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  1. Amazon has it. I've received my copy and still think it looks really fun, but I haven't gotten to play any games yet.
  2. I'd not heard of this game, but I'm glad that you posted about it, because it looks awesome! I'm going to order the book today and I've already raided the kids' toy box for models, scoring one monster truck and a hot rod with a skull on the front.
  3. What's a good oil wash? I have a Chimaera ISD model, that I've listed in the trade thread, that I'm trying to trade for a standard ISD model, but I don't have any takers so far. I'm afraid that I might have to try painting it to match my own standard one. I don't relish the task, as I'd rather spend the time painting squadrons, so I'd like to save some time by getting a good, even wash.
  4. Origins and prequels are a mistake when they suck the mystique out of characters who should retain it. Some folks can't understand what's so awesome about Boba Fett. Why is he so popular? He does little and says even less. The answer is mystique. A mysterious fellow in really cool looking armour and a cool ship, with lots of gadgets and tricks, whose face is never seen, who gets the better of Han. He has to be awesome! One's imagination fills in his past and motivations. Seeing him as a little kid just ruins all of that. Boba Fett was never a kid! Same for Han. I don't want to know the details of his scoundrel past. My imagination can run wild unless I accept the events of this new movie, which I likely won't.
  5. Good point. Based on this, I propose that all abbreviations from now on consist of 55 characters, 34 of which are upper case.
  6. I use a very lazy method for painting loads of TIEs. Prime white. Wash with black ink to both shade the recesses and turn the white to grey. Then paint the wing panels black (water down the black a bit). I usually then have to touch up the wing edges with light grey because I get some black on them. That's it!
  7. Have: 1 Chimaera Imperial Star Destroyer - SHIP MODEL ONLY Want: 1 standard Imperial Star Destroyer - SHIP MODEL ONLY U.S.A.
  8. I suppose that you probably want to keep a decent bid, since you're using a boarding party, but you might consider changing Jerry out for Screed. You've got black dice for him to work with on all three ships and, while Jerry is nice, I'm not sure that you have any ships that need his help. Or, perhaps Motti.
  9. We know he's Wesley, but he should be going by 'The Dread Pirate Roberts', of course.
  10. I'd like to see more games finished inside of the time limit, rather than see the point limit raised, if games are indeed shorter post-release of Wave 7.
  11. I was going back and forth on the ECMs. In the end I chickened out and used them. I really didn't want to lose Mothma! I think that you're right though - if I can get comfortable and practiced at keeping Jaina's Light out of the fray, I can probably put those points to better use. I can also go ahead and drop at least one of the Comms Nets for a couple more points. I threw the Comms Nets on to give the transports something useful to do once my interceptors were dead, but I didn't get a whole lot of use out of them. Those points combined with the points saved on ECM could be enough to put in some of your suggestions. I'd like to get rid of one of the flotillas since I only have two squadrons that need commanded, but I was glad to have the six activations. What do you think about Advanced Gunnery? With Blockade Run I was trying to give myself a way of scoring points that didn't involve fighting, but giving Admonition or Foresight the ability to unload two side shots into the same target doesn't seem too bad.
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