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    Helias de Nappo reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in Who’s the President in that Timeline   
    @Magnus Grendel 
    I got you covered sir.
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    Helias de Nappo reacted to Darth Meanie in Limited Actions for Wingmates - Deep Stuff   
    This violates the KISS principle of wings.
    A.  Rotating the indicator will be a PIA with all those models in close proximity. 
    B.  Players are now going to be spending time figuring out which rotated ships are doing what.  Exactly the opposite intent of wings.
    C.  Thematically, each ship being rotated differently means they are not following the wing leader.
    Or, rotate becomes an action only the leader can perform, and all wingmen lose a second action to follow suit, but again, now you have lost the simplicity of wings.
    Wings are powerful.   Some incentives to fly solo aren't bad. 
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    Helias de Nappo reacted to 5050Saint in Limited Actions for Wingmates - Deep Stuff   
    I'm fine with most actions being limited while in a wing, but being unable to repair should probably be changed in the rules to be allowed. However, it does seem somewhat  thematic for a ship to need to break formation to repair their ship before rejoining the battle group.
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    Helias de Nappo reacted to Hiemfire in Limited Actions for Wingmates - Deep Stuff   
    I meant over a few turns, sorry for the confusion.
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    Helias de Nappo reacted to Hiemfire in Limited Actions for Wingmates - Deep Stuff   
    Salvo, split to reload, and then regroup into formation. The restrictions only apply while in formation.
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    Helias de Nappo reacted to Biff in Limited Actions for Wingmates - Deep Stuff   
    So, like, wingmates can’t repair damage. I hadn’t noticed that... Per Epic rules – “During the Activation Phase and at all other times, a wingmate is limited to the following actions: calculate, evade, focus, reinforce, and lock.” Abilities with the “ACTION:” header (as found on some condition, damage, ship or upgrade cards) are excluded from this list. Wow – completely stunning. Each time I play this game I learn something. I was already bummed that they can't rotate arc, but this is pretty deep stuff - my Separatist Drone wingmates can’t recover their Energy-Shell Charges missile upgrade.
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    Helias de Nappo reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in Who’s the President in that Timeline   
    No apologies needed in the least @Magnus Grendel 
    If you ever used Z-95 Headhunter, unnamed Firespray, or the Grand Inquisitor’s TIE,  if you have ever roleplayed a Twi’lek, Rodian or Bothan, if ever you used the Imperial Security Bureau in the plot background, if ever you took command of a Victory Class, an Interdictor, or a Star Galleon, or if ever wondered who gave Admiral Ackbar, Major General Veers or Major Derljn their backstories, then please know you are honoring West End Games every time you roll your dice.  
    So cheers to you and all Star Wars fans out there 🥂
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    Helias de Nappo reacted to Magnus Grendel in Who’s the President in that Timeline   
    Fair enough, and apologies.
    I did come across Star Warriors as a board game once, but never really read much of the WEG RPG materials; and certainly not enough to know when (respectively) they were published.
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    Helias de Nappo reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in Who’s the President in that Timeline   
    To be fair we West End Games folks expanded Star Wars for four years before the release of the Heir to The Empire trilogy.  And were walking on Cloud City to see material we created on those story pages.
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    Helias de Nappo reacted to Magnus Grendel in Who’s the President in that Timeline   
    The covers are reworked versions of the Timothy Zahn 'Thrawn' trilogy - which is largely considered to be the kick-off point for the Star Wars Extended Universe - the stuff deemed non-canon by Disney after they bought the Star Wars IP.
    (and then regularly plundered for ideas and source material, such as Dark Empire, the TIE defender, and Thrawn himself).  
    In fairness, in this timeline, people are psyched for new films....right up until the second film introduces the Yuuzhan Vong.
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    Helias de Nappo reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in Who’s the President in that Timeline   
    In this timeline Oprah became President and the whole World (and it’s Moonbase, Mars and asteroid colonies) were al at Peace. 
    Also,  politicians were not allowed to get funding from lobbyists, you could eat all the ice cream you wanted and not put on weight, and drink all the tequila you wanted and not call ex girlfriends.  

