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  1. TheOz

    Tavson or Starkiller w Phasma

    Phasma is good but tavson hands down is the best upsilon, probably the best first order ship
  2. TheOz

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Why not hask and named striker to finish the list? fel, vermeil crack vader, named striker with crack, and hask with crack, and that gives you 8-10 points to play with, maybe shield on the now bigger target vermeil, juke on fel, or upgrade hask to a saber? If the beatdown was good with vader pilot, why not vader crew and a better end game ace?
  3. TheOz

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    This move by ffg is really...weird now, I don’t think this ruins hyperspace in any way, it’s not quite as huge of an add on as it feels scum was getting the z95 this wave anyway so adding that made sense, so it’s really the Star viper, which is a fun and interesting ship, as well really has only one pilot who has proven anything so far, you can kind of say they got Guri and the z95 rebels got the bwing and a wing, which we know the b wing is on its way so that makes sense, and well the a wing...doesn’t make sense really but the good part is that right now it doesn’t really add anything that significant to rebels on its own..oh and as for the rest of the u wing pilots...I think that was sort of a correction because it didn’t make sense to not allow access to those empire is sort of the weirdest one because they didn’t get the deci, which we know is on its way, that sort of breaks the pattern...now they really mostly added fel and the bomber just because turr isn’t much and the generic interceptor sort of lines up with the striker so it’s not too big of a shake up, the bomber is a bit odd as well as it’s clearly not as efficient as before and i kind of feel like it might serve as a hefty single filler or a squad completely comprised of bombers(and I have no idea how good that actually is yet) Now I understand the availability argument for new players, but with the added balance of points adjustments I think new players are not kept out of competitive if they can access these ships right away, as many great competitive squads are possible without those models. even with overpriced old versions on amazon this game is still much cheaper then in the first edition world where you basically had to buy everything just for singles of certain upgrades My biggest problem with this flood of new stuff in hyperspace is...why now? The game felt great and the new factions alone plus the z95 would have shaken up the meta plenty and kept everything plenty interesting, then in 2 months you could add these extra ships to wave 4 and I feel like we all would have not cared so much (although bomber and interceptor still doesn’t make sense lol) or just give us the b wing now and deci now and I also think we would all just go..well ok all is fine. But this flood of really unexplained add on as wave 3 drops is just odd and probably badly timed
  4. Interceptors are pretty cool and fun but I think a majority of ships in extended are getting very little attention from ffg at the moment with all the new stuff and the hyperspace stuff, I’m sure around rerelease time they will focus a little more thought into them plus we are getting point and upgrade changes every 6 months so eventually they will micro manage it into an interesting place, or at lease try to soontier is still awesome..,poor poor turr
  5. TheOz

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Lol ok, and for starts unsarcastically I hope you understand I didn’t quote you in that post because it was really more of a thought essay then reply, I just like to play with ideas presented to me and the more I thought about variance more I kept thinking of my own games and how much risk management I have had to do in 2.0 that we’re not nearly as much of a thing in late 1.0 and yes there was variance in 1.0 but it was terribly slight variance mid way through that games life. We got fcs, palp, autothrusters, predator, gunner, and far more that all really made focus and target lock actions a second thought, plus everything taking ptl and so on. Yes wholesome lists existed but in the competitive scene we saw all of these guaranteed results exist. And hey I played 1.0 from beginning to the death bed and used all of those tools. Now I understand if you don’t like risk...I totally get stressed out making decisions in game sometimes...it’s not a comfortable experience, but I feel it is exciting and makes every move matter in a whole new way. People gravitate to controls so I understand not liking things that are out of your control, but risk and uncertainty is where all the excitement of life lies, and the excitement of x wing. Idk I feel like my little thought essay explains all the points well, 2.0 x wing brings a whole new level of skills to the table and that’s exciting and fun and entertaining Oh oh yeah sorry I forgot where I was “listen mother******” lol no i really I’m understand why someone would not like all the variance, I just disagree that it doesn’t make this game better one player can play the same ship differently, with aggression or with conservative moves and both be successful...or fail....and it makes every single game new in some way
  6. TheOz

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    so I believe the dice variance actually ADDS additional skills to the game and makes maneuvering and action choices far more interesting! In 1.0 world where there are an overwhelming amount of mods it takes RISK out of the game, you make a move and you KNOW what’s going to happen. You make moves and know your safe or know your gonna punish someone hard. This create absolute RIGHT moves and WRONG moves. Also with more mods available you can actually be sloppier at the dial stage because you can spend your action repositioning because something is modding your dice. Risk not only creates excitement, it creates complexity In 2.0 and especially hyperspace we are much lighter on mods and it adds a new skill to develop, RISK Management! Meaning now instead of correct moves there are reserved moves and aggressive moves and there are sometimes multiple positions for both of those points. The fact that fenn rau can just die at range 3 actually makes him a necessary arc dodge or get in range 1, and if you do want to take a shot with him but it’s gonna open you up to a range 3 shot, it’s a risk you have to choose to make and it’s not right or wrong, it’s a risk but it may be a move you need to make. also without the dice mods your actions are sooooooo important, and likewise your dial stage is more interesting because you don’t want to reposition if you don’t have to. Dice give and take...for everyone! it really helps a player comeback from a bad beginning if they can keep their mind on the game, maybe you made a bad move or you were screwed to dice variance early on in a game...you can come back because of that same variance and it makes the games stay interesting, in 1.0 so often a game could be over and the players are going through the motions, now in 2.0 and hyperspace there is far more incentive to stay in the game, it’s much easier to lose the lead if you start making poor choices. idk, just wanted to say that even though a player could play a good game and lose, I feel the game is far more nuanced then just that...even in life good choices don’t always pay off and I have not walked away from a game I couldn’t learn from, I’m not on a chess forum for a reason
  7. TheOz

