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  1. Someone should warn him that this could be a regular question...
  2. Officially, there isn't a way to purchase just the minis. You could try eBay, or emailing FFG's customer service. No guarantee that they'll do it, though. In the meanwhile, you could try dropping the miniatures that bother you into a bowl of Simple Green. I haven't tried it myself, but most folks who claim to know say that Simple Green will weaken acrylic paint enough to be scrubbed off in a day or so. I don't know that it would do anything to enamels. You could also just paint over the mistakes if the paint isn't already done too thick.
  3. LINK to IA thread. The video is a few posts down. The gist is that, for at least the next year, there is nothing physical planned for Imperial Assault. There are a couple things scheduled for the app, though. But no new figs, boxes, etc.
  4. I've got lots to paint, and we've got the app. But I'll admit this takes some wind out of the proverbial sails. I guess this gives our group more reason to try some of the other games we've got, though. This is both good and bad.
  5. It's appreciated. The answer isn't something we can control. I'm glad someone asked.
  6. I would like to believe this. I thought we had two SKUs open, but there was only one (SWI37). The inclusion of the Ewok artwork is puzzling...it's not like there's a shortage of artwork for options (albeit not Endor-themed). Why choose something for a non-existent product and that will cause confusion among the fan base? The map came from Captain Terro, and he's not Endor-themed. I strongly suspect that the Ewoks were being developed, but have been sidelined...Perhaps it was something that LFL/Disney put a stop to, or just couldn't get the kinks worked out with the developers. But now I'm rambling.
  7. Fair enough. But about all we can do now is hope and say "maybe next year..."
  8. Yup. I couldn't have said it better. I'd buy 'em all if I could (****, I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'd buy Willrow Hood if they released him)...especially if we could get that rebel on a tauntaun, some Death Squad Commandos, etc.
  9. Well, we're getting more content for the app. That is definitely good news. But, unless app content is generating significant sales, there's not exactly a lot of profit generation going on. That is bad news. I really would have liked to hear about something solid, though. A figure wave at least.
  10. I could live (reasonably contentedly) with a box and a wave a year. But I think that we just don't have the revenue generation capability (repeat sales, and all) of Legion, and I suspect IA is a little more resource-intense than Legion when it comes to development. I want to believe in the future of IA, it's a great game, and we have a lot of fun playing it. I could pick up Legion (maybe), but our other two players are a 40k guy and a boardgame guy that doesn't (usually) do minis games. So I'm not likely to pick up Legion without serious commitment from the others--which is doubtful. Come on, FFG, at least "finish" the ecosystem (Endor box, Zuckuss & 4-LOM, Scout Troopers, Yoda...). ... Please.
  11. Ewoks...I can dig it. Of course, they were planning on eating our favorite rebels before 3PO went berserk and scared them into next week so it's not like they "need" to be allied with the rebels. I'm just thrilled for the chance at new content!
  12. There could be another way. I've seen much better painters than myself handle difficult mold-lines by using a coat of brush-on sealer (I'm not sure if it was gloss or matte) over the line. A layer of sealer could smooth over the layers of the printing.
  13. Those are impressive, but way too rich for my blood. And I'm in the States.
  14. You forgot the rebel on a tauntaun and Death Squad Commanders/Death Star Troopers...
  15. Just get me my last two bounty hunters...I'll keep buying IA, FFG. I promise! Of course, I'd probably buy Willrow Hood.
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