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  1. Agreed. My con companion for Arkham Nights will need to find someone to cover the weekend for him and I need to make travel plans, and if they keep pushing out the announcement we may not be able to. I mean, we could assume that it is Oct 13-14, but it's a pretty big risk to do that without official word first!
  2. Well, as you point out... it's maybe some small consolation that the other woman of color in the game is almost unarguably one of the best characters in the game. Maybe Jim will end up being awesome, too?
  3. That'd be interesting... if you didn't end up in Arkham Asylum in the process! The tough thing to accurately account for would be the availablility of "randomness mitigation". I suspect that Julia is right that EH is more random than AH (though to what extent is arguable), but I also think mitigation methods are slightly easier to obtain in EH (but not by much). Clues are easier to obtain in AH, but it takes a lot more of those clues to close gates and win the game, so it's probably a wash. The focus mechanic in EH makes re-rolls very easy to obtain, but it also creates a potential "trap" for players who spend too many actions on Focus tokens. Hanging out in Rome for a couple turns gives you a good chance of getting Blessed in EH, but there are locations in AH that do the same. As far as "randomness" in terms of predicting what skills you'll need in certain encounters and what you'll get from those encounters, it feels like a wash to me. The 9 cities in EH have become more random in what they give as expansions have come out, but in my opinion, we're better off for it. I want to have an idea of what will likely come out of an encounter, not for sure what will. AH's locations are no different (I don't have nearly as many plays of AH under my belt as EH, but those icons on the spaces that supposedly tell you a "most likely result" seemed nearly useless in most of my games). As far as randomness in the OW cards... I'd wager that the majority are still Lore/Will related (I'd be curious if that's actually the case still, though!), but there's definitely plenty with Str and Inf. I'm not sure how that's much worse than the OW encounters in AH, where you know you're going to spend 2-3 turns doing completely random things. For players who don't tirelessly memorize what allies and what cards will show up in which deck in AH, I do think EH has the edge though in some ways in that you know, for instance, that there's a high chance that if you're doing a city encounter (particularly a generic one) you'll need Inf (or Obs) and most Research encounters will use Lore and Obs (except for frickin' Atlach-Nacha and her stupid "Don't have a spell? No clue for you!!!" crap). Anyway, I'm rambling, so... TL;DR: That'd be an awesome thought experiment, Runko!
  4. My comment said nothing about EH, much less anything "fanboyish". You actually make some decent points in this post... which just accentuates why I made the comment in the first place, as my issue was your comment that AH was more successful (with the implication that it meant it was better) simply because it's been around longer. That's simply a ridiculous comment, and I stand by calling it out as such. All that said, while I appreciate how much of an abassador you are for various games on these forums, I have to admit, your habit of hanging around this subforum seemingly with the sole purpose of trashing EH seems to run counter to the immense good you do for the other Arkham games (I for one love your crazy analysis of Elder Sign!!). I do admit to being a bit of a fanboy for EH... but that's the point of this subforum. It's a place for fans of the game to discuss it. I don't see how your love of trashing EH and constantly reminding everyone how flawed and random you think the game is helps. If anything, you're likely just driving potential new players away. I, for one, think AH has some pretty significant flaws as well. However, you're not going to find me hanging out in the official AH subforum crapping on that game and attacking people who love AH for being "fanboys" simply because they dare like the game more than I do.
  5. Guessing, or officially?
  6. Not counting Arkham Horror: The Card Game, I assume?
  7. Just because a game is old and has sold well doesn't make it better than something newer. Otherwise, we should all just be playing Monopoly.
  8. I enjoy both, but EH makes it to the table a lot more than AH for our group at least.
  9. Our games usually average 3-3.5 hours for 4-5 players. You may just take a bit longer with your turns than our group does. One thing you can do to speed up the game is to briefly discuss what you're going to do in the Investigator phase and then all take your actions at the same time. You can also have everyone take care of their conditions and possessions simultaneously during the Mythos phase. This is what we do when we're playing with 7-8 players to speed up the game. As far as difficultly, it's tough to give you advice. The game can be a bit punishing at times, but it's not generally that hard. You may just need to get more experience to help make decisions on what to spend your actions on and what to focus your encounters on. Edit: I just noticed your comment about "losing all four characters". You are aware that if you lose a character, you select a new one at the end of the Mythos phase and keep playing (unless you're in certain endgame states), right?
  10. Agreed. Sure, Arkham Nights is tiny as far as "conventions" go, but the hard focus on a select few games means everyone there is interested in playing the same games and it's really easy to meet new people and get to chatting and gaming with them. This will be year #4 for me... and my biggest regret is the ones I missed before that (especially since it's only a few hour drive for me).
  11. Arkham Nights should be announced in the next few weeks. It's generally end of August-Early September. Considering the sold-out crowd last year, I'd say there's no danger of it not being held.
  12. That hasn't changed in the past few years... that's hardly a sign that it's "dead". It takes just as many clicks to get to MoM2E. Is that "dead" too? 7 expansions is only a "small part"? I like the way you think, even if I'm not sure I agree.
  13. My thoughts on EH possibly being done come solely from the fact that EH is at a logical "stopping point", since now have the original 48 investigators (same applies to Elder Sign). I don't think that means they have to stop putting out expansions (they may well continue... like I said, we should find out in the next several weeks) but they certainly could at this point. I'd love if they'd at least continue to put out EH "Ancient One Packs" (in-house printed packs with an Ancient One and related decks) similar to the MoM1E POD expansions.
  14. Not for Eldritch, no. IF there are going to be any more Eldritch expansions (crossing my fingers!!!), the announcement should be in the next month or so though.
  15. I'm with Julia on this one. The couple of times we've used a barricade, the monster(s) have broken through them immediately. Our dice seem to hate us. We basically just ignore them.