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  1. The Deep Gate is shipping as well, with the same release date. Silas is on his way!
  2. With Nikki Valens's departure from FFG, I've moved from the "EH almost certainly isn't done" to "yeah, we're probably not getting more expansions".
  3. No problem! A quick note: DO NOT throw out the extra character cards. I know it sounds obvious... but for some inexplicable reason, there are people who have done so, and then they had no way to play those characters when they later picked up the expansions.
  4. They were included for people who already owned all of the 1st edition content and wanted to use the characters they owned from those products in the new game. For people who jumped in with 2nd edition, they become playable when you enable the Suppressed Memories and Recurring Nightmares expansions.
  5. KBlumhardt

    Heart of the Elders

    Considering it's the box cover for Eldritch Horror, the art is pretty familiar to many of us.
  6. I'm sure they'll have it available at Arkham Nights 2018 in November as well (luckily for those of us that go each year).
  7. Not entiiiiiirely true... Carnivale has a set of four player cards you can obtain, and Rougario has a couple player cards as well (although you don't necessarily want them). But yeah, they aren't roughly half-and-half like the other scenarios (which I'm sure is what you meant). That said... yeah, they're both pretty fun scenarios, and we typically slot them in somewhere in our longer campaigns. Pick 'em up for sure!
  8. C'mon, Soak... you know better than that. It's a digital app, so they'll start you with three and you'll have to either grind like crazy for a 10% chance to get 1 of 100 shards you need to unlock a new random character or they'll just charge you $9.99/investigator. I wish I was entirely kidding.
  9. Digital versions of board games are pretty popular, and FFG is a branch of one of the largest board game companies out there... why wouldn't they focus on digital versions of their games? There are plenty of big video game publishers out there who could make all the Cthulhu games they wanted. Besides, the article gives us very little info , so you're making some big assumptions here. We don't know if this will be separate scenarios, one long story, or a rogue-like. The article gives no indications how closely it will resemble the game other than the pictures showing investigators standing in rooms...
  10. KBlumhardt

    Release Schedule Best Guess

    Good observations. However... calling last October (when LoL was announced) "almost a year ago" is a bit of an exaggeration.
  11. My FLGS got a least a case in here in Fargo, ND. I saw they had about half a dozen reserved for people besides mine. Send me a PM, and I'll give you their contact info. I'm sure if they have any extra, they'd be happy to ship you one.
  12. KBlumhardt

    Fewer Novellas, More Side Adventures!

    It is, thank you!
  13. KBlumhardt

    Fewer Novellas, More Side Adventures!

    Here's a list of cards she can use, stolen from an awesome deckbuilder excel spreadsheet I found yesterday and can't, for the life of me, find again (or I would give credit to the creator!): Warning: It's huge. edit: credit for the sheet goes to Randy Hargis on BGG. Thanks, Randy!!!
  14. KBlumhardt

    Fewer Novellas, More Side Adventures!

    Carolyn is now active on the arkhamdb site, so once her restrictions are programmed in correctly, you should just be able to use that. ...and yes, she can use Peter Sylvestre (and should!). It sets up a VERY nice combo with Forbidden Knowledge.
  15. KBlumhardt

    How many play throughs do people have?

    Night of the Zealot - 5 complete Labyrinths of Lunacy - 3 Curse of the Rougarou - 2 Carnivale of Horrors - 2 Dunwich Legacy - 2 complete Path to Carcosa - 1 partial (in progress)