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    Icebox reacted to FourDogsInaHorseSuit in Rating The Last Jedi   
    This score was irrational. Hopefully everyone can agree on that.
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    Icebox got a reaction from Kyle Ren in Rating The Last Jedi   
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    Icebox reacted to Mightybeard13 in Star Wars 8 - The Last Jedi - Reviews (SPOILERS!!)   
    I really enjoyed the movie. It wasn't all I had hoped for and I did not think it would be since I did not get to make my movie. That being said I am very much looking forward to seeing it for a second time. I thought they did a great job turning Kylo into a real character, likewise with Rey. I loved seeing Luke on screen again, he stole the show for me (the whole scene with Yoda left me feeling 10 years old again), I knew he was going to die but I really hoped he wouldn't. I'm sure we will see him again as a force ghost in the next installment. 
    I had also hoped to see Luke really kick some *** and thought I was going to get my wish. When he reached up to brush off his robe I thought he was going to disintegrate all those walkers... oh well. 
    I had a theory that the movie was going to focus around Luke going totally rogue, being disgusted with the constant struggle between good and bad and just go nuts and wipe out the new order and resistance so that Kylo and Rey were going to have to join forces against him... would have been cool to see... oh well.
    In the end we got some new Star Wars, and I for one am always excited for new Star Wars!
    We can never go back to when we were 10 and see it all for the first time with a child's imagination and wonder. Star Wars has always had plot holes and some bad acting and that a part of its charm.
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    Icebox reacted to Forresto in Star Wars 8 - The Last Jedi - Reviews (SPOILERS!!)   
    So Finn and Rose's storyline is perhaps the most heavily criticised aspect of the movie. 
    I personally enjoy that whole storyline because it does one thing Star Wars typically doesn't do, protagonists failing. Failure not due to external forces but by the very choices the characters make. At every turn Finn and Rose make choices that sink them further into danger. 
    The show Rebels often presents similar storylines but with the exception that it's characters ultimately succeed. These incredulous successes happen far too frequently on that show and the new canon expanded universe, much to my frustration, so much so I will follow any major story line that ends in its main characters failing. 
    As for their storyline accomplishing anything, well that depends.
    We get the first post prequel glance at the galaxy's military industrial complex, we get a cool new planet that's allegiance to the Corporate sector will probably tie into the Solo movie, we got a new unpredictable player in DJ, and more then anything if you care about the characters at all we got a ton of character development for Finn and Rose. 
    If you think about it, this storyline aacomplishes as much if not slightly more then Han Solo and Leia's storyline in the Empire Strikes Back. Half of that was hiding in an asteroid field and a space slug, a scene I'm certain is at least as long as most of the Canto Bight scenes. 
    Important to note the importance and beauty of the Empire Strikes Back is that no one accomplishes any of their goals only barely achieving survival at the end. It's essentially a character development movie.
    Failure is the theme of this movie however it's Rose that has the epiphany and vocalizes that true victory comes from saving what you love. 
    @debiler Thats great to hear, I did as well. Nothing beats a day off and good food.
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    Icebox reacted to Kyle Ren in Star Wars 8 - The Last Jedi - Reviews (SPOILERS!!)   
    Oh well, I tried my best to add some levity to the thread... I think that what's going on here is the same thing on both sides. Yes, I think there are those who are saying the movie is better than they would have otherwise just as a reaction to the people who very openly dislike everything about it, but I also think there's a lot of people who do the inverse - say they hate it a lot more than they would have otherwise, just as a reaction to the people who are saying it's the best Star Wars movie ever. By the way, "best movie ever" and "worst movie ever" are totally valid responses, but I don't think this movie warrants as many of those as it's been getting. 
    I think this movie rates a little higher than a 9/10. @FTS Gecko is on the record as thinking this movie rates a little lower than 7/10. Most people should probably fall between one of those two ratings, honestly. I just think that, like everything else this year, this movie has become a very polarized, political fight rather than just another Star Wars movie. Which is what it is. It's just another Star Wars movie. If you were going to actually objectively rank all the movies, it would be somewhere in the middle. Oh well. I saw it for the third time last night, and I still feel like it's a great movie, but I also don't really feel like going and beating people up for feeling otherwise. 
