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  1. I asked about Bladorthin some years ago in a swedish Tolkien forum, and they suspected Dorwinion.
  2. These are some very old Saruman-themed cards I made. They lack art, though. Saruman (neutral) 15 threat cost 2 wp 4 atk 3 def 5 hp Istari. Play with the top card of the encounter deck faceup. If that card is an enemy, Saruman gains a tactics resource icon. If that card is a location, Saruman gains a lore resource icon. If that card is a treachery, Saruman gains a spirit resource icon. Forced: At the end of the round, raise your threat by 2. Saruman's staff (neutral attachment) Cost 1 Item. Staff. Doomed 2 Attach to Saruman. Saruman gains the leadership resource icon. Action: Exhaust Saruman's staff too (choose 1); deal a damage to an enemy in play, place a progress token on a location in play or cancel a when revealed effect on a treachery. That card gains doomed three. Of the Many Colours (neutral attachment) Cost 0 Title. Doomed 5 Attach to a Istari hero. Attached hero gains the Leadership, Lore, Tactics and Spirit resource icon. Thoughts: Saruman should be neutral. My idea is that Gandalf helps you, Saruman is more aggressive (the staff places progress/damages enemies instead of drawing cards etc.). The maia himself should raise your threat, it's the mechanic of Isengard. He should also be more combat-oriented (hence the 2/4/3/5 stat line). There is a quote (I don't have the book at hand right now) about Saruman, where Gandalf says that Saruman was key to the White Council always being a step ahead of Sauron (which they weren't). The sorting mechanic represents that knowledge. The title attachment should be attachable to each Istari, anyone of them could have fallen. Thoughts? (Sorry for my bad English, I'm not a native English speaker, and on my phone).
  3. First I decide on which deck to play, then I look through the encounter cards to prepare my strategy. I don't sideboard after looking through the cards the first time I play. I've chosen this approach, as I enjoy the strategic aspect of the game a lot.
  4. For solo, what about Grimbeorn, Elfhelm and Arwen? Add warhorses, captain of Gondor, signals for Grimbeorn, and steward, light, steward and keys for cards and resources.
  5. Two hero decks work sometimes, but you will need a much bigger card pool.
  6. I thought I found some interesting results in my top twelve: 29 Arwen Undómiel (Spirit) 29 Éowyn (Tactics) 28 Glorfindel (Spirit) 25 Denethor (Leadership) 18 Galadriel (Spirit) 17 Círdan the Shipwright (Spirit) 16 Amarthiúl (Leadership) 16 Sam Gamgee (Leadership) 14 Boromir (Tactics) 14 Éowyn (Spirit) 12 Elrond (Lore) 11 Legolas (Spirit) I was not surprised seeing Arwen, tactics Eowyn and Sp Glorfindel at the top. I build a lot more decks than I play, due to vast amounts of spare time without access to my cards or octgn. Therefore, a lot of my decks ends up being very similar, as I don’t tire of building the “same” deck once each month. This may explain how Amarthiul, a very specialized hero that works “better” in multiplayer, ends up being number seven in my solo oriented deck collection. Another reason might be my love for the dúnedain archetype. Cirdan is another favourite hero of mine, as is Boromir, Galadriel and Elrond. Denethor and Sp Eowyn surprise me a little bit, as I sort of don’t like Èowyn, and I don’t remember building so much with Denethor. They are really powerful though, which might explain things. Sam is equally surprising, I don’t like hobbits, or leadership. Perhaps the biggest surprise is Legolas. I find him to be an interesting hero, and use him a lot more than I use le Gimli. One of my favourite decks is le Denethor, sp Legolas and lo Glorfindel. I like the combination of sp Legolas, Elven-Light, Steward of Orthanc and Keys of Orthanc. A hero ready and two cards for one threat! Speaking about Glorfindel, I actually have 6 (!) decks with his lore version. After a bit of research, my Lorefindel decks vary from mono lore to tri sphere, and contain several pure noldor decks. Very interesting indeed. Twelve threat for 3wp, 3atk and 5 hp is not that great, but his good traits helps him a lot. LoV and Rivendell Blade works as good with him as with his overused spirit version. And he has the greatest ability in the world, his name and sphere. Really. In sphere Asfaloth. And card draw. Plus that one game in five years when his healing saves you a game. Everyone must hear about Glorfindel’s greatness, how he “won” a hard archery quest, like Helm’s Deep, for you. It will be worth using him for that moment
  7. Another idea; the Hero pool starts with x heroes, with x beeing the number of players. When you bid successfully on your first and second Hero, add one hero (of your choise) to the card pool. All starting heroes have 3 threat, the first a person adds have 5 threat and the last one have 7 threat. You cannot bid on a Hero you have added.
  8. Did you ever consider Sam/Merry/Pippin (s), or is that another deck? You don't need to shift it to leadership, just include cache and errad riders (and maybe a couple of more cards). You would start out with more wp, but be in bred of drawing deras rider. And, you could add Steward to your Troll/scout combo.
