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  1. Yikes, usually the quality involved in FFG's products is one of it's main selling points. These don't live up to that at all. Shame. Hopefully it's a one-off slip-up.
  2. Because it's gaming the system and potentially denying other people better finishes and the potential of making the cut. All of the games should be played fully to keep everything fair.
  3. The success of the U-Boats and Palp-Aces is just going to make them more prevalent next time.
  4. Yuck. Only two lists in the top 8 weren't U-Boats or Palp-Aces. I'm not a sky is falling kind of guy but that's just boring. Hopefully the Top 16 and 32 had a little more diversity.
  5. A fair amount of luck as well. Getting a big hit on Carnor super early complete with stunned pilot is what really gave him the game.
  6. Boba killed the Emperor on the live stream! The bounty on that must have bankrupted the Rebel Alliance.
  7. I'm really hoping the top 8 wasn't all Palp-Aces and U-Boats. That would be super depressing. Reminds me of Han/Whisper.
  8. Menace wasn't as bad as people make it out to be. Yeah Jar Jar was lame and there were some questionable character direction but it had a cohesive plot unlike AotC and the Duel with Maul was one of the best saber fights in the entire series. I hated that lightsaber fight. Was it choreographed well? Sure. That's all it had going for it though, the complete lack of emotion from anyone involved killed it for me. Both of the Vader vs Luke fights were *miles* better.
  9. It's unavoidable due to the size of the event.
  10. stabbald

    damage decks

    Except if you run swarms... No even then. Gaming the system is for squares. And by 'gaming the system' you mean 'using a rule as FFG explicitly stated they intend you to', right? They blatantly didn't intend it though, otherwise they wouldn't have attempted to phase it out.
  11. I for one would *hate* to see the N1 in this game. That, along with Podracers and JarJar are too strong of a reminder about how terrible the prequels were. That said I wouldn't have a problem with many other prequel ships, probably because they tend not to have a strong connection with the Phantom Menace.
  12. Smart. I made the mistake of watching the first season of it. It's basically what you'd expect from Disney star wars. Example; there's a lightsaber that's also a gun. Because how cool is a lightsaber gun when you're 6 years old. Which I suppose is the point - I don't care for rebels as I'm in my 30s, but it's probably not a bad show for its target audience of 3-11 year olds. What's wrong with a lightsaber gun?
  13. Hmm... wondering if I should drop Corran from my list with all of these dangerous Wampas out there. Maybe Poe is a better idea.
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