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    Helias de Nappo reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in Who’s the President in that Timeline   
    Somewhere in an alternate universe the classic adventures of Rey and Kylo Ren were deemed non-canon after Dreamworks purchased Lucasfilm.
    thanks to u/megakyle
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    Helias de Nappo reacted to Odanan in The Rise of Skywalker Criticism Thread *SPOILERS*   
    Good, we agree we can have a civilized, diverse and friendly discussion here. #peace
    Now let's channel our hatred to something really abominable:

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    Helias de Nappo reacted to Magnus Grendel in The Rise of Skywalker Criticism Thread *SPOILERS*   
    That's not just in one's media tastes; that's a - to me very concerning - element of how polarised society is becoming behind the glass mirrors of everyone's personal social media echo-chambers.
    You see the same thing in political news, as well. People can't just disagree with a policy and be trying to object to it; they have to have a 'scheme' to 'wreck' it. Everything tends to get put in such black and white terms it really drives me to despair.
    Everyone wants simple answers to complicated questions. "It's good", "It's bad", "They disagree because they're just bad people", "Its all [insert name here]'s fault".
    They're all - you know what, they're not even 'lies', but they're 'half truths' - something infinitely more pernicious and dangerous because they're just true enough to pass casual scrutiny by human beings who, deep down, mostly just want to feel validated by being part of a group and being agreed with by people whose opinions they value.
    Me not agreeing for [reason that matters to me but not to you] is not an attack on you. And you saying the reverse it is not an attack on me. Sometimes we're never going to agree - which is fine as long as we both understand why we think what we do (even if we might privately question the other's sanity for thinking that).
    Negative labels are easy ones to throw. Because if they're true - to the people doing the throwing - that instantly means you don't have to listen to the rest of what the person so labelled says.
    I used to think Danae from Non Sequitur was funny. These days - having met her grown-up (well....'older') equivalents I'm not so sure.
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    Helias de Nappo reacted to kris40k in The Rise of Skywalker Criticism Thread *SPOILERS*   
    My 12 year old daughter, who is a MCU buff, was called a misogynist when she was giving her reasons why she didn't like the Captain Marvel movie awhile back during an online discussion. 
    We both had a good laugh about that.
    Its true you can't just dislike something these days, maybe think the writing was poor, felt an actor(ess) phoned it in or for whatever reason something didn't move you like it did someone else. According to those that disagree with your viewpoint, everyone has to have some sinister motivation behind liking or not liking something.
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    Helias de Nappo reacted to theBitterFig in Smashmouth Smugglers (Scum Huge Ship - not full list)   
    Just wanted to share a ship I think is a monster for the cost: A Smashmouth Smuggler.
    At very least, it's incredibly fun.
    Syndicate Smugglers Boba Fett - This little guy is what makes the ship work.  Deploy at Range 3, zoom in with a 3-straight, and light them up.  Worried about a CR-90 with Turbolasers?  Just get in their face. Note: it'll probably be handy to fit Tobias Beckett into the list on some other ship, to ensure you've got a good deployment spot. Point Defense Battery - Dakka Dakka.  This is a short-range ship, so it needs a short-range hardpoint. Tibanna eserves - The ship is incredibly energy hungry, so it will need something to help with that Tibanna seems better than . IG-88 D - With this many attacks, it's handy to have multiple green tokens to spend. The only useful IG-2000 synergy is IG-88 A, which isn't bad, but isn't essential. Damage Control Team - This bugger really needs to Reinforce, since it really gets into an opposing list's grill. With just these upgrades, this is an 80 point ship.  Sure, tossing it out there is a bit of a risk, but this sucker is so cheap. Optional: Deadman's Switch (+2 points) - If you're in their face and dying, taking them with you is nice.  But this isn't really essential, and if you need the 2 points elsewhere in your list, this is totally cut-able. Optional Title Package: Horn Captain (+10 to +12 points) Stalwart Captain - With a large-ish investment like a Huge ship, losing a round of attacking seems bad.  It'd only be 10 points to add the package, and it's probably worth it, but engaging at Init 1, you'll never get killed by another huge ship before you can attack. Broken Horn - mostly for the extra crew slot, but with as energy-hungry as this ship is, reducing the difficulty of the faster red moves is also nice. If you've got a 2nd Illicit slot, having Contraband Cybernetics could be handy.  Pop it before you think you'll crash through some ships to prevent stress fro shutting down your actions.  Not vital, but it's cheap. *edit* Given how easy it is for one of these to get stressed due to crits, Contraband would be really handy for a mid-fight Reinforce/Calc/Calc + Tibanna. Alternate Title Package: Merchant Turret (+13 points) Merchant One - It's expensive, but gaining an extra attack that works without energy is pretty nice. Dorsal Turret or Ion Cannon Turret - it's one more attack for more Dakka, and it can also be pointed to the side/rear, so can help out if you somehow survive the initial combat, but can't get stuff in front arc. IG-RM Thug Droids - With this much Dakka, the number of crits can add up fast, and put a lot of hurt into a Huge ship.  However, getting the extra tokens from the DCT/IG-D combo seems too important, so this is only the second choice of team. Dubious Package? (+15 points) Jamming Beam - If you're at Range 1 of another huge ship and about to lay a 4-dice primary and four 3-dice PDB attacks into it, getting rid of that Reinforce token seems pretty useful.  Downside?  You've got to spend 15 points to get a Jamming Beam. Don't get me wrong: Jamming Beam is an AMAZING upgrade when attacking a huge ship.  But still... 15 points?  This is mostly designed to be a disposable ship. Corsair Refit - Only here for the Cannon slot.  The extra energy only covers you'll have to spend energy on the bonus attack, so it doesn't really add anything other than the bonus Jamming Beam attack.