  9. Leadership: Hirluin the unfair, Steward of your deck trait. Tactics: Boromir the broken, Knights of the Swan. Lore: Erestor, who wrote the book "the lore of victory", also called "how to win in lotr lcg" and Anfalas Herdesman, who wins very sheep victories. Spirit: Caldara, the one who everyone wants to see dead and both a very easy test of Will and ethir Swordsman, for very powerful one willpower questing... .
  10. Could someone please explain to me why/how the black gate reveales encounter cards? It om raises its/your threat.
  11. But he seems to be Eomer's second in command, as he is chosen to ambush the army that occupied Cair Andros. I Think he deserves a new ally version.
  12. At last, after receiving a couple of new adventure packs (race across the Harad and beneath the sands), I returned to this challenge. This is my second try at beating the first quest, the Mumakil. My starting hand consists of Honour Guard, Honour Guard, Dwarven Sellsword, Raiment of War, Steward of Gondor and Sneak Attack. Even though this hand includes the powerful combo of Steward and Sellsword, I choose to mulligan for my key card, King under the Mountain. My new hand consists of Dunedain Hunter, Honour Guard (they keep appearing…), Defender of Rammas, Dwarven Sellsword, West Road Traveller and KutM. I like this hand, as an attacking ally, two defending allies, a questing ally and KutM, all in one go. I choose Mumak Trail as my starting location. I start with drawing Raiment of war. Now I have my full defensive combo (Defender, Guard and Raiment). I play my dunedain Hunter, which gives me a strangling Python. I like this enemy, as Beorn can defend it and kill it without any help, and at the same time bypassing the ability of the python. I quest with Balin, Merry and the hunter (5 wp), as I don’t want to end up nearly location-locked as the last time. The encounter deck reveals a territorial ape, and I make one progress. I travel to the mumak trail, raising my threat by one. At this time, I realize that I have Merry instead of Pippin… (I play with physical cards). Some part of me wants to keep the better hobbit, but that’s not allowed. I change Merry (s) for Pippin (s). I choose to leave the ape in the staging area, I can kill him next turn. Beorn defends, and the shadow card gives the enemy +1 atk. Beorn takes three damage before he swings back and kills the python. Refresh. I start with drawing a Westfold Outrider. I play KutM, which gives me ancient Mathom, discarding feint. I play defender of Rammas and West Road Traveller. The allies are mustering. I commit Balin, Pippin and West Road Traveller to the quest (6 wp). The encounter deck reveals another Mumak Trail. I make no progress, as the ape gets +2 threat from its ability. I engage the ape. I defend the attack with Defender of Rammas. The shadow card has no effect, and the defender survives. Beorn and the hunter kills the ape. Refresh. I draw a honour Guard. KutM adds close call to my hand, discarding dunedain Remedy. Iplay ancient mathom on the active trail. I commit Balin, Pippin, West road traveller and dunedain hunter to the quest (7 wp). I reveal jungle trail, and make one progress. Now I will need willpower. Refresh. I draw Gandalf. KutM gives me a test of will and discards Galadriel’s Handmaiden. I really wanted both those cards, but the savage south is my biggest threat. If it discards my allies… I play dwarven sellsword and Honour Guard. I commit Balin, Pippin, West road traveller, dwarven sellsword and dunedain Hunter to the quest (9 wp). I reveal stampeding oliphaunt, which raises my threat by one and adds another mumak trail to the staging area. I make one progress. This looks more and more like my last game. This deck needs location control, but it’s so expensive. Refresh. I pay to keep the sellsword. I draw Steward! Sadly, I will need to discard my sellsword to play it. KutM gives me close call, discarding KutM. May I please ask for willpower? I quest with Balin, Pippin, West road Traveller, dunedain hunter and dwarven sellsword (9 wp). I reveal a forest clearing and raise my threat by two for questing unsuccessfully. Refresh. I discard the sellsword. I draw defender of Rammas, KutM adds feint and discards Steward. I play steward on Balin. Now I can pay for more sellswords. Beorn pays for another honour Guard. I quest with everyone (7 wp). The encounter deck reveals jungle trail. I raise my threat bu eight for questing unsuccessfully. Refresh. Please give me a miracle… I draw… dunedain remedy. I asked for a miracle, not a zero cost healing attachment! KutM adds a defender of Rammas to my hand and discards double back. I play Gandalf, drawing three cards. The drawn cards are westfold outrider, ancient mathom and Gandalf. Not what I needed… I commit everyone with willpower to the quest again (11 wp). The encounter deck clearly wants to see me suffer, and reveal a harad tiger. I threat out. I made a couple of mistakes, like not playing Gandalf when I drew him, and choosing a test of will before Galadriel’s Handmaiden. It maybe was possible to win.
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