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  1. Strawhat

    New map announced.. Ewoks?!

    Ewoks...I can dig it. Of course, they were planning on eating our favorite rebels before 3PO went berserk and scared them into next week so it's not like they "need" to be allied with the rebels. I'm just thrilled for the chance at new content!
  2. Strawhat

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    There could be another way. I've seen much better painters than myself handle difficult mold-lines by using a coat of brush-on sealer (I'm not sure if it was gloss or matte) over the line. A layer of sealer could smooth over the layers of the printing.
  3. Those are impressive, but way too rich for my blood. And I'm in the States.
  4. You forgot the rebel on a tauntaun and Death Squad Commanders/Death Star Troopers...
  5. Just get me my last two bounty hunters...I'll keep buying IA, FFG. I promise! Of course, I'd probably buy Willrow Hood.
  6. Strawhat

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    Death Squad Commander(s) Zuckuss and 4-LOM Rebel on Tauntaun I'm pretty good after that. I mean, I've bought everything up til now and I'm probably not going to stop any time soon. I still want some droids and civilians for missions.
  7. Strawhat

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    We need Zuckuss and 4-LOM. I'd take Aurra Sing and/or Bane after that, though. I also wouldn't mind a couple more jawas, while we're at it. Pretty much, I'll buy it if FFG releases it. I like having the miniatures for the game.
  8. Strawhat

    Tyrants of Lothal

    Don't get me wrong, I'm much more interested in those than the Ghost crew--but being reasonably demanded figures and thematically un-related, if they were to appear in one wave... t'would worry me a bit.
  9. Strawhat

    Tyrants of Lothal

    I believe it to be a situation where FFG are just preemptively stopping any issues from arising where character X gets an absurd bonus because of an unforeseen interaction. I had the same initial reaction. I'm just happy to have some news coming out, and new things to buy on the way. I'm not going to worry about the long-term health of the game unless the next release is 4-LOM and Zuckuss, a rebel trooper on a tauntaun, and Scout Troopers.
  10. Strawhat

    Yet another painting question thread

    1) There are some very inexpensive minis out there. Reaper's Bones line stands out--often only a couple bucks per figure. 2) No idea. 3) Paint can be tricky. I've heard that repeated "treatment" can sometimes salvage paints. Repeated vigorous shaking, sometimes adding some flow improver, and adding a "heavy" bead/agitator are all part of the process I've read about. But I've read of people being able to revive some of the old Ral Partha or Citadel lines from the 90s. If you go about trying it, I've heard that folks prefer a hematite bead due to it's lack of reactivity with most paints. 4) No idea. 5) You'll have to do the math on that one. Sometimes the mix of colors, paint brush (if any), and/or carrying case isn't worth it. Generally, IMO, you're better off choosing specifically what you want.
  11. We accomplished the last two missions in one night. I figure we started about 6pm, and wound down a little before midnight. Plenty of time for table-talk and analyzing (and re-analyzing) most of our decisions.
  12. Strawhat

    App Update

    You don't have to imagine it: the Gobi Desert can hit -40 in the winter, but usually stays a little "warmer" (but still way below freezing).
  13. Strawhat

    Stripping paint from IA figure

    You might be able to find more detailed in the painting forum, but the general answer is usually "Simple Green." I've not had to strip anything, myself, so can't say how fast/easy Simple Green makes the job.
  14. I'm a Reaper paint devotee as well. The others are all, to the best of my understanding, fine products as well. I also recommend checking out Reaper's forum. There are many skilled painters over there who are happy to help out with advice. One thing about painting, though, is that there are many different styles and everyone has a different level of desired result. Even though I love watching Sorastro's videos and get the occasional bit of inspiration, his style isn't mine (I simply don't have the patience, let alone his eye for colors). So don't feel that you have to mimic any one particular set of results.
  15. Strawhat

    Imperial Officer Colours

    I chose to do two officers in black ("generic" imperial officers to match the card art), and the other as an ISB officer (white tunic, black pants). It just made sense to me that the ISB might represent itself in a situation where there was a high rebel threat.