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  1. The first thing I learned as a painter (starting more decades ago than I care to admit), was that while I started off with "X" number of colors I always ended up needing more. It never fails no matter how many painters I talk to...unless that painter happens to mix their own shades. But for the other +95% of us, it's true. The second thing I learned was that you need to paint for yourself and at your own pace. Frankly, the best way to figure out what you need is to sit down and puzzle it out. Decide which models you want to do, and work outwards from there. You don't have to follow the artwork in the game if you don't want to. A good example of that might be Onar Kona and Jynn Odan who both feature orange...Give them beige or red instead. If/when you get to Hera Syndulla, you can get orange if you haven't already acquired it, mix it yourself, or go with a different color. My Fenn, for example, is wearing a grey uniform and my Mak is golden brown/yellow and wearing a blue jumpsuit. When I first started painting IA nearly three years ago, I decided I would paint Stormtroopers, Wing Guard (we were playing Bespin at the time), and the Rebel models that made up our group. After those were finished, I decided to add another couple Rebels and another group or two of Imperials/Scum. That way I was spending a much smaller amount of money on paint and not going bonkers getting all the colors! Having said all that: based on this list: You can really cover the basics with another 10-12 colors. I would make sure you have two additional flesh tones (for light, medium, and dark tones), two additional browns (to vary hair colors, boots, belts, and straps), two good greys, and another lighter/darker shade to give you options in your other basic shades (a brighter blue, a darker red, etc.).
  2. It certainly was. I am as confused as the next person on where we stand now, though. Mr. Horvath seems, to me, to be more than a little impressed about IA's staying power. When a game has that kind of staying power, you have to evaluate your stance. Maybe your stance changes, maybe it doesn't. There's a lot of math going on behind the scenes with that (development, amortization, etc.), and it could be that IA didn't make sense on release cycle A, but works on release cycle B. My suspicion is that FFG will wait out this year to see how things go, and decide whether or not we get more figures, boxes, and/or campaigns after that. [PERSONAL THEORY] If we get another strong year, I believe that things are back "open" and FFG will determine what happens after that: for example a boxed set one year and a complete set of figures with some new missions the following year, or something else. If we hold steady, or dip a bit, then we might get a "test" release to see what happens. If we drop off a cliff (I believe FFG expected that to happen this year), then we can probably expect an app-campaign and be glad for it. [/PERSONAL THEORY] Only time will tell, though. But it does meant that A) We need to get playing IA again (as soon as COVID-19 fades enough that we can go out and mingle again) to keep visibility up at the FLGS and B) I need to keep painting away.
  3. That's great! I'll get there one day, too! Although they won't be quite so high quality.
  4. Given the comments from the interview, I think it's safe to say that FFG does look in on the forum (from time to time). Which isn't to say that they read everything, but maybe they check out things (like how often Zuckuss and 4-LOM are mentioned as needing expansion packs), or just look to see how much activity announcements generate.
  5. Uhhh...mats on which to play the raid mode (from the app). The app has two raid scenarios. You don't need them to play the raid, but you do need to have certain expansions if you don't (or be willing to sub some board pieces of similar shape).
  6. Well, I'm a campaign-player that does not go into skirmish. So, story-wise, he's a bit over-the-top on the power scale. I would have, and probably did, say the same thing about Palpatine. We still got 'im, and I still bought 'im. So it's not like this would be a deal-breaker for me. If I played skirmish, I think he'd be much higher on my list. Skirmish is, so far as I would be concerned, "anything goes."
  7. We go on and on about it across multiple threads. I agree about Scouts, but disagree on speeder bikes. Bikes are simply too high speed for the game. But another "missing" troop would be the Death Squad Commando/Star Destroyer Commanders. One of the few original trilogy Imperials not present. Ewoks would be ok. I'm not really for or against them. Zuckuss and 4-LOM are not optional, IMO. While some folks say (rightly) that they were only onscreen for a very limited time, they did as much as Dengar and IG-88, but less than Bossk--and we've got all those. Yoda wouldn't really be my first choice, I'd rather have a rebel trooper on a tuantaun.
  8. I'm holding out hope on reprints--it's a way that we can still build the communities for campaign and skirmish. I would wager that FFG are simply clearing their queue on any further digital content, but maybe they're still developing. I think the best we can hope for on the editor-front would be an editor that was community developed program to which the powers that be simply turned blind eyes.
  9. New raid mode today. But that pales in comparison to the confirmation that new physical product will not be coming due to "business reasons."
  10. About the only avenue left that would provide hope for IA would be if FFG made digital expansions and sold those through the app. We've got lots of tiles, and many characters (even though we're missing some key figures). Then we, as fans, could use Legion figures or generic tokens to represent anything we wanted. I'm guessing that it was a combination of Hasbro and Legion that killed IA. I mean, you can sell multiple units of whichever expansion to Legion players, but you're probably only going to sell one to any particular IA group. That hurts when it comes time to evaluate where your resources are allocated. I can't say I'm surprised, but I'm still disappointed by IA's (physical) passing.
  11. Hello, Andrew. Thank you for taking the time to do this Q&A. Given the similarity between Star Wars: Imperial Assualt and Descent, is there a reasonable likelihood of future IA development in the style of the "Heroes & Monsters" releases?
  12. You can try FFG's customer service or you can download a copy from the product main page (go to Products at the top of the page, then head to the Star Wars section, choose Imperial Assault, go down to the Rules section).
  13. Someone should warn him that this could be a regular question...
  14. Officially, there isn't a way to purchase just the minis. You could try eBay, or emailing FFG's customer service. No guarantee that they'll do it, though. In the meanwhile, you could try dropping the miniatures that bother you into a bowl of Simple Green. I haven't tried it myself, but most folks who claim to know say that Simple Green will weaken acrylic paint enough to be scrubbed off in a day or so. I don't know that it would do anything to enamels. You could also just paint over the mistakes if the paint isn't already done too thick.
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