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    Icebox reacted to AwesomeJedi in Why did that "Why do people hate TLJ" topic get closed? Bad job, mods   
    Those who loved the lore were the most impacted by The Last Jedi, because they were expecting a story line like unto the Legends. Some people couldn't "let the past die," so the movie did go the way they thought. They are upset because they were expecting something else and so they criticize the movie to make them feel better about themselves. Those who let go of there feelings were able to appreciate the movie more than those who didn't.

    About Luke Skywalker...

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    Icebox reacted to Odanan in Why did that "Why do people hate TLJ" topic get closed? Bad job, mods   
    Some people who didn't like TLJ were angry with the lack of white male protagonists, the aparent anti war industry message, or even animal rights suggestion. So perhaps some of these (plenty) zeroes in user reviews are not about the movie, but some sort of political message? 
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    Icebox reacted to jmswood in The Last Jedi - General Discussion [LOTS OF SPOILERS]   
    Many of the comments I’ve seen, positive and negative, have common traits: they’re either too narrow or too broad.
    I’m not going to take the time right now to call them all out individually because I need to make breakfast for my children. 
    So if you’re reading this and you have a complaint or a compliment for the film, especially any of the controversies already discussed, I suggest you try two things. 
    “Look closer.” - Rose
    ”Reach out.” - Luke (not with your hand)
    The Last Jedi is a flawed movie.
    The Last Jedi is a great Star Wars movie. 
    Context for my next comment: I’ve cried twice in the last ten years. Once when my grandfather died. Once when I thought I was dying on an emergency room gurney. I am not a crying person. 
    There were parts of The Last Jedi I wanted to shed a tear for. I laughed. I clapped. I cringed at some gross errors. I walked away with the one thing I wanted most from the movie, an enjoyable Star Wars experience shared with someone I love. (My wife won’t read this, but I’m talking about her anyway.)
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    Icebox reacted to BlodVargarna in The Last Jedi - General Discussion [LOTS OF SPOILERS]   
    “This isn’t going to go the way you think!”
    I’ve been ruminating on this movie for the past 24 hours.  In a word this movie was fantastic.  TLJ was a worthy addition to the saga, and I can’t wait to own it so I can watch it many more times. 
    I loved the stakes in this installment. It was existential without having to resort to the super weapon star base trope. There was a lot of tension with the flight of the Raddus (which is a kick *** name btw, I loved the nod to Rogue One).
    Luke was played by Hamill’s best performance of his life (ok the cock-knocker was pretty close jk). Old Man Skywalker was the character I was most interested in, and I had such high hopes for him. (Yes I did expect him to take on the entire FO with his laser sword!)  I think I’ve never been so happy to have been let down.  Super Awesome ***-Kicking Luke would have been a cop out and pandering fan service in the worst way. 
    The cranky hermit part was fun to watch (green walrus-monster milk!) He’s done with it all, and for good reason: he failed. Which brings me to the great message of the film as brought to us by Yoda “Failure is the best teacher.”
    Luke’s journey was perfect in retrospect. His force projection, deceiving Kylo (and the audience) was total ultimate Jedi badassery. His end was satisfying, if a little saddening, but I thought his vision of the twin suns was beautiful and touching.  I’m really hoping to see him again as a force ghost in EP 9 to impart lesson number 3 to Rey, and to torment Kylo.
    Kylo: At first the communication between him and Rey bothered me, but then I accepted it, and I actually thought it was cool. Adam Driver put on the best performance of his career so far.  He really brought a lot of depth and was able to show the conflicted nature of Kylo. I was really invested in his performance and bought all of it. 
    Rey: her journey as a character progressed. I thought the reveal that she’s from nothing was a brilliant move by Rian Johnson. It shows that as Luke said: “the Force belongs to everyone.” Daisy Ridley has really taken on the mantle of the role and has such charisma that she commanded my attention whenever she was on screen. 
    Rey + Kylo scene:
    Kylo killing Snoke was very satisfying. He was a bloviating over confident *** who got a fitting end. I loved seeing him get sliced in twain. Then that incredible battle against the praetorian guards! I think now, the only better lightsaber scene was Luke v Vader in EP5. I was thoroughly entertained and dazzled by the choreography and the sumptuous cinematography.
    Leia: When she was blown out of the bridge I blurted out “What?!” (Just like Leia in EP 4, I was filled with disbelief.) The space Leia scene seems to have really bothered a lot of people, but I absolutely loved it. She’s a Skywalker with massive force powers that I was glad to finally see. It was very bittersweet to watch Carrie Fisher’s final performance but I thought she really delivered. When she shot Poe, I loved that detail of her using the same type of Pistol she had in EP4. And when R2-D2 played the holo recording I’m not at all ashamed to admit I dropped a couple of tears. 
