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  1. What Ordo is he in? I have a couple ideas for a relic weapon, they just depend on Ordo
  2. No, it takes roughly 4 PC's with over 4500xp to take down Grey Knight. What's wrong with that? Let's start with it's damage output shall we? In melee it has Swift Attack with it's Nemesis Force Halberd, which is a force weapon that deals at base 1d10+21 Pen 4. Now let's give him hammerhand, which is part of his base stat block, so increase the base damage to 1d10+25 Pen 4. Don't forget to add tearing. Now for the force aspect. Our Grey Knight should handily win the focus power test to proc Force, which due to his unnatural willpower means he will add a minimum of 3d10 damage which IGNORES toughness and armor. Yep straight damage. I'll go ahead and assume minimum damage on absolutely everything to demonstrate why this is insane. 26 Pen 4, plus another 3 ignoring toughness and armor. Our PC has 4 TB and 6 Armor and 14 wounds. The first hit of his swift attack, we'll be generous and say only one hits. 26 Pen 4 versus 10(4) so the first hit takes our PC to -6 wounds, add on the extra 3 from force bonus and blam dead PC. Secondly lets consider that the Grey Knight has a 22 Armor, with a Best Quality force field (Rating 35). Unless the players are all packing maximal setting plasma weapons they are very unlikely to do damage to the marine through it's armor. When you consider the ludicrous damage output, and the extremely good defense of the Grey Knight it becomes obvious that they should be well beyond the scope of a group of 4 4500xp players.
  3. Also the fact that a ******* Grey Knight has a threat level of 39, meaning a war band of 4 5000xp acolytes should be able to take one on RAW.
  4. Hi All, I'm working on developing a medium length one-shot mission for my normal play group. I want either the middle or final boss to be a Khornate Berzerker from the World Eaters. I was looking at stats from a Deathwatch Marine to get a comparison and I think it would work okay as a baseline. My question is, has anyone statted out CSMs before, if so how did they work in your campaign? Also, what stats do you think a Khornate Berzerker should have?
  5. As Oridaellin said, he's the GM. Thus the hat nonsense. Although I have a feeling he wants us to side with Hereticus
  6. Be certain to steal her hat. But I already have a fancy tricorne, what could I do with her floppy hat? I like the logic there though Fuel, it's crazy enough to maybe work.
  7. So last night the rest of the players in my group and myself found out we were working for someone who calls himself an Inquisitor, but isn't a true Inquisitor. We found this out from an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor who is now, likely, recruiting us. I play a wheeling and dealing, fast talking, drug and amasec addled Rogue Trader Crewman. I also agreed with the not so Inquisitor guy that I'd work for him if he could put me in position to get a void ship eventually. That said I don't really want to betray him, but I worry about being hunted by the Hereticus Inquisitor if I don't side with her. Which one would you fine ladies and gents side with and why?
  8. That seems a tad excessive. At the same time though it really forces players to be smart about weapon choices and being prepared for what's coming ahead of time.
  9. As the sniper in question thanks! I find making cue cards for my characters to be extremely effective in speeding up turns with a lot of math. Also having enough dice, and if bad at mental math a calculator or scrap of paper near by to be helpful. As for the number of NPCs the players are controlling make them some cue cards as well with 2-4 different actions and limit the players to choosing from those can really speed things up on that end.
  10. If it's minor the techpriest may become adversarial and make it harder for them to acquire tech for a while. If it's severe the Ordo Juros gets involved and well, they aren't a kind bunch of cog-boys. Just make sure whatever it is you do is way over the top cause it's 40k.
  11. Currently we have a couple options for gaining unnatural stats, Power Armour, Cybernetics, and Daemon Pacts. However I don't think this encompasses all the ways acolytes and as an extension inquisitors could gain unnatural stats. So my question is, if you like them in your games how did you give them out and when? If you didn't, what did you replace them with?
  12. As the party Sniper in question I loved that fight, and as an extension the whole dungeon.
  13. I'd like to see some of the roles have their aptitudes touched up. My favourite example right now is that the Ace, the role meant to be a pilot, has only one matching aptitude built in for the Operate and Navigate skills; Penitent on the other hand has all 3.
  14. This would be because Adeptus Arbites come stock with a Shotgun and the additional requisitions have yet to be made.
  15. Wow thank you so much Lynata for the insight into the Sororitas. And thank you everyone else for the suggestions. I was wondering as to the virtue/rules balancing of Assassin Strike (can move as a free action after a melee hit) and the Move and Shoot bonus from Desperado. Could I use Two Weapon Wielding to shoot once with Double Tap, and once with Move and Shoot?
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