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  1. KBlumhardt

    Our Verdict

    It will definitely benefit from a larger pool of encounter cards (after our 3rd play, we've already got a few memorized) and more scenarios will be welcome of course, but other than that I think they did a good job of making it feel like a 'complete' game.
  2. KBlumhardt

    Deck building question

  3. KBlumhardt

    Arkham Nights 2018 Dates

    Alright... let's be civil. This isn't Reddit or the comments section of YouTube.
  4. KBlumhardt

    Arkham Horror 3e is Shipping Now

    It hasn't actually been released yet, so that's not really a surprise...
  5. KBlumhardt

    Release date?

    Agreed. In this case, though, Miniature Market is also listing it as a December release... so the date might be correct.
  6. KBlumhardt

    Invocation 2018

    This is my 4th year going, and the day-and-a-half length of Arkham Nights has always felt about right to me. I always find myself thinking "It's over already?", but in retrospect I think another day would feel a bit long for a pretty small event.
  7. KBlumhardt

    Invocation 2018

    All of this is true. However, "Invocation 2018" is listed as one of the events at Arkham Nights this year, so the answer to sabrjay's question is technically "yes"... although Invocation is a separate event normally, it is also part of Arkham Nights 2018.
  8. KBlumhardt

    Arkham Nights 2018 Dates

    Got my tickets also, but yikes... that price hike! Anyway, thanks for the link.
  9. KBlumhardt

    Arkham Nights 2018 Dates

    They've traditionally been $25, but iirc they raised them to $35 last year.
  10. KBlumhardt

    Arkham Nights 2018 Dates

    They did give us notice way ahead of time this year... they posted on their Facebook page a few months back that it was October 19th & 20th.
  11. KBlumhardt

    How old are you

    41. The average age of my game group is probably mid-30s, and it's about half people in the 40-42 range and half in the mid-20s. I played board games with my family as a child, then was heavy into both RPGs and video games from age 10 or so. Got heavy into board games about 5 years ago. I'm excited to be going to my 4th Arkham Nights next month, as it's only a three hour drive. ?
  12. KBlumhardt

    A new DLC seems to be coming soon

    More details: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2051766/altered-fates-new-dlc
  13. KBlumhardt

    Will there be new investigators?

    Daniela likes "fast cars and fast women" and Calvin's lost lover was a man. So, I'm (somewhat intentionally incorrectly as I'm certainly not in the aforementioned 'ewww... gay stuff!' crowd) using "gay" as shorthand for LGBTQ+, since we don't have full information on either's orientation exactly. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth when Daniela and the new, now-official version of Calvin were introduced in EH from people who apparently think everyone was straight back in the 1920s. One person was even upset that FFG was introducing "explicit sexual content" in EH because Daniela's investigator card had the line about liking fast cars and fast women... ?