    Holdo (HODOR???) really bothered me at first but her final act was jaw dropping and a fantastic spectacle to see in IMAX 3D. Why didn’t she advertise her secret plan? Because she either knew or had good reason to know that the FO had an informant on board. Laura Dern is a first class actor and despite her small role, really fleshed out the character for me. 
    Poe Dameron: his character arc was well done I thought. His stupid decision to attack the dreadnaught showed where he came from, his wise decision to abort the attack on the ground cannon showed where he went. He became a real leader, and I am really looking forward to seeing where he goes in EP9. Oscar Isaac is charming and fun to watch. I don’t get the issue with his trolling of Hux, it was funny. 
    Finn and Rose: ok this side arc probably was unnecessary. But I don’t care. I got to keep spending time in a galaxy far far away. 
    Chewie: not enough of him. I love that Wookie and can’t get enough of him. I think he was more awesome in TFA, but seeing him pilot the Millennium Falcon brought a smile to my face. I love that ship. It is hands down the coolest thing in the Star Wars universe. Would I rather have a lightsaber or the Falcon? No brainer give me the Falcon every time. 
    Were there flaws? Yes. Do I care? Not. one. bit. 
    None of the movies are perfect, but they’re all awesome (I don’t consider 1-3 ever in this calculus though. In my head canon, they never happened). 
    I got pretty upset by all the negative reactions, especially on this board. But As someone in the mega thread gave me good advice: “don’t hate the haters, pity them.” They are unable for whatever reason to find joy in this incredible piece of the Star Wars saga. Sad!
    In closing, I will say I’m an OT kid. I grew up flying the Falcon (which I still have!), Luke was my Hero, I loved Leia, and I probably wanted to be Darth Vader. I feel like the new direction isn’t a bad thing, it’s necessary. 
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    Icebox reacted to Celestial Lizards in The Last Jedi - General Discussion [LOTS OF SPOILERS]   
    One of the most badass moments in all of Star Wars? Come on, that was godamm cool!
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    Icebox reacted to TasteTheRainbow in The Last Jedi - General Discussion [LOTS OF SPOILERS]   
    I’m weirded out by everyone disliking Leia in space. We already know that space in Star Wars isn’t space like ours and that we actually can survive brief exposures even in our version. And she’s a magic wizard. What unwritten rule did it break?
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    Icebox reacted to StephenEsven in The Last Jedi - General Discussion [LOTS OF SPOILERS]   
    I just saw it. I liked it. Some very interesting things happen. But still so many unanswered questions.
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    Icebox reacted to Odanan in Star Wars 8 - The Last Jedi - Reviews (SPOILERS!!)   
    Based on the movies, no indeed.
    I'm disheartened by how people are merciless with this movie as if they never watched the OT, even though this is the most realistic of the Episodes.
    Space rules don't apply? Guess what: in the OT, space had gravity (people walked freely inside and outside ships - fighters behaved like planes) and had some sort of atmosphere (sounds, fire, explosions - Han and Leia out of the Millennium Falcon with a puny breath mask, pilots ejecting without breathing masks). 
    The reasons I liked loved this movie looks like are the same people here hated it: Ep. VIII is not afraid to step away from the past and build up its own mythos. I loved how the movie insisted in contradicting our expectations: killing people when they were supposed to live and making people survive when they were supposed to die. Making badass people the protagonists failing and random nobodies shining.
    Rey: instead of the TFA's Mary Sue, she became a real person.
    Poe: being the best pilot in the galaxy (and a hero) doesn't make you wise.
    Finn: he is a runner, but he can find the real courage.
    Luke: amazing, deep character. 
    Snoke: extremely powerful, but his pride was his downfall. Also, said the best words Kylo will ever hear: "You are a child.", "Lose that stupid mask". 
    Kylo: from spoiled child to a passionate and determinated psycho, from one of the worst villains to one of the best. 
    Leia: it was handled nicely. The space walk scene was exaggerated, but she is clearly a user of the force (and Jedi survived much more time without breathing, like Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan in Ep. I)
    Are the Force powers in the film too strong, too new? Well, there is no single SW film that didn't introduce new and more powerful Jedi "magic".
    Besides, the photography in Crait is gorgeous. 
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    Icebox reacted to Azrapse in Star Wars 8 - The Last Jedi - Reviews (SPOILERS!!)   
