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  1. Well, a wizard is never late... Challenge of the Wainriders
  2. I like the game, but this is really worrisome: Players online
  3. Every expansion/pack I've bought comes with a proof of purchase certificate, either as a separate piece of card paper or printed on the back of the manuals. I had this in mind when I advanced my argument, thank you for considering it.
  4. 2 things: first, obviously I did not mean that I'm paying for the same thing. The product is evidently different, no question about it, but it seems reasonable to me that FFG, let's say, at least facilitate the acquisiton to their faithful costumers. Second point: certanily they are aiming for a larger audience, so giving a discount or even giving some packs for free, as you say, to those who already own the physical copies certainly would'nt ruin their business.
  5. I'd like to add that allowing players to "import" their physical expansions/packs would definitely be the correct move. Buying something you already have seems absurd to me.
  6. This is what you're looking for: https://talesfromthecards.wordpress.com/2013/09/13/new-player-buying-guide/
  7. For those who have the same doubt I've had - Can ally Gandalf (Over Hill and Under Hill #10) target himself with Narya (The Grey Havens #15), exhaust for the cost and then ready for the effect, thus gaining +1 atk and +1 def until the end of the phase? Here's what Caleb said:
  8. Ok, Gizlivadi, no blue Wizards as heroes, but I think they are worth a tribute (by the way, I based this card on the later version of their history, not on the one in which they failed like Saruman did...)
  9. The Istari were sent to Middle-Earth to act as guides to the Free People, but in dire situations we see Gandalf, notably, using his magic to counter the forces of evil.
  10. I am Gandalf the White. And I come back to you now - at the turn of the tide.
  11. I thought about making the Blue Wizards too, however their "description" is so vague and Tolkien was so undecided about their fate that it would feel more like a pure creation than an adaption according to the lore.
  12. Could not find the artist, though the image can be found here: http://esdla.wikia.com/wiki/Radagast?file=Radagast_el_Pardo.jpg
  13. Another one!!! I gave a lot of thought on this card, I even reread some excerts from the books to make something consistent with the lore. Of course such a card would require a deck with some other Traits, e.g., Wilmen. As I did with Radagast, the art comes from DeviantArt and the artist is credited as always.
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