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  1. As always I would LOVE to see even the smallest amount of point change balancing in this game. I'm of the belief that any cumulatively updating game with a point system NEEDS rebalancing. Nobody gets everything right the first time, and the smallest mistakes in balancing inevitably lead to long term power creep without rebalancing.
  2. Come on guys, let's reel in all of these meta jokes. They are getting away from us.
  3. Oh right. Of course, i didn't notice that.
  4. DTT. LTTs are the new hotness but unless you are worried about aces DTT is better than LTT for nebulons. You are typically firing once a round and a reroll, take the best is more often usefull than a normal reroll. That and cheaper.
  5. The bolded text is not part of my definition, but okay. The 2nd part cracks me up though because with FFGs print rates every expansion is limited edition.
  6. Did...did you even read what I said. I have already brought the product that allows me to play the game. But for that product to be powerful* many people have recommended to me that I must buy a second far more expensive product. Regardless of if that is pay to win or not, it feels similar to pay to win. It's a negative feeling where the toys that I have are worse because I can't throw money at them. *I realize the other commands are viable in purpose built lists, it's more that concentrate firepower is reliably useful in almost all lists.
  7. I own a Pelta, i do not have a chimera or ssd. I am now in a situation where i have to buy one of the two most expensive imperial expansions to make my mid price rebel expansion broadly competitive. Not sure if thats pay to win, but it sure tastes the same.
  8. I am very much looking forward to it, I really want a large non-mon ship.
  9. That's what I mean though, the standard shape of the Dreadnought doesn't 'feel' Starwars from a outside perspective. Sure if you played the games it'll feel starwars because that game is part of what starwars is to you. But if you are someone who watched the movies and is now looking in, you could probably say that almost all of the current Armada ships are definitely from starwars, even ones you haven't seen before. I don't think you can say that about the dreadnought. It doesn't have many of the unique visual cues that anchor it to the setting. Oh man, you will not like my view of the Eclipse. so edgy. much evil. show off the evil of the darkside the empire must. Look more angsty than Kylo-Ren the ship will.
  10. See that's the thing. Take my example. Ackbar x Arquitens and Gozanties. Neither of these two ships are exceptional in anyway. They are both pretty standard ships, but due to the interaction with how Ackbar works they may allow him to function better than he does in a rebel fleet. Perhaps to a broken degree? I don't know, I'd like to find out. If not, all is well, but if it does break the game... we have a problem. Because the problem that has been uncovered in this case isn't only to do with faction limitations, it's to do with Ackbar and his interactions with ship types. If he becomes broken when we use him with the empires small broadsider ship, then we won't be able to add small broadsider ships to the rebels. If SW:Resistance introduces a rebel corvette that's nothing but side guns then we won't be able to balance it well. It'll either be underpowered without Ackbar, or overpowered with him. For a game to be perfectly balanced we have to be able to scale it well into any possible future content. If we can't scale it well into the other half of content we already have then it's a worrying sign. That said, perfect balance is impossible, so toning down faction identity to chase it is not often advisable.
  11. Spoil sport. In a perfect points balanced system removing faction limitations shouldn't break the game in any meaningful way. If that's not the case I will enjoy learning from it, finding out exactly what mechanics made it break without the safety net of faction limitations.
  12. I... wow. Didn't even consider that. A ship with a three dice attack for less than a pair of squadrons. They'll have to get closer than the arquitens though, and they can't have turbolaser upgrades (a DTT on each Arq is great value and bonus! comes with them.)
  13. Ackbar, Arquitens and arquitens and arquitens and....
  14. That's to the level of detail I'd expect it to be updated to but it's still a uninspiring design. It has that very simple "oblong with thrusters" superstructure design that is common from a lot of non-star wars sci-fi. It doesn't have the interesting superstructure designs that set set star wars apart from it peers. I don't think we should be adding a ship simply because of nostalgia and trying to fill a role. If a generalist role really needs to be filled then perhaps FFG should pull a raider and design a new ship more inline with starwar's style rather than relying on a old third party design.
  15. Agreed. Best ffg could do for Armada is a 1.5 edition wherein only the more problematic bits of cardboard where replaced. I don't see an actual 2.0 happening in the near future.
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