    The Emperor and the Empire had a backstory from the very first moment. Actually, one year before the first moment!
    The original Star Wars movie came in 1977, its novelization the previous year. The very first paragraph in that book tells us this:

    That tells us way more than what Disney has told us of the First Order, Snoke, how they reached to power, why nobody stood in their way, etc.
    That is the year before Episode IV, not 20 years later.
    Lucas changed his mind a bit over the years about who was really in charge, or this prologue tells the story as the public opinion thought it had happened (it ends with From the Journal of the Whills), but that is minor stuff.
    The fact is that two years after The Force Awakens, after tens of books, 2 movies and who knows what more, we still have no answers to the most important questions.
    Now Snoke is dead and we still have no idea who he is and how he came to power.
    Edit: The scan is from this great article: https://www.coffeewithkenobi.com/an-examination-of-the-prologue-of-the-star-wars-novelization-by-guest-blogger-mike-macdonald/
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    Icebox reacted to Jiron in Star Wars 8 - The Last Jedi - Reviews (SPOILERS!!)   
    I really liked the movie very much. It was mystical/mythological, it adressed everything I cared about in Star Wars, it had amazing WOW-moments and it have had set the jedi power level. All characters were amazing in their respective roles and nothing have been omited. Yes, something was not really "INTO YOUR FACE" as some people would expected but here are some points I am very happy about:
    Reys parents - yes, they are nobody, she doesn't fit into the story. Perfect stuff! Her vision in the cave could mean that YOUR deeds and opinions are what makes you who you are, not your bloodline, which is the message I agree with.
    Snoke - I didn't like him before and I am glad he's dead! I enjoyed the way he died. And I like him gone because... next point!
    Supreme Leader Ren - Kylo Ren is ultimate embodyment of Sith Code! Peace is a Lie, there is only passion - he is never at peace, always in emotional turmoil - now, his chains are broken. He murdered his Master in respect of the old Sith tradition to take his place. And now he is the most powerful villain in the series which is the place where he belongs! Was Vader as fearsome after we found out he is just a pawn in Emperors hands?
    Luke Skywalker and the jedi power level - yes! In OT it took exactly one jedi to win the war and overthrow the Empire! In prequels this myth is reduced to bunch of guys with laser swords. Now, Grand Master Skywalker shown us full power of the Jedi of myth! And also brought up ideas about Jedi order I fully agree with - the Jedi and the Sith shouldn't consider themselves the "owners" of the Force.
    You probably understood that I really like the Sequels.
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    Icebox reacted to Odanan in Star Wars 8 - The Last Jedi - Reviews (SPOILERS!!)   
    Those theories were hot steamy crap, anyway. 
    Snoke is just somebody who became super powerful in the dark arts.
    And Rey parents being nobodies = that was everything I hoped for.
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    Icebox got a reaction from heychadwick in DAT EPIC LAND WAR... YEAH IT KINDA FEELS LIKE IT'S COMING.   
    A couple of other relevant threads (to avoid duplicate discussions).
    I like the idea of keeping to the 1/270 (6 mm) scale as much as possible to keep things in the skirmish/ small tactical realm.
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    Icebox reacted to Dagonet in Beauty and the Beast   
    Emma Watson is one of the more believable Belles out there, she's just as much of a voracious reader in real life.
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    Icebox reacted to Dagonet in PTSD   
    From one of the best TV series ever made.
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    Icebox got a reaction from GrimmyV in What is the U-Wing role?   
    Ground assault.
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    Icebox got a reaction from J43G3RM31ST3R in What is the U-Wing role?   
    Ground assault.
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    Icebox reacted to Semperatis in What's your favorite ship?   
    For me,it has to be the Z-95,closely followed by the Y-Wing. I just have this thing for obsolete fighters that can still pull off the underdog win.
    For cruising the galaxy,for me it has to be the Corellian YV-929 Armed Freighter,firepower in a brick.

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    Icebox got a reaction from Giledhil in What is the U-Wing role?   
    Ground assault.
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    Icebox reacted to Ravncat in What is the U-Wing role?   
    they make excellent scenario pieces! - havent fully figured out how i like them in a squad yet though.
    Rebels rush in and engage the patrols to allow cover and time for the damaged u-wing to escape the Jundland wastes - while reinforcements travel through beggars canyon



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    Icebox got a reaction from Joe Boss Red Seven in What is the U-Wing role?   
    Ground assault.
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