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  1. @Levi, Once they were there I had intended to let them run wild until they were force into a game. After that they would be allowed to return. After the first game they would be let out of the cages and into a general hall with sleeping quarters. If they DID beat the encounter, I would be surprised for one, impressed for two, and I would have to let them go one safely out of respect. In that case the investigation would go far differently but ultimately lead them to the same world with the pits. Probably as 'spectators.' @Gregorius, Rome did, they would give their gladiators a Rudius as a sign of freedom, usually after countless victories and a lot of money was made. You make a lot of good points and ideas. Yes it would change the story considerably if I took them all but you are on to something. I will make the encounter 5 Gretchins and their leader. If they lose, they are forced into the games themselves. They are put into teams and each week dropped into a battlefield to kill another team. They must survive against the wilds and opponents. (Some 'arenas' will be ruined cities, volcanic mountains, etc), When they are back at the camp they can talk to their opponents or try to get out. If they manage to get rid of the collars then they could do some real damage, and maybe even escape. If they overcome their attackers then they obviously make it to their destination. Investigations into the missing trader reveal they never made it to the planet and after some work they can find out about the pits if they get in good with a noble (Or evesdrop). If so, they can don masks and go to the games as spectators and make bets on champions while they join the feasting and the like. A much more investigative approach than survival. If they can get names they could call in their inquisitor to send ig to overtake the world, capturing the criminals and simulatneously reclaiming it for the emperor.
  2. You make a very good point. I could instead organize it into teams competing to survive. (Originally I would have the PCs fight last or hopefully find a way to break the system first but that is a much better idea) and I will nix the warrant of trade. I was thinking of it as compensation to never return here but they would probably amass an army so... yeah. Any suggestions for a good alternative 'reward' or should it just be a death trap through and through?
  3. I ran a fairly successful Death Watch game but now, we all agreed we want to play Dark Heresy next. If anyone has advice or addons anything is appreciated. So far, what I know for the game is the acolytes are sent to investigate the dissapearence of a Rogue Trader (and mostly to retrieve the Warrent of Trade, Inquisitor is a suitible inheritor) However during transit they meet with the same fate as the Rogue Trader did, they are boarded by Ork Pirates. If they manage to beat back a few Gretchins and squigs without all getting beaten I'll let them meet the captain Freebota Galog. Lasts until they are all beaten. They wake up in cages with explosive collars and no gear. Now the plot. On a distant world Corrupted Nobles have been running a gladiator ring where they gather to watch and bet on their champions. They wear masks to every battle so no one can identify them. They use Freeboota Galog to supply them with exotic beasts and champions in return for whatever he asks for. The acolytes get caught up just in time for the Tri-annual games. In an ever changing arena they are forced to fight in different scenarios and against each other until one or the other is dead. Mercy on the defeated means the collar will be activated and death. Try to openly rebel and the collar means death. They keep psykers appropriately drugged unless they are going to fight, and fighters are given a knife in their first battle and upon victory can choose a new piece of gear, or a free upgrade on their existing equipment. The last one standing is granted freedom and the Warrent of trade. The key points of interest I know now is that Galog has the mark of a sanctioned Xenos and the Warrant of Trade they would be given is not the one they were sent to retrieve, it would be a new one meaning there is a powerful figure involved. I know I wrote a lot but that is all I have planned. Any advice on things to have players do so its not just sit in a cage and fight?
  4. I apologize for a very delayed reply but thank you for all the good advice. Most deffinitely want to say very true on the rules aspect. I have spent the last 7 months learning it and I'm still finding new aspects. 0.o The killteam ended up being very, argumentative by nature but they actually carried through to a good conclusion, despite one of them losing an arm. We have decided to give Dark Heresy a go next. Looking forward to that.
  5. Wow that was quick, thanks. I've been hearing a lot about the Errata. What are the corrected issues exactly?
  6. So I am going to be starting a new campaign soon but this is my first time as gm and its my player's first time playing the game period. I really don't want this to crash and burn to the point no one gives it another chance. I was hoping for any advice. The things I know now are that one player is going to try and be the biggest and baddest person he can and the other will be interested in the roleplay aspect but I have a strong feeling may try to undermine me as gm because of rules.
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