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    Helias de Nappo reacted to Stefan in map size   
    180x90cm, two normal playing mats. 
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    Helias de Nappo reacted to Pewpewpew BOOM in Hyperspace....Why?   
    Fair enough. 
    Unfortunately, I don’t personally get in nearly enough table time for things to get stale.  As such, Hyperspace decoupled from the “make things even for new players” ethos feels odd and arbitrary to me. However, I see that it could be something different for you.  My opportunities to play in tournaments are few and far between, so it is a bummer to not be able to bring what makes me excited because of the format.  However, I will live. 
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    Helias de Nappo reacted to Darth Meanie in Hyperspace....Why?   
    FFG is not going to "hope" product is getting restocked.  They want to know product is moving or they will stop making product.
    But not growing.
    If the game is "alive" but in a vegetative state with no new products slated, no one is going to stay interested for very long.
    The more balanced the game is in extended, the more stale it is.  Balance is great for longevity.  Imbalance is great for excitement.  Excitement keeps people playing.
    Also, at this point, adding new ships isn't really enough to jazz up the meta.  Luckily for us, there are so many ships available, that adding a couple more (of well designed, non-game-breaking ships) isn't really going to alter the meta overly much.
    So, what Hyperspace allows FFG to do is create a solid, well-balanced (and thus kinda boring) game and jazz it up by creating a microcosm that breaks the rules without actually breaking the rules.
    That last part is exactly "Why Hyperspace."
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    Helias de Nappo reacted to Pewpewpew BOOM in Hyperspace....Why?   
    When I started this conversation,  I based the question on my understanding of the two formats put forward by FFG: Extended was for folks with 1.0 collections so they can play their ships (I appreciate this as I’ve seen companies NOT do this) and Hyperspace for folks new to the game who can have more equal footing in the array of options with which they can build. 
    Hyperspace confuses me now as there are whole ships that are 2.0 and not usable in Hyperspace.  
    I have not researched the Extended meta enough to confirm or deny your impression of it...but this drives at my main thought on the subject.  “If” the Extended meta is stale because folks have uncovered and are leveraging imbalance, then FFG should work on that via points. 
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    Helias de Nappo reacted to Red Castle in Sequel Trilogy: Lucas Cut (would you watch?)   
    Worst offense of the Special Editions was the removal of Yub Nub...
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    Helias de Nappo reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in A Simpler Time   
    It was published in 1977 so Star Wars geeks didn’t know what recton was yet. 
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    Helias de Nappo reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in A Simpler Time   
    Chewie was going to get his medal later because he was much taller than Leia (Star Wars Comic Adaptation #6, Dec 1977)

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    Helias de Nappo reacted to drathbun in Huge conversion kit. Can't convert 2 of same ship.   
    Slight necro, but this thread seems to be the most appropriate. I finally opened my huge ship conversion kit today. 
    My expectations based on what made sense was that since the conversion kit was advertised as converting each of your ships, it meant that I could convert and use each of my ships. The reality is that while yes, it does contain dials and tokens and cards and stuff for each ship, the kit only includes two plastic bases, four pegs, and two resource trackers. That means if you are like me and have one of each ship, and I want to use them all, I have to buy 2.5 conversion kits.
    Does FFG offer just the plastic bases, pegs, and resource tracker dials for separate purchase? Otherwise this is really a dumb implementation.
    Before someone says something along the lines of you don't have enough points to field more than two ships; I have an extension collection and I often provide ships for multiple players. That means I expected to be able to buy a conversion kit and fly all of my ships, not just two.
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