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Yeah that’s pretty much the build, I think it’s pretty good once you get how to fly it down
  8. TheOz

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    For sure don’t drop tavson, way too useful for the extra points, muse can serve several functions besides just helping tavson too, as he can get rid of his own stress or remove the stress off of Scorch if he k turns or sloops. Plus it opens up points for phasma or some choice upgrades on QuickDraw
  9. TheOz

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Me too, I also have liked switching backdraft for muse and a couple upgrades, I find backdraft good but he still shoots 2 dice a lot and opening up tavsons dial really helps keep that threat in the game
  10. TheOz

    Dormitz to 70 points, Hyperspace to 10

    I mean it’s an ability that only exists to abuse people not ready for an alpha strike...upsilons were the main tool for that now but without upcosting him imagine what an actual good missile could do with a bunch of sfs and dormitz...plus if there is a “wholesome” way to use either one that people beg and plead enough for ffg can always bring it down a little bit
  11. TheOz

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I’d say lining strikers and interceptors with rz2 a wings points spread makes the most sense, my 32 for ps 1 but 34 or 35 for generic with ept and duchess or turr can sit at 40 points and that sounds good to me...on the same note of rz2 a wing man is lulo undercosted honestly...but we all know that
  12. TheOz

    What Hyperspace Faction Requires The Most Thinking

    If I understand your simple question right then you must mean in planning movements and executing them in game and how easy it is to do so...but that’s just my guess ill say it’s close between first order and empire, because of certain ships that will most likely be used...probably empire i do have to say all non dormitz upsilon squads for sure take planning ahead, you really have to have a path and full blown plan with those things. Especially tavson because you really don’t want to be doing red moves if you don’t have to...and would actually prefer bumping to slow down and still threaten your ability, then there is Scorch who is awesome but you for sure wanna have a plan for turning and keeping in the fight...same for backdraft but kind of the opposite, you want to face the rear gun at them but eventually you have to turn them around and get back in the fight. QuickDraw really really never wants to be getting shot without facing his arc at someone( although he is a 6 so he has a lot more say in that interaction. but empire might take the cake, reapers are hard to get use to and have the upsilon problem of really wanting a multi turn plan when going into a fight and actually die so much easier then upsilons strikers aren’t a walk in the park either outside of duchess...and they really don’t want to be shot but don’t have a lot of say in the matter, tie swarms have very important decision making on when to stay together and when to break, and tie advanced are well....hard because their bad outside of vader....and even vader for sure takes effort especially without supernatural. So yeah I think empire by a little bit
  13. TheOz

    The QD + 2 Seinar PS4 Silencers

    Lol I get you on that , most my practice with first order is 4 ship, like QuickDraw tavson scorch muse or backdraft and these variations feel very good....I am drawn to the silencers interceptor like movements but they may still be a little too overcosted as fun as they are, or just need a new upgrade or something along those lines...but time and more practice will tell
  14. TheOz

    The QD + 2 Seinar PS4 Silencers

    I am thinking the same way with qd with the test pilots, only reason more then tavson is because although he plays a similar role to old qd, he is a less mobile i3 so where the i4 silencers are weaker against higher initiative pilots(very much what resistance can stack against) QuickDraw still can help out with catching those ships, especially with afterburners. but I have also thinking why choose 1 when you can have both quickdraw with fcs pattern and gunner tavson kylo makes up in ps for sure, offers a strong pick your target game and punishes the other choices. Kylo with nothing is pretty worth is points I think you can also go kylo, fanatical blackout and qd with just fcs and gunner which also feels good and can take advantage of ps as well I am feeling pretty good about the kylo tavson QuickDraw list, as well as the ps4 s with a decked out QuickDraw, the blackout list probably the weakest of the 3, QuickDraw may be one of those few ships where given more upgrades can actually increase his value in boosting with i6 information and allowing for mods to stack for multiple attacks
  15. TheOz

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Ok...why is that? And remember I didn’t say it’s not worth 2 points...if you have 2 points in your squad take it for sure! But also if you happen to take boba with a certain ship with coordinate..you have pre move boost or post move boost to adjust your situation without slave one, not the same as changing direction entirely but still great for arc dodgeing or avoiding a block(Which by the way isn’t that bad for boba most the time) Also if your not the only i5 or moving last to other i5s then arc dodging is a lot harder and making the effectiveness of that upgrade not as good my point being is it’s effectiveness is situational and you need to consider that when you take it over marauder and decide your spending those 4 points somewhere else s also if your taking slave one and not taking proxmines and maybe rigged cargo id take a hard look at the rest of the squad and see if you can fit them because they are so good even without slave 1, pre points change I used them to amazing effect on boba and are now the reason I would take slave one over marauder...but I’m still not convinced without more testing that it’s better considering your now paying 8 points total when marauder is 6 bombs are for sure pretty awesome though