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  1. This is the most important thing. If doing only average damage is sure to result in a loss then you must fish for crits! Conversely if that single hit would ensure your victory then you'd be foolish to risk the reroll. Everything else falls on a spectrum between those two extremes. Assess the situation, be as risky as that situation demands.
  2. Wut?! Luke's main use case is pushing a crit through a shield. If your gonna settle with a mere hit you might as well have just hit the shield. Early game at least with Luke you need to go all in on fishing for a debilitating early critcal hit.
  3. Wizards retreat in chch has it.
  4. Yikes. I think I'd rather ffg make up a new ship than introduce that. I've never been a fan of the dreadnaught but at least the fan renders where palatable. That version looks truely aweful. The 90s called, they want their low poly spaceship back.
  5. Agreed. Don't forget sometimes the only way to beat a highly reliable build flown by a superior commander is with a risky build flown by a lucky one. It's what the rebellion is built on.
  6. It's with noting that their swarm reroll is technically more powerfull than a tie fighters. Maths time. Presuming we don't need accuracy. I think ties are much better when accuracy is desired. Both red and blue dice average at 0.5 damage per dice. Nice and even so far. Now a reroll is typically worth as much as an extra dice except in the edge case where all intial dice hit. Now this edge case occurs on tie fighters 1/8th (12.5%) of the time. But on headhunters it only occurs 27/512 (5.273...%) of the time. Thus headhunters actually do slightly higher average damage than tie fighters as they get to use their swarm dice slightly more often while having the same average damage per dice.
  7. Exactly. Last game I had with the pelta neither it, nor two of my nebulons went above speed one. The third nebulon that did go above speed one only did so for the first turn to setup a good firing line. Absolute victory, tabled him with no ships lost. Granted his list was terrible.
  8. I've been using the Pelta quite a lot. I'm becoming convinced it's pretty good. Compared to the nebulon it's defences are much better presumeing the neb can be side shot. More squadron command is very valuable in the rebel fleet. It's weapons are marginally better as is it's low speed manuvering. It's only downside is its lack of 3 speed and weapon slot. I'd pay 9 points for all of that.
  9. As always I would LOVE to see even the smallest amount of point change balancing in this game. I'm of the belief that any cumulatively updating game with a point system NEEDS rebalancing. Nobody gets everything right the first time, and the smallest mistakes in balancing inevitably lead to long term power creep without rebalancing.
  10. Come on guys, let's reel in all of these meta jokes. They are getting away from us.
  11. Oh right. Of course, i didn't notice that.
  12. DTT. LTTs are the new hotness but unless you are worried about aces DTT is better than LTT for nebulons. You are typically firing once a round and a reroll, take the best is more often usefull than a normal reroll. That and cheaper.
  13. The bolded text is not part of my definition, but okay. The 2nd part cracks me up though because with FFGs print rates every expansion is limited edition.
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