's actively rejected the idea of having one after the whole 'Jewel' thing was such a disaster. Thankfully, this also gave us the hilarious 'Power Woman' dinner conversation... (Okay... technically after this she agreed to go by 'Power Woman', but it didn't really stick)
  9. I think you're forgetting a VERY important card... the Investigator card. 🙂 The simplest explanation is that they're just not counting the mini-card in the card count.
  10. Yep. According to the Upcoming page, the hero packs are one-per-month from June-August, and RotRS is September... so you're right, it would make sense that these would start in October. Unless everything gets pushed back further, of course.
  11. You can still easily run games that I was playing as a kid nearly 40 years ago. Worrying about suddenly not being able to run the app is pretty silly.
  12. I'd say he's holding a bottle of beer by the neck of the bottle... but to keep the game 'family friendly' they may make it a bottle of water or soda. Cheese-Whiz would be hilarious, though. 🙂
  13. Yeah, the art in that run was pretty awful, but it was great to see Matt and Jen finally face off in court. (Assuming you haven't read it... that's a de-serumed old man Steve Rogers sitting next to her. She's defending him in a wrongful death case).
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