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  1. Hello OggDude, just encountered a weird bug. When I add the talent "well rounded" via GM grants to a character and then save that character, reload it, and try to print it's sheet, the printing window stops generating pages when reachin page 2 and doesn't show any pages. When ungranting "well rounded", saving the char, then reloading it and trying to print, it works again. I get no error message in the printing window. it just doesn't load anything after page 2 and doesn't show any pages at all. Oh, wait. I can generate an error message when I try to print after it didn't show any pages. maybe that can help you: Nevermind, found the spoiler-tag, but can't edit my question in it anymore ...
  2. First of all: Sunny, Amy, Nimo, Aldec: GO AWAY! All the others: Help, please! TLDR: Want to create a small campaign that leads to a cunning destruction of a big bad but also needs the group to do at least 3 Jobs of their choosing in a sandbox around the Gordian Reach. I am going to conclude a big arc for our group and need some inspiration as to how to do it. If you want to know what I want without reading the fluff, read from "My Idea" (5th "headline"). The group and the way here: We are a group of 5 with rotating GM and have been playing for quite some time. (Face/Conman, Sharpshooter/Girl, Muscle/Tinkerer, Droidtech, Pilot/Conman) Our first adventure was a con gone wrong where we were betrayed by our employer in the end. This betrayal has led us to wait for our revenge. What drove us up until now was the prospect of winning the kessel run in a few months (ingame time) and meeting the Betrayer when he has to announce the winners. A bull plan that was way to complicated and by now does not meet the flair of the group anymore. We played for almost a year and the characters developed into a group of cunning, not so triggerhappy, strategic outlaws. We now have connections to many NPCs and are centered around the Gordian reach with many locations known to the players. We basically built a nice sandbox though the last couple sessions. We developed a habit of not going in guns blazing and are now a very strategic and cunning group. This works very well and the characters are still trying out different kinds of jobs to find something they want to make their "thing". Here is what I want to do: Since our "plan" to get to the Betrayer is not fitting anymore, I decided to conclude that arc in my next adventure. BUT I don't want it to be just as easy. I want to create a semi-campaign feel to it, with a few jobs or missions leading up to the big finale. Since our sessions all were centered around getting the group together, fixing the ship and finding our place in the Outer Rim, we didn#t have a real campaign with connected adventures. I want to change that by bringing many NPCs , locations and background of the characters together in a small collection of adventures, concluding in the characters getting their revenge. You still with me? nice! Before you continue reading: I have Ideas. But i can't quit put them together to a cohesive plotline or campaign or whatever. I ask for help, because I need ideas, inspiration and input to revise my ideas and fill the gaps between my isolated scenes. I will take everything in. Everything can help me. If your input sparks the idea that takes the whole thing in a different direction, so be it. If in the end I have a cool plot, everything worked out great. The Big Bad: Let's call him Orlon An underboss for Kel'To the hutt, rival to Nemro the hutt. Orlon is a cunning underboss who thinks he is invincible because he works directly for Kel'To and has a lot of free reign. He surrounds himself with minions and hires Guns and Bodyguards, ikes to gamble and is generally an arrogant *******. He betrayed the group and almost killed them, made their lives miserable. He is not as invincible as he thinks, because, ... well, he's not a Hutt and just one of Kel'Tos tools. He might be "skimming from the top", which could be used against him. My Idea (This is the important stuff, sorry for reading the rest): The group will either try to kill Orlon or destroy his live. I am hoping for the latter and would like to push that. The idea is, that they destroy Kel'Tos trust in Orlon. This would work fine. BUT! I also want the group to have a build-up to that by having to do a few Jobs to get into the position they need to get Orlon. We have a collection of NPCs who can be included. A few outer-rim "traders", an imperial admiral, a few underworld-contacts, such and such. What my mind wants to do: Force the group to do at least 3 Jobs, chosen from a collection of X jobs in order to get into a position to destroy Orlon. What my mind can't work out: What is the framework, that makes sense? Do they need to get Kel'to top trust them? Does he need at least 3 people he trusts to sponsor the group? Is that realy something the group can find out? Is it realistic that they come up with the idea to do that? And why? What would they tell Kel'to then? Or does Kel'to look for someone from the outside to find a mole in his organisation? Does this make sense? I want to have them do at least 3 Jobs in our Sandbox before being able to destroy Orlon, but these Jobs can (and maybe should?) also help them build their case against Orlon? Maybe Orlon betrayed a few of the groups copntacts and they can help the group in exchange for a job or two? I don't know! Everything makes sens, but nothing does. xD So much text. I feel bad now. If you could just get the creativity flowing, that would be great.
  3. Hey there Oggdude. My group and I really love your tool and use it alsmost every day to either develope or create our characters. In a way, you have become a part of our everyday live. That said I'd like to enter here with some criticism.^^ We are a german group an spend some time translating what was translatable. With the new upgrade I saw that the motivations have to be reduced to description only. In my oppinion, that's a step back. I understand that you separated motivations and specialMotivations in two files. basically a step forward. But connecting both based on the name and not the id of the motivation seems like you where half asleep when you did this. The result is, that we can't translate the motivations anymore. I'd advice you to keep translateability in mind when working on the editor. You implemented the possibility in the first place. Please don't take it away now. Being able to translate more of the tool would be even greater. My second comment: Performance. You did a great job in increading performance between 1.4 and 1.5. Keep up the good optimization work. And last but hard: I got the feeling that with the new update you where more focused on implementing content and not optimizing the tool. Performance is a lot better, yes. But a lot of data-handling and the way the tool works in the background seems to be unfitting for your actual programming-abilities. If I were you, I'd take some time to optimize the code and the data-handling and the structure of the databases and zhe code. This way you could stabilize the programm, implement better translateability and editability (is that a word?^^) and maybe even push performance even more. I love 1.4.6. So please don't get this post as a negative statement. But my group and I won't be using 1.5 for now. We have the feeling you could've focused more on the basics than more content. That said: Keep up the good work. I am eagerly waiting for the next update to see if we can hop on the oggdude-train again. Best regards Wogister
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