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  1. I’m not sure either i have been wanting to run this leia with c3po luke with r2 jake with outmaneuver seems really good on paper and if leia is in multiple arcs you get 3 calculates to help you take multiple shots....very surprised I have not seen some version of this
  2. Yeah honestly if the dice are really not in your favor then this honestly makes it an even better practice tool, you should never expect variance to bail you out in real life, this will just get you use to that but in all honesty I really don’t notice these problems with the game, a lot of games I feel like I get amazing dice
  3. I have been having a blast and a lot of local success with kylo, scorch, backdraft, Rivas, epsilon no upgrades, when kylo doesn’t move last screen with other ships, I tend to put them on one side and kylo on the other, force hard choices, punish whichever choice i also think it’s worth considering lowering backdraft to a zeta sf and making the epsilon a zeta as well...but when backdraft does backdraft things it does feel glorious I also like the spike damage he adds to cut through higher agility ships
  4. For the same reason limited formats are interesting? We can all like having limited pilot and chassis choices in hyperspace, why would limiting numbers of generics or not allowing 2 ship lists or limiting bid amounts not be interesting in the same way? dont get me wrong I’m talking about hyperspace or limited formats like that, I believe extended can totally be the do whatever you want man format. but for example if you force lists to have 3 ships you totally limit super boba, he is still good and he can still be in good lists, but it auto forces you to leave some of the toys at home and make hard choices same thing with not being able to take 8 tie f/os, they can still be dirt cheap but now you have to at least have different initiative levels or different chassis, once again forcing interesting choices. Kind of why the dotted system on vultures is so genius. it does allow you to cost things at what their real value is without someone breaking something, sort of like why you can’t have 40 point bwing generic because 5 would be too much hp on the table, if your limited to 4 of the bottom generic anyway then you have to take something else with them
  5. Wow great idea 👍 unfortunately I think boba frost might almost be a bigger boogie man then boba fenn due to it being easier to play over a long tournament, but 10 point bid limit is non the less a fantastic idea
  6. I will say I’m more anti boba in hyperspace then 8 ship and well practiced swarms can be played in time, it is annoying when they aren’t well practiced lol. But yeah I totally agree 3-7 and wouldn’t mind them lifting the ship minimum to 3..and this comes from someone who was a big rac whisper player in the 1.0 days as well as someone who has flown boba fenn before pre hyperspace. I just think there are great swarms that can be more interesting if it isn’t 8 f/os...but I like the f/o at 25 points...and cis gets pretty creative without sear or the ability to fly 8 ships...and potentially still really powerful
  7. No It’s not that sort of a reaction, I personally have not flown against a 8 ship list in hyperspace yet(meaning many people in my area don’t play separatists lol) I think it just makes list building more interesting while keeping costs of ships where they should be. plus the usual problems like huge variance swings and game time issues( more the latter) I think boba is just meta warping, I feel it really odd that other pilots like that got cut from hyperspace and he is still in, scum building is so much more interesting without him, like no wedge or QuickDraw or Sear....scum had so many awesome pilots in hyperspace but it’s hard to justify not just taking boba not to mention I think boba listS pose problems for more interesting list archetypes in hyperspace, the sort of well if it can’t beat boba it becomes discouraging to take to a tournament...just my opinion though I do love hyperspace but those things gone make it even more interesting
  8. How amazing would hyperspace be with boba getting kicked out and ship counts getting capped at 7.... ...best format since 2nd ed format, probably better
  9. Tn 3465 is interesting, and allowing kylo to have a protorp is no joke...but backdraft is pretty dang good for those points as well, a bit tougher then a fo tie and can fly in a unique way to get a little more time on target...and kylo hits pretty hard on his own when you get to target lock. the purpose is sort of how much list and firepower can I get in between kylo and my opponent so that kylo can pretty safely clean up or outrun them. It allows 2 sudo 3 die ships at less then 40 point and then two more bodies to block and try to steal their attention.
  10. Second time quoting but you could switch backdraft for the new i5 guy and have Rivas...you give up the 3 die back gun for a chance for some extra free attack mods...kylo likes to lock when he can too...probably not as good as backdraft and a bid but curious combos nonetheless
  11. Good idea, I’m leaning towards bid but Rivas is good too...
  12. So maybe new first order toys are a trap? Kylo Ren (76) Ship total: 76 Half Points: 38 Threshold: 3 "Scorch" (33) Fanatical (2) Ship total: 35 Half Points: 18 Threshold: 2 "Backdraft" (39) Ship total: 39 Half Points: 20 Threshold: 3 Epsilon Squadron Cadet (25) Ship total: 25 Half Points: 13 Threshold: 2 Epsilon Squadron Cadet (25) Ship total: 25 Half Points: 13 Threshold: 2 Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=First Order&d=v8ZhZ200Z236XWWWY262X181WWY242XWWWWWY269XWY269XW&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= idk how good it is but it wasn’t possible pre points change
  13. What I think would be an interesting move for the developers in the next point update would be more love given to the higher level generics...they have always been the consistently underutilized pilots in the game, the generic i3’s and 4’s of the game... perhaps besides making their cost even closer to the lowest I pilot..perhaps more can gain access to the talent slot? I know it’s not a huge deal but any of those pilots without the talent just make them seem extra pointless idk just a random thought...it would be cool if mid level generics matter just as much as the cheapest ships or the aces
  14. This is why I feel Morgan reed/Duncan Howard were geniuses when they matched Soontir up with krennic on Jendon..because now you can spend the focus result for damage and still push more damage through with crack and have your focus for defense. I feel like it’s probably one of the best combos in the empire
  15. It can actually be huge if used at the right time, especially against high agility low hp ships. Like Jedi, vader, kylo and inquisitors especially, since rolling 3 hits or 2 hits and a crit can then get fully evaded or just hit a shield, this could potentially spike more damage through and get them to half or dead think of it as a 1 point torpedo or missile since the effect is similar but actually even more flexible because you get to see the dice before using it range 1 crack 4 hits is basically an ace killer
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