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  1. This is why I feel Morgan reed/Duncan Howard were geniuses when they matched Soontir up with krennic on Jendon..because now you can spend the focus result for damage and still push more damage through with crack and have your focus for defense. I feel like it’s probably one of the best combos in the empire
  2. It can actually be huge if used at the right time, especially against high agility low hp ships. Like Jedi, vader, kylo and inquisitors especially, since rolling 3 hits or 2 hits and a crit can then get fully evaded or just hit a shield, this could potentially spike more damage through and get them to half or dead think of it as a 1 point torpedo or missile since the effect is similar but actually even more flexible because you get to see the dice before using it range 1 crack 4 hits is basically an ace killer
  3. I love the tc crackshot Soontir, but it is for sure squad dependent if your gonna just squeeze him into a 3 ship Ace build then it might be a the cheaper the better situation(bid is best upgrade for some) but in a list with Jendon...it is an Amazing Combo because you can get that lock on someone really early, keeping Soontirs actions as he approaches combat then if you have Jendon with krennic...wow does that tc/crack Soontir become amazing
  4. Not empire enough...no tie wings or pointy triangle shapes...for sure just a private contractor
  5. I’m pretty sure this tournament is there just to prove to everyone that chess clocks aren’t the answer and stop sending emails on it lol
  6. Sun fac feels amazing at 78 points when facing small base ships...he feels overcosted as **** when around medium or especially large base ships(Han says hi) idk if his cost is worth it but I like the Rock Paper Scissors feel you get from him but yeah the other nantex on the other hand feel like a value...and probably should be with sun fac if your taking him
  7. You don’t want to assume anyone’s gender these days
  8. I think they are pushing the lambda down the line because it will make empire extended and hyperspace start to look identical
  9. True but since ffg under produced them for the first set of preorders, they then pushed out tons of them right after, everyone who plays at my local store got them after core set came out, release lol my store for sure had surplus at least
  10. Yeah I’m totally gonna waste my money on these... and to believe I thought I was so special getting the original oversized damage deck
  11. I think blackout is great but in any list where you are making room for a i5 silencer, it’s probably worth giving up more points to have kylo. as a big QuickDraw fan I love the idea of putting afterburners and all the toys on him...but I always just make the sacrifice to have kylo The only thing that would make me bring blackout is if I already have kylo...and I just have not made a squad I like yet with both
  12. This is number 1 and easiest solution...even though that app should be keeping score) also idk why no one has their list available on their phone, last tournament I went to I didn’t print anything out(my printer needed tlc) but I had my list up on yasb and just showed that to everyone or upgrades and points honestly it’s a points game and points should just be tallied for all players to know...it’s so far the biggest thing ffg isn’t addressing yet more then any balance in my opinion there is absolutely no reason for players to have any gray area on who is winning or won the game( seen a top level player do math wrong and actually lose a game they won by figuring out after score cards are turned in and rounds are paired) there is no excuse for that even being a possibility in a competitive game and I also agree “gotcha!” X wing is bs, plastic and alt arts aren’t worth your dignity
  13. Idk if the tie b/a being expensive matters when everyone is just gonna try him and supernatural kylo with a bid lol
  14. They are missing some of the over the top advantages other factions have(aka broken whatever) they do have force which is great and their most broken ship may be tavson who is also a challenge to keep in the fight...no regen, no I6 hyper mobile ship, no cheap coordinate(rip squad leader null) and besides phasma really don’t have great crew(for the cost at least) that being said if you can play without those things they now have an awesome workhorse ship in the sf, cheap fo pilots that can fill out a list pretty good(scorch) the best faction upgrade, tech, a 4 dice gun, and arguably the best i5 pilot in the game(and i5 spot is highly competitive with killer pilots) and a double taping i6 isn’t too shabby either
  15. Yeah but he often pays for Luke gunner to get it, regen still only costs him 10 points...and guess what it’s probably still worth it...also Han without regen probably doesn’t want to pay for Luke gunner really though it seems regen is most degenerate when combined with great mobility...way more then agility value( the best green dice are the ones not rolled)
  16. I mean it could just be regen is still undercosted...or needs to me limited to 1 in a list....it needs to be like all the other super strong mechanics...if your taking this then it’s gonna massively hinder your squad
  17. I feel regen is far more problematic then force, they raised the cost of r2 for Jedi and it’s still super worth it. It’s the old “well I better get rid of something else” its like I totally understand force is easy mode in its own way....but anything i5 or 6 with hyper mobility and regen is the same problem we have been dealing with since 1.0...and even limited it’s still a problem. Han regen is a problem too... imagine if vader or kylo could regen...
  18. Yeah his ability to threaten more damage is pretty key, like any list with a ship like kylo, him being a 6 isn’t irrelevant either...considering kylo is only a 5 it does help with other ace lists, as well as the ability to not get ps killed, with the list you really want to threaten from 3 angles and qd is much better at that due to the possibility of the double tap. Also both him and tavsons bring your opponent hard choices because both benefit from light attacks(triggering abilities) also a QuickDraw that gets ignored early in the game is an awesome end game threat also tavson And kylo don’t really need upgrades to be good, yeah they could help, but the reason you bring them is completely in their chassis’s and natural abilities...so your better off having a more capable third wheel, and you really don’t want to give points to tavson....he is in the list to take damage and will probably get at least half pointed every game wow I say “also “ way too much lol
  19. You may be saying this as a joke but I have a local who plays republic that always seem to land Anakin in range 1 of tavson...he really hates that ship for some reason
  20. Yeah really the qd tavson kylo list just lost hate...and gained a 1 point bid out of it, and it really didn’t need hate, I know when I took it to trial I dropped it pre points change because if kylo is only getting shot by 1 ship at most your pretty much good(I also found I never used his ability because I just preferred to save force for mods) i pretty much knew knew it would still be a good list going forward, it was a great list last meta( remember Morgan won a trial with it) and was probably just under played. Kylo like never dies if your careful, and is a really well rounded list as for the f/o salad...idk what to say, why just one silencer...lol why a cadet...idk but I like it and I’m dying to see this guy play it
  21. Omg gonna have to try that lol
  22. It’s a cool idea but I think it’s more suited for a special format then an overall mechanic, only because of balance, either the ships are overpriced and not competitive for the sake of the cool theme, or someone finds a nasty combo or list which is now possible because vader can ride in slave one or something like that. It’s challenging enough to balance ships simply within each faction now that being said a seasonal format where everyone must take one scum ship, with probably other list building criteria could be really cool and fun for little change of pace tournaments
  23. Awesome man, I’ll probably try again tonight or tomorrow. It’s so many arcs lol, good challenge
  24. Great job, try against 5 of those blades, 5 was my limit, I couldn’t beat 6, at least with imperial aces
  25. It’s not like triple ups I promise ...but really